Mercury is retrograde until the 20th. That will be an interesting time because as I write, six of the ten planets normally used in horoscopes are tightly clustered together with the Moon just about ready to trigger Pluto, then Saturn, and then Venus and Jupiter: deep breath and sigh of relief. Then, the Moon goes over the retrograde Mercury and the Sun and the Year of the Ox begins in China. There is an element associated with each of the years so this is the Metal Ox year which hopefully involves both the affluence of the Ox and the retreating inward of the Yin.

After Mercury goes direct, it will pass over Jupiter and Venus and then the Sun. This will be a good time for decisions regarding change. Normally, matters are clearer by the time Mercury reaches the end of the retrograde cycle.  Decisions made after the tangles are sorted out will thus be based on proper understanding and planning.. Normally, when Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct, there is good judgment, but since these two planets will square Uranus, I think there will be sudden but auspicious changes. Between now and then, there are hurdles, and I hardly know anyone who is not already deeply aware of this fact.


If I put too many links in posts, delivery issues tend to escalate. However, I would like to urge you to watch the interview by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. with Dr. Vandana Shiva. Neither require an introduction, but I urge you to tune in: For those who prefer to read, the transcript is directly under the video.

There is another video interview I think we should all try to understand. Sayer Ji is at his best. Believe it or not, he is the one pushing user-friendly language, but if you hear what I hear, our concept of money is about to revolutionized. I am not talking global resets or gold backed currencies but a quantum leap in how we view money, effort, and exchange of energy.:


I am working with an absolutely brilliant man on the new questionnaires. He actually tried to write some of the interpretations . . . well, you can probably imagine how that went. We are starting with I think this will be version 4 or 5. The first was perhaps 25 years ago when the Internet was nowhere near where it is now. This will be very sophisticated, but as he was showing me the progress, I stumbled on a link to Bertrand Russell’s speech given when he accepted the Nobel Prize for Literature. He said that “men” (not politically correct in these times) are driven by desire; and he identified four motivating desires and added the comment that even if we think we are driven by a sense of responsibility or obligation to fulfill our duties, we are still desiring to be dutiful. The four desires he discussed are acquisitiveness, rivalry, vanity, and a love of power. He went into great length about the love of power, and I think it is worth a read: .

There were many additional events reminding me of role of timing in all we think, feel, and experience. One had to do with my questioning about celestial mechanics . . . and on and on it goes, but I did want to whet your appetites for what is to come.


The shipment of UV sterilizers is arriving tomorrow. A few people preordered. Given that the decree to wear masks appears to be intensifying rather than diminishing, I am glad to offer these and suggest you consider using them on toothbrushes and anything public that could be contaminated. As mentioned, I am not very phobic about germs, but many of you writing to me have a much higher risk of exposure than I have. Since lockdown started, I have been out twice a month for groceries. I think I only had to fill up my gas tank once in the last 12 months! Talk about cabin fever!

The copper cups arrive on Thursday from Jaipur: They will ship immediately, probably in time for Valentine’s Day. The quality is excellent and the taste of the water is extraordinary. I sent these as gifts to my graphics team and they had the same experience as I have had. They do require a little maintenance. I suggest cleaning them once a week. Most people use salt and either lemon or vinegar. I think lemon works a little better than vinegar. In a few minutes, all the oxidation is removed and the inside looks brand new.


Sometimes I put little gifts in with shipments. It is my way of showing appreciation for your support. Usually I try to match the gifts to the order. For example, if someone orders the Mold Kit, I might slip in a bar of tea tree soap. If they order oral hygiene products, I might add a tongue scraper or dental floss or Miswak stick. Diffuser orders usually have some oils included that are suitable for diffusing. Starting tomorrow, I will be giving reeds with each bottle of essential oil. These are very short, They do the same job as the longer ones but do not require huge boxes. I keep these in the powder room, and when I am down to the bottom of a bottle of oil, I add leftover oil to the mixture of carrier oil and vodka. If the scent fades, I flip the reeds so that the part that was immersed is up and the dry part is down. It has been working for years, but I top it off now and then. You can use any kind of bottle you like but it might be better to use one with a narrow neck.

The Times

Chy and I exchange thoughts often. She wrote a beautiful essay about a week ago and I asked her permission to share it with you. I will do this soon. What we are observing is that the dissatisfaction with the media is helping us to reconnect to our inner beings. As for me, when the technical issues are not consuming me, I am very peaceful but I spent the entire weekend on delivery issues as we once more slipped below 5% successful delivery. Obviously, this is crippling but the new wizard has proposed something that very likely will work.

There will be a little pdf on the project in Mexico . . . soon. Version 2.0 came out about a month ago and Petar submitted an outline for 3.0 this morning. It’s all not only coming together but coming together clearly. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, expect some bad news and then some good news and keep your seat belt fastened. Most of all, be true to yourself and kind to others.




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First posted to subscribers on 8 February 2021