Yes, it is true that I haven’t posted anything for exactly three months. The reasons are (1) the delivery rate for those using popular “free” e-mail providers dropped to almost zero, and (2) no one responded to the last post. Since August 11, I have been sending 300 e-mails a day asking people to consider using a secure e-mail provider, and I sent a link to the various options available. Some people may have VPNs, but less than a dozen people notified me that they made the suggested changes. There are several issues here. The first is that when you are given something as expensive to maintain as an unlimited e-mail account, you are actually exchanging your privacy and data for a service. In short, Big Tech is “giving” you a service as “payment” for your data. This is essentially a private contract and is not subject to any laws pertaining to the right to free speech or much less unbiased editorializing. Think about it. If you only hear the part of the story that the provider of this service wants you to hear, can you ever know what the other half of the story might be? In response to this dilemma, a number of genuinely free speech platforms have arisen. I mentioned quite some while ago that I was considering shifting my attention to There were many factors to consider, and bear with me because this affects the future of civilization.

Not only would a platform like incur an expense, but it would compete with my existing web sites that cost more than a thousand a month to keep up and running. I studied this long and hard, subscribed to some of the main content providers on and felt that popularity is not really the same as relevance. This is a huge issue.

Not only is access to the full story important, but we are, in fact, at a pivotal point in civilization and to make the right decisions, we must understand the issues and the ramifications of any decisions we might make.

People have framed this pivotal point in several different ways. One is political. Left and right as perceived by most people in most countries is not really so much about progressive versus conservative or an issue here and there that is highly controversial, but about two ostensible polarities rather than the middle way. It is a divide and conquer polarity that is underwritten by the same plutocrats who censor. In short, it is not about economics or political philosophies so much as incendiary issues that blur the bigger picture so that the picture is never actually in focus. Do you think this is an accident?


Pivotal Point

Since I was gifted a vision of the future half a century ago, I have had a lot of time to think about what the collapse of civilization as we have known it means. My understanding at that time was that when Saturn and Pluto transited Capricorn, all the systems that are familiar to us would disappear. This included education, economics, politics, and even religion. The changes did not imply extinction of any species but rather of ideas that had failed to maintain the integrity and sustainability of life itself.

There would be a process as the cycles inevitability have to include revelation of the sordid edifices on which current culture is tottering and then profound rethinking of where we need to be heading, and consequences for those who have undermined the foundations of life. These steps are followed by creative innovation, the real promise of the Age of Aquarius, and, no, this does not involve artificial intelligence or the attempt to enhance capacity through science. It has to come into being first through sorting out Truth from fiction. Only then can we claim to know what we only believe now to be true. Unless we have access to the whole picture, how can we claim to understand the landscape of the mind and its potential?

The mind is not a part of the brain and does not really work like a computer. It is a fascinating and complex library of experiences that have been archived since the beginning of time. The mind only uses small parts of the brain to create awareness and objectivity. It does not live in the brain and is not physical. The mind is non-local and immortal and not therefore subject to manipulation. When the mind is confronted by something that is fictitious, it rejects the fiction, but the third dimensional being may or may not distinguish between the mind and the propaganda. This is the reason for rejecting the various filters that are used to influence our perceptions.



After reading lots of posts on, I found myself in the position of feeling that having a closer association was not going to produce the results I felt were needed. We can divide this into parts. Of course, the freedom is much to be appreciated, but I found way too much trivia and not enough depth; but, of course, this would depend on whose channel one frequents, but what was touched off by me was something that might actually affect others of my vintage: the difference between really knowing something and simply repeating what one heard or gleaned. An Internet platform is a kind of journalism, but journalism is not journalism unless the sources used are credible. Put more succinctly, if the source is another blog or rumor, it is plagiary, not journalism. Yes, one can cite sources, but are the sources actually credible?

In today’s world, the most valuable sources are often the whistle-blowers who are in sensitive positions where they see firsthand what is going on behind the scenes. This can involve anyone from a soldier on the front to someone in the war room, a scientist or researcher who knows exactly how experiments were conducted and whether or not the data is reliable, to an academician who answers questions to the satisfaction of his or her peers but who has no personal experience that validates the prevailing theories. A new civilization cannot be built on the shoulders of misconceptions regardless of the sincerity of the believers. It must be built carefully and with due attention to Truth.


The Magician

A true magician is not someone who has mastered sleight of hand techniques for deceiving people but one who understands how to create Heaven on Earth. Isn’t this the dream we secretly wish to see manifested? Don’t we all want to discover our unique roles in manifesting the will of the Creator? Don’t we all want peace and prosperity for everyone? Don’t we all want to live in a world free of toxicity and fear? Cynics may believe this can only happen in a fairy tale, but why can’t we manifest what our imaginations allow us to see.

A true magician functions as an intermediary, someone with a vision that can be passed to a manifestor. Ultimately, the manifestor is the practical part of ourselves, the one who can work out the details in the “real” world. We each were endowed with very specific gifts from the Creator. Some of us are architects or artists, some are poets or musicians, some are athletes or masters of yoga, some are mathematicians or scientists, some are organizers or leaders, some are nurturers or psychologists, some are visionaries or prophets, educators or builders. All these pieces have to fit together.

What we see now on the threshold of the Age of Aquarius is countless new inventions, everything from new types of batteries to packaging that is biodegradable. We are cleaning up the ocean and finding new uses for plastic. We are phasing out dependence on fossil fuels but continuing to rain chemtrails on innocent people and the Planet. The politician who promises energy independence but who does nothing to protect the environment and food supply from toxins is a sleight of hand magician, not a reliable leader.

Whether we lean to the left or the right, our election systems do not actually provide us much choice. In general, one must be both rich and powerful to gain office and then one is beholden to those who paved the way to the big desk and plethora of advisors, most of whom have massive conflicts of interest.

The Future

Where are we going from here? I do not see things “getting back to normal” and the sooner we accept that profound change is necessary, the better it will be for all. Some of the changes that seem obvious are that many more people are going to be working from home. Yes, in the future, there will be some classrooms but more and more online education. There are pros and cons. Without the need for vast infrastructures to support education, the variety of curricula will increase and the playing field will become more level. It is also possible that with more people studying at home that family influences will become stronger than external peer pressures. However, social life will also be transformed since a lot of inner conflict can result from concern about what others think. Parents will have to take more responsibility for parenting; and, it goes without saying that almost all first-time parents lack experience so they will have to depend on their peers and parents for guidance.

We have already seen the experiments in Kenya and Ecuador in which cashless societies were given mobile devices that allowed them to shop online. The younger generation is obviously going to be computer literate so more and more creativity is going to be required to generate salient content and to protect us from the information managers. The fact is our systems are obsolete but since all who have power are to some degree or other dependent on the status quo, it will always be those with vested interests who resist change. I don’t make bets, but I think alternatives to the familiar are incubating and manifesting as we speak. Before changing loyalties, do check out the underlying philosophy and ethics of new providers . . . and keep in mind that the most successful individuals in history have told us what we wanted to hear but not necessarily lived up to their promises.


Today is the anniversary of my vows. I was four when I asked the Heavens to take me off this Planet. Instead, I was shown part of my path ahead, and I knew that at age 35 I would declare myself prepared for the mission. I’m 79 now so it has actually been 75 years since my inner plane teacher explained the future. It is also the age when everything must be completed. So, what have I been doing? For one, I have been creating the course materials for the Academy. There is also a small group of people who have ProtonMail accounts who have been getting many formal and informal messages, almost daily. I simply have not posted online though a couple of sites have been upgraded and a huge upgrade is scheduled for launch at the first of the year.

The move is still planned but just the initial funding will take about $10 million so it will remain a goal until there is sufficient funding to function at the level required. Meanwhile, I am networking with kindred spirits.

Changes: Corporations and Communities

Why did I break a three-month hiatus to write today? Well, it is, as noted, an anniversary and it is important to me to honor it. However, all change involves some level of uncertainty. Of course, we did not expect global chaos over a microorganism. I think we all knew that the system is somehow too broken to fix and therefore change would be inevitable. Now, it is critical that we invent with clarity. We cannot continue to exploit Nature as if Her resources are inexhaustible. We cannot pander to a small group of insatiably greedy and power hungry individuals whose wealth accrued on the shoulders of others who were either not rewarded sufficiently or who paid too much for what enriched others. This is not viable nor safe so one of many schisms we have to face is not exactly the proverbial haves versus the have nots but rather the corporate versus community interests. Sometimes this is framed as plutocracy versus nationalism, but really it is an ethical conflict between wealth and need. As corporations have become more and more global, there is not just a temptation to eradicate borders but to deify wealth and accumulation over social responsibility and sustainability. The point has been reached when the current system has to be seen as a force that is subject to strict regulations and oversight. Otherwise, they should not be allowed to operate. There must always be a correct relationship between entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment with resources and labor as well as the environment and consumers. If corporations are predators without responsibilities, they should not be allowed to engage in activities that exploit those upon whom their profiteering depends.

This change will require an immense shift in behavior because exploitation and devastation have been ongoing for centuries. Whether we are talking about the eradication of indigenous communities, colonization of whole continents, or rape and plunder of Nature, big business has not generally acted ethically so huge changes are imperative in order to have safety and sustainability.

Other changes follow from the changes in thinking. Once the ramifications of actions and behavior are comprehended, the rest starts to fall into place. For example, we have to reassess ownership and this requires a review of all contractual relationships. For instance, when borrowing money to buy a car or a home or anything else, seizure or foreclosure have to be limited to what is owed plus recovery costs. There cannot be a winner takes all attitude because this gives incentives to the predators whose conduct becomes increasingly aggressive. A politician who refuses to see the logic of this should not be allowed to stay in office because the rights of the individual are set aside in favor of a party that is exploiting the individual.

In a time like now when so many businesses have collapsed, there should, for example, be a new emergency law that simply extends all obligations. For instance, if a mortgage or rental cannot be paid, the overdue amount is simply added to the end of the contractual agreement. Let’s say, someone is a year behind on the mortgage payments. Every effort should be made to renegotiate the contract or the missed payments can simply be added to the term of the mortgage. If our politicians were actually leaders, bills of this nature would have been submitted in every legislative body worldwide, and people would at least not fear their own bankers and politicians. You see, it’s actually very simple when the goal is fairness, not profit.

Every single detail of how we play our roles in life needs assessment, discussion, and fresh attention to protecting everyone and the environment. If I were to make a prediction, I think the house of cards will collapse. Then, we will rebuild, either wisely or foolishly Doesn’t this always depend on which wolf you feed?

Many blessings,


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