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The Journeys of Incarnate Beings


I wrote about music not just to skirt the censors but to set the stage for understanding how to create a world that is safe, cooperative, and creative.

As a result of the countless regressions that I went through both as a subject and later as a facilitator, I came to understand that all the experiences we have throughout the course of our incarnational journeys are not only remembered but the dysfunctional patterns persist until resolved.

In the past, I told the story of the hole in my spine that was eventually traced to a bullet in my back in my previous life.  However, every experience of every incarnate individual – and I include animals and probably plants and trees and rocks and Lady Gaia Herself – is not just remembered but memories form an important part of our physical and psychological realities.

Whether we are talking about brutal punishments, accidents, wars, domestic strife, or various fears, they persist through one incarnation after another until gradually overwritten by new and transformative experiences.

I’m 79 now and have volumes of case histories that include injuries, illnesses, and deaths through accidents, violence, pathogens and poisons.  Think of history:  how many wars, plagues, and exterminations have there been?  Who was victimized?  We have all had some nasty experiences and thus a fear of similar experiences.  In today’s world; many are manipulated by fear, some of which is legitimate and some only exists because of previous experiences that trigger memories and often terror.

As I have mentioned in previous writings, our physical bodies and endocrine system are built inside an aura that is easily affected by sound.  Each of our senses correlates to a chakra, endocrine gland, and element.  There are four dense elements:  earth, water, fire, and air and many “invisible” elements of which ether is closest and densest and most easily influenced by sound.

This includes not just sounds we can hear with our ears but sounds that are not heard, including the sounds of radio frequencies as well as of Creation itself.  Sounds have patterns as they are waves with a primary sound and an overtone.  Sound will entrain the energy body of listener, and, as we have discovered through fascinating research, this sensitivity exists in plants and animals as well as our species.

Sounds are extremely important and will entrain physical substance.  Cymatic experts have more than proven the reality of this contention, but music is a bit different from random sounds because great music is also inspired so it carries with it not just patterns that are harmonious or discordant but also inspiration which is a gift for the part of us that has awakened to divinity.

Because sound is so important, it is potentially polluting, damaging, destroying or harmonizing and healing.  Think for a moment of how sound can shatter crystal or make you want to dance and sing.  If you give this the attention I am urging, then you realize how important sound is.

We all have attractions or aversions to sound.  There are voices we find very irritating as well as ones that are exciting or soothing.  The same is true of music.  We also know that music and memory are closely related because we have heard of the Mozart effect.  It refers specifically to test results, suggesting that music aids the rehearsals that are the precursor to exams or performances.  If we cram for an exam, we are forcing our memories to retain information that can be readily regurgitated to impress our teachers.

How to Apply This Understanding

When we talk about building a better world, we often think of charitable or environmental acts, but what I am proposing is that we start in an area where we actually have considerable control and therefore the opportunity to express discretion.

The first step might be to think about speech.  There are inflexions and contents, not to mention volume, intent, and vocabulary.  If speech is respectful, sensitive, timed well, it is easily received.

In the context of our modern society, we are exposed to a lot of robotic noise.  For example, when listening to an online video, the sound may be digitally produced and the underlying pattern may not only be irritating to the ears – just speculating – but may consist of on-off patterns that are completely unnatural and therefore also very difficult to assimilate.

Many video producers also add soundtracks so there are often jarring dissonances, not to mention audio issues, that affect what we take in mentally and emotionally.  There is, I believe, a difference between the lyrics in a song or operatic aria and a soundtrack in which the producer’s choice of music does practically nothing to enhance the message.

I will give a rather extreme example of a recent experience in which the presenter was outdoors in Nature talking about the environment.  He had background music from the film Farinelli, music written for a castrato.  I found it totally incongruous, but there would, of course, be other listeners who had no such reactions.  For me, however, to talk about saving trees while considering mutiliation of genitalia was distracting.

Had I been working from the exactly the same script, I would have used sounds of Nature:  babbling brooks, birds chirping, leaves singing in the wind.  Okay, this is obviously a somewhat wild example, but congruence can be carefully constructed so that the container for the information actually supports the emotional and thought processes of the listener.  It also goes without saying that the volume of the soundtrack should not drown out the message.

These are very small details.  I am much more concerned with robotic digitalization that is moving us in the direction of dehumanization.


If one wants to “practice goodness” by donating to charities or recycling plastic, that is a choice, but I am making some suggestions that would actually affect how we create and how we assimilate sounds that shape our beings.  We cannot perhaps control the flight patterns of planes that fly overhead.  To be sure, they are annoying, but to whom would you file your complaint?

You actually have choice in some areas and you can make a huge difference by eliminating jarring language, irrelevant noise, and focusing on the content.  It costs you nothing to exercise this kind of discretion.

Next, you can, of course, choose when to listen and when to turn off intrusive sounds coming over air waves or digital devices.  I am really astonished that some people with good information choose to use vulgarity when presenting their information.  I think this distracts from the intended message.  Maybe it shows one is hip or whatever, but it does not result in harmonization with the intended message.  Maybe I am oversensitive, but I cultivated the sensitivity because it enhances perception at more refined levels of experience.


Musical preference is very individual and is a consequence of familiarity, popularity, and taste.  If we have never heard certain types of music, we cannot perhaps be sure we would like the music.

When I do music therapy, I usually ask the client to choose the first piece that will be played.  After that, the client goes into a slightly altered state and based on the issues that arise, I will make the next selection.

Except for pentatonic music, I have never found music to be suggestive when someone is in the altered state.  This does not mean the choice of music is irrelevant but rather what one hears will relate to the particular issue that arises.  This is a carefully chosen word because we can only be conscious of one situation at a time so a strong emotion will upstage rationality and whatever else the individual was considering before the feelings displaced the thoughts or whatever else was getting attention. We need to recognize the feelings and history of the feelings before we look for ways to be in peace with our history.  This is how sound patterns entrain and bring unconscious forces into awareness.  From that point on, understanding shifts and real therapy becomes possible.  Sometimes the solution involves drawing a line between history and the now.  We actually should be in the now, not controlled by history, but the subconscious is very much more powerful than most people realize.

Applying these Ideas

This essay has been entitled “Ahimsa” because it speaks to profound and non-violent ways to shift the consciousness of humanity and future of the Earth.

We are living in a time of great social upheaval.  Before changes are made, it would be desirable to have clarity.  We cannot be clear if our sound waves are jumbled, incoherent, and polluted.

When I was consulting in Europe, I was working very long hours, seeing the first patient as early as 6:00 am and the last as late as 11:30 pm.  I was dealing mainly with life-threatening illnesses; and to keep myself clear, I ended each day by listening to half an hour of music.  This brought me into a peaceful place before getting much needed rest.

As mentioned, musical taste varies, but what is special about music is not just the complexity but the way notes are organized and played.  We have the compositions, as simple as a beginning piece for musical training and as complex as grand opera.  There are harmonies and dissonances and patterns and repetitions as well as volume, rhythm, and tempo.  Every imaginable nuance is possible and the sounds impact us much more than most of us realize.

My suggestion therefore is to choose what you say and how you say it as well as what you allow yourself to hear and how you listen to it.  It will make a difference and contribute to your inner harmony.  From that place, you are in a better to position to decide what the next steps in life should be.




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