The rather personal email I posted yesterday generated a truly amazing number of lovely responses from you. I was indeed taken by surprise because I hadn’t at all expected such a warm response.

Today’s email will be a bit different. Yes, there is a video recommendation, but I want to discuss something very important . . . and a bit personal. You know that when I transitioned to my present life, I became one of a handful of medical astrologers in the Western world. There might have been others in Asia, but we were very few in number and none of us used the same approach. I don’t want to go into those details, but when teaching students, I realized that the early work is very difficult. We have to be analytical and that is often a somewhat unpleasant energy, but it serves one important purpose: we recognize the problem. However, we must not get stuck there. We must go on to the solution.

If I hold to the thought form of what is wrong, I will merely add to the infection of the already festering wound. I must go as quickly as possible from diagnosis to cure and once I see the cure, I need to hold the thought form of how to navigate the distance from illness to wellness. I believe the same strategies need to be applied to any situation we encounter, whether personal or impersonal, of our making or due to the actions of others. So, if I look at cancer or Lyme disease, I first look for the cause and then the cure. If I look at colony collapse disorder, I try to figure out whether loss of bees on such a staggering level is due to pesticides and herbicides or microwave pollution. The problems might not be independent of each other. For instance, both toxicity and weird frequencies may be disorienting, but we experiment and see if by eliminating one of the problems, the bees thrive or at least cope better.

With illness, it is more or less the same. Of all the undermining exposures we have, toxic metals are probably the most debilitating — and unfortunately, often the most expensive to correct. However, the correction is possible because we have more jurisdiction over our own bodies than over whatever anyone else is doing. By this, I mean that each of us can remove mercury amalgam fillings and replace them with something less toxic, but alas, the less toxic options are costly compared to the cheaper options. If we are very, very careful, we can chelate out some metals without removing the amalgams, but there will always be some leaching when chewing. The amount of mercury mobilized by a single contact of the amalgam with anything is measurable, not insignificant. The reason the metals are the worst offender is that they undermine the functioning of the immune system and generate free radicals. In short, it is very difficult to halt the progress of a degenerative disease unless the metal issues are addressed.

Bees, birds, and pets suffer from the same exposures because there are highly toxic metals in the chemicals used in agriculture, not to mention chemtrails. The metals have found their way into the food chain and have polluted our water. However, once we know that metals are a problem, we can work on the problem. Generally speaking, I see immense improvement in the blood within a week. This means that there is less evidence of free radicals and better activity on the part of white blood cells. For some people, correcting this one problem may solve half a dozen other problems, but this would, of course, mainly be true if the metals were the primary culprit.

In any event, if I sometimes seem too optimistic, it is because I know that once a problem is identified, more and more people will work to solve the problem. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about GMOs or amalgams or radiation from Cherynobyl or Fukushima. We have the capacity to solve every problem because Nature Herself is on the side of balance and harmony — so She supports our efforts.

Since a few of you wrote asking questions about my grandfather, I will quote something he used to repeat to me when I was a child: “If it’s difficult it can be done; if it’s impossible, it will take a little longer.” Dare I add, I really adored this man.

Schumann Resonance

On that note, I will leave the rest of this saga for another day and go straight to the video. This one is so highly recommended that I will break with my habit and  take the time to tell you why it is important. The film starts out with a brief recap of Schumann resonance. There are references to bees and electromagnetic radiation. You know, I don’t like to spoil any plots, but the film is very well scripted and takes us through laboratories and Nature in a way that helps us to see just how ecologically unsound modern life has become. Rarely do you find a film that covers colony collapse disorder and the human need for melatonin and countless more pieces of the puzzle all in one place and in just under an hour and a half.

You know, I rarely say who recommends films to me, basically for the same reason that I do not have a Facebook presence, but as the extent of our dilemma becomes better understood, we simply have to make very hard choices. As noted, my commitment is to the cure, not the studies that prove we have a problem, but I am so grateful to those who are bucking the system to expose its weaknesses.

This film is powerful because it shows how very interconnected everything is, and it is helpful since a few remedies are shown. There are many more measures that can be discussed and I will take that upon my shoulders in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

There is a story I want to tell about resonance but after you have watched the film. If I space out, will someone please remind to talk about “the spider”. That ought to get the synapses to fire.

Next, the Philippines has banned genetically modified eggplant. Field trials revealed how unsafe it is and the court has ordered the company to rehabilitate and restore the land they destroyed in the trials.

The point here is not to gloat but rather to encourage everyone to do what is best for the Planet and trust that every step in the right direction really does make a difference. We are not all marchers or lawyers or geneticists or bloggers, but we do what we can.

Many, many blessings,


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