Roughly speaking, there are 130 million adults over the age of 40 and under the age of 75 residing in the U.S. Since some of these individuals may not be native born, let’s be really light on the statistics and suggest that only half that number would be eligible to run for the highest office in the land. Then, we have to ask if the two individuals pounding each other during the first presidential debate represent the country. Never mind whether either of them looked presidential and never mind if you agree with either of them on the debate points; let’s just ask if either of them is a good role model, if either has a platform that speaks to yours or my interests, and if either of them could be standing there if they did not have millions to spend on the grab for what may be the most powerful position on Earth.

Both candidates look like grown men, senior grown men. Both candidates have a collection of nice ties, but do they have leadership abilities, a genuine and sustainable plan for the future, any foresight at all that could possibly constitute something like a vision for the direction the country and the world should go. If they do, neither convinced me that anything they said actually mattered, and their behavior was socially objectionable, psychologically immature, verbally abusive, and testosterone toxic. Apologists suggest that the “style” was very carefully calculated to throw the opponent off balance. If this is true, then they both succeeded, but at what cost? Their behavior was alarmingly inappropriate.

The biggest issue facing the world today is misuse of power, including the power that is used to manipulate information and public policy.

Both candidates and their respective parties have access to the same data as the media and probably much, much more. So, using health as an example, it is shameful to refer to the current crisis using arguments that are at least six-months out-of-date so far as what is in the public domain. One assumes that those with inside information knew the scoop at least several months ahead of time, i.e., no later than October 2019.

I stopped watching at some point, but I listened to commentary representing a number of different perspectives and was astonished to see that anyone really found any substantive issues to highlight. It means that many are very badly informed or they do not have the courage to be factual.


Over the last months, I have written extensively on two topics: right action and change. Right action must take into account what brings about harmony and balance because anything that lacks these properties will not be lasting.

Change is very hard to discuss because, as I continually underscore, roughly half the people in the world want a continuation of what is familiar whereas the other half want and expect positive implementation of what is progressive, feasible, and fair. Each candidate has a base and various analysts run countless studies to see what will appeal to their specific bases as well as what will shift the undecided to their particular camp. In short, believe nothing until you see what actually happens. For this, we have track records to examine. I am not going to say more on this because people are polarized, and I respect the right to opinions that are perhaps not always shared.

However, going back to my visions, the turning point, 2020, involved collapse of the systems as we know this. We must realize by now that this is happening before our very eyes and almost the entire world leadership has gone along with the collapse and many have contributed to it by spreading wildly inaccurate information and/or supporting policies that do not lead to sustainability. The rest of us have been caught in the undertow.

What is not being widely reported is how low the death rates have actually been. Because the tests are almost meaningless, false positives are skewing the so-called statistics. For the record, the test kits were developed in 2015 and patented by Richard Rothschild.: Basically, almost anyone and anything can test positive. This was demonstrated and made public by the president of Tanzania, and even the New York Times has finally published that 90% of the tests yield a false positive result.

If you plow through the countless documents, podcasts, interviews, investigations, testimony by medical doctors, etc., etc., etc., it is perfectly obvious that the official view is grossly inaccurate, maybe even treasonous. I am not a lawyer, but it is clear that there has been abuse of office on the part of many, many individuals whose loyalties to their disciplines and to the public should be carefully examined. The possibility that POTUS does not know this must be very close to zero. Whether every elected official and candidate for office knows what is in the public domain cannot be stated with any certainty. However, if they are not informed, they should not be trusted to comment on topics on which they are actually ignorant. Repeating what they see on television or teleprompters is not leadership but rather troubling since it brings into question the capacity to think, to reason, and to acknowledge the truth.

We need to be extremely careful because the future is actually in our hands and we must exercise our capacity to influence those who purport to represent us.

Chaos and Collapse

So, what have we learned two-thirds of the way into 2020? Many industries have collapsed or are collapsing. The winners have been the big tech online entities, and the losers have been the travel, tourist, and entertainment industries, everything from sports to theater, museums to recreation, restaurants, bars, places of worship, local social and special interest activities . . . not to mention the hotel and travel sectors of the economy. Ironically, the food industry has also been hit hard: labor, weather, transport, new restrictions, nonavailability of packaging materials, closure of many open markets, loss of both import and export markets, and much more. There was absolutely zero reason to destroy so much but this is exactly what “end of civilization” as we know it means.

Some weeks ago, I posted on the Lion’s Gate and yesterday added an explanation to that post so as to explain the role of the star Sirius.

Sirius is the brightest star in the winter Sky and its heliacal rising with the Sun was the beginning of the calendar year, both civil and spiritual, in many traditional cultures, such as the heights of the Mayan, Egyptian, and Greek periods of influence. There were obviously very special reasons for basing the calendar on Sirius. First, of course, it is bright, but it is also very consistent because of its relationship to the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun, which means that the cycles converge making for a calendar year of the perfect length. The Romans made a mess of the calendar, and we have been, in a curious way, out of synch, ever since. Interestingly, when Mr. Trump was first elected, he said he wanted to reform the calendar. This would have been an excellent idea but I seriously doubt there was much support for it. Ignorance prevails . . . and were there to be such an adjustment, there would be monumental chaos . . . so, given his predilection for chaos, I thought he might really try to energize this.

In Egyptian lore, Sirius is equated with Isis, the wife in search of her dismembered husband Osiris (Orion). In the regressions I have facilitated, many people had their first Earth incarnation in ancient Egypt and some of these individuals were from Sirius. They all claimed to have twin souls who arrived with them at the same time. In truth, it is only the Sirians who have mentioned twin souls, and when this is the case, the specialties of the souls make a pair, like law and order, music and harmony, architecture and art, etc.

The Sirian cycle is also related to what is called the Great Year, roughly 25,800 years with an ascending and descending phase. The various predictions with differing dates relate to alignments and cyclical events so the 2012 event related to a subcycle of 5,126 years in which there would be Galactic alignment. This year, 2020, is not quite the same. Rather, it is the shift from the dark cycle to the light cycle in which good makes gains over evil and wisdom increases in influence so there is more peace, more understanding, and more capacity to register divine inspiration.

If we look at this as a struggle between good and evil, we may miss the point and think there will be some visible battle and some survivors who may have to restart civilization practically from scratch. This would be a doomsday scenario and grounds for struggling to maintain the status quo rather than yielding to the incoming light, which, interestingly enough, is regarded in many traditional cultures as feminine. Superficially, this is not consistent with our understanding of yin and yang, but it is actually very consistent with the mystical ability of the feminine to incubate the seeds of the Creator and nourish the progeny . . . which, of course, includes all the kingdoms of the Universe.

The Stage is Set

If we accept these ideas along with their cyclical nature, we would not resist. Rather, we would align. In my estimation, this would, in fact, cement our commitment to protection of indigenous people and their wisdom. It would usher in a 12,000 year cycle of environmental trusteeship founded on the principles of Pachamama. It would preserve native species of plants and restore habitats for both plants and animals. Change will not necessarily lead to stagnation in science or industrial achievements but the technologies would have to be environmentally friendly and used peacefully rather than to make war.

If you accept this theory which, perhaps 50% of readers will do, then we have to work together and put aside our egos and simply team up.

Meanwhile, what I would also suggest that if this cycle makes sense to you, it is not about the “End” but about change of influences of cycles that each have their seasons. This then leads back to the question posed at the beginning about vision. In my opinion, anyone trying to restore the past will fail. For a few more weeks or perhaps even until the winter solstice, some may convince others that we will recover what was lost, but the reality is probably that we have to move forward, not back to where we thought we were.


Vertical Garden

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In the meantime, I think we should expect more shortages and I urge people to become more self-reliant.

I would like to try my hand at seeing if I can combine some level of food and medicine self-sufficiency. I have books here about how to grow enough food in 25 square feet of space. I haven’t measured, but I suspect that is just about how much space my washer-dryer area occupies and some homes might even have window sills that have that much exposure to the Sun. I watched a video of a family who grew enough for their own needs plus some for the market on an urban lot that is one-tenth of an acre or 0.04 hectares (yes, the decimal point is in the right place). The house and driveway must occupy at least 20% of the lot, probably more. I watched another video where a no-till organic farmer was netting $350k per year on 1.5 acres with 20 employees. No, he was not in Hawaii but rather New York. The point must be obvious, we need very little space to become self-sufficient or at least less reliant on imported food if we devote a few hours to some really well designed outdoor efforts.

So, what I want to do is mix the medicinal and food plants so there are sections devoted to gardening, sections to recipes and preparation of foods and medicinal herbs, and sections where the nutritional and constitutional benefits of plants are addressed. Petar and I have been laying the plans for this for some months and are ready to bite the bullet.

In the meantime, what I would like to say is that I understand the difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics. When the president wants to repatriate jobs and revitalize the economy, he is thinking of businesses that will hire thousands of employees. When I am looking at my own life or the questions my subscribers and clients are asking, I am looking at individuals and their particular concerns, all of which can be addressed on a much simpler level. However, even the president and Congress can make it easier on the grassroots movement by cutting the same deals for individuals as for corporations. They never do this. Have you ever asked why?

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