This will be the last post using the mask made of ginkgo leaves because, symbolically, the mask must be removed to get to the core of the issues facing us.

The last days have been very intense. Peaceful demonstrations have been going from one city to another in Europe. This weekend, it is estimated that two million people showed up in Berlin where Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced the opening of a European branch of an organization to protect children:


Meanwhile, the Italians have recalculated the deaths from coranavirus. As of today’s posting, the decimal point has been moved two places to the left, meaning that only 1% of the reported deaths during the scamdemic can be “definitively” linked to SARS-CoC-2.  What does this mean? The average age of death of the alleged coronavirus victims was 79, and most of the deaths now implicate the flu vaccine in combination with a multitude of pre-existing conditions.

The CDC has also revised its figures downwards. As of this morning, only 9,200 of U.S. “coronavirus deaths” are now claimed to relate to SARS-CoC-2, i.e., 6% of the claim a few days ago.

A branch of the French military has produced a 190-page report, parts of which have been released. Based on what I have seen, my original suspicions appear to have been confirmed. Some deaths were potentiated by electromagnetic radiation stemming from the installation of 5G. In addition, a cytokine storm was precipitated by Prevotella bacterium associated with chronic inflammation.

I am being censored, more on this on another occasion. We still have some e-mail issues, but the situation is resolving. In the meantime, because of “filtering”, it is important to use a serious e-mail provider with encryption and to whitelist I am also reposting to this site which is under construction, but it is mobile friendly and easy to search. There is a lot more to do still on this site.

There is another post, ready to launch, with a new header. It will go out as soon as the rest of the IP issues are resolved. As I see the situation now, any effort to claim there is a second wave will be ridiculed by the public. This does not mean that other “problems” will not arise, but, in my view, the work of thousands of keyboard warriors has brought one scam to its heels.

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First Posted to Subscribers on 31 August 2020, Updated 3 October 2020

Source:  CDC


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