Well, very few probably received the dozen on so emails that never got from the brain excitement to the keyboard? I was so full of ideas that I could not keep them linear enough to post. To make it easier on me, I will rewind a bit and add some simple announcements.

2012 was a hard year. Personally, I do believe it was pivotal but like much motion, the shift is subtle or perhaps not occurring where we thought to look for it. The reality is that for the shift to be real, we must solve the problems that made the shift imperative. Of course, we could say that the shift was no more imperative than any other cycle but the fact of the matter is that winter is followed by spring so if it this feels totally normal to us, the cycle is natural and thus it will occur. Likewise, dark ages are followed by ages of enlightenment, maybe not all at once but the cultural, intellectual, and spiritual revolutions do happen. The ride ahead looks pretty interesting.

There are several immense problems that have to be solved. First, there is the financial crisis, not just fiat money and interest paid to bankers who insert themselves between citizens and governments, but the entire concept of money needs an overhaul. In the work ethic world, value is attached to productivity so children, retirees, and those without the skills sought by plutocracy are disenfranchised. This marginalization of individuals is an insult to the souls who incarnated, but certain types of conformity are also insulting. In short, the economic crises we are seeing around the world cannot be solved by a new currency or the abolishment of currency but rather only by a psychospiritual revolution in which the bliss of following one’s destiny is accepted as normal rather than unique to a few individuals who happen to be soul conscious. If we are not soul conscious, what happened to our memories of ourselves? This is the most important question anyone can ask himself or herself.

Now, on a more practical note, I have been following the financial crisis from a distance for more than 40 years. It was obvious to me in the 60s that the U.S. would become a post-industrial agrarian society. It was also obvious that the industrialization of agriculture would pose immense problems, but exactly what the problems would be was not as clear 40-45 years ago as it is today. We can survive this, but we have to get serious about the environment and about the nutritional quality of food. Of course, we should also consider the medicinal value of our plants!

The anti-GMO revolution is spreading rapidly in Europe and India as well as some parts of the U.S. New Mexico just threw its hat in the ring.

Verdi Tuning

There is another revolution that is almost as fascinating to me as the alternatives to fiat currency. It is sometimes called the Classical Revolution or, more to my liking, Verdi Tuning. Musicians may want to look into the history of instrument tuning and why modern orchestras are tuning at A=440. Verdi, my favorite composer (you knew that already, right), tuned at the much more vocally natural range where his A would be today’s B-flat, a much more soothing sound to my ears. I was talking about this with a friend over lunch and last night did a bit of online sleuthing. For those who are interested, there are quite a few rebels out there who are reverting to the classical frequency. I was surprised to find that the Beatles also tuned lower.


I wrote a book on music therapy about 30 years ago, still unpublished, but my research took me back to Pythagoras and through all the effects sound has on our psyches. The reason for the discussion yesterday was half professional. The founder of the Wellsprings Institute, Kay Ortmans, and I did not agree 100% on how to elicit and resolve memories that are buried in deep unconscious vaults. She had a bias towards very powerful Russian music. The combination of intensity, dissonance, and volume might be compared to dynamite used to blow off the doors of the sealed vaults. My sense was that while this sometime works, especially for persons who are very blocked, it can also be terrifying. I preferred seduction: use music that is appealing (which is obviously very idiosyncratic) — and if the music is blissful enough — it might lure someone out of the cave and into the radiance of self acceptance and acceptance of the experiences life has thrown at us. There is actually no right and wrong here, just a choice of strategies, but when people are highly sensitive, which ideally we might all want to be, beauty might feel safer than lightning and thunder.

We can all think about these choices in a wider context as well. Would we rather reach settlements and truces with our important others through forcing our viewpoints or listening respectfully until there is a possible meeting of minds?

If there is such a thing as a natural frequency that is constant, then any tuning that is not in harmony with that frequency would create dissonance and undermine society. This is not an original thought; Aristotle wrote about before the modern era. If the Earth itself or our solar system or our galaxy were speeding up, then retuning our orchestras would bring us into harmony, but if this is not the case, we defy at our own risk. Being an opera buff, I am acutely aware that transitions between vocal registers are operatically treacherous, but what if between music and countless other dissonant sounds such as traffic noise, sounds that are outside our auditory range but that nevertheless affect our auras, and sounds that are the equivalent of biological warfare were making it almost impossible to live with integrity, think and feel with clarity, and most importantly of all align with our Creator? I believe this is presently the case so the C=256 Hz revolution is fascinating. The reason it is important is that ultimately it is impossible to sustain dissonance because the strongest force in the Universe is that of the Creator so, sooner or later, it will entrain everything and everyone, including you and me. This is why I say we resist at our own peril.

Now I want to discuss a bit more about the institute to which I alluded some months ago. Many of you responded enthusiastically. We put the idea through a kind of beta test in India. Several years went into discussions and the trial itself was for three months. We learned enough to move to the next stage but the project in India failed on an administrative level. The patients thrived but the toll on the team made further effort on my part impossible. At the end, I was extremely tired. Besides my normal work, I was up every night watching the doctors and patients on web cam, often until 2:30 or even 4:30 in the morning. The next step is to find a better structure. In the meantime, I recovered some of my energy and accepted a few invitations for 2013 that I will post.

The first is a skype radio broadcast that will be archived. It is scheduled for January 26th and I will post more details as we get closer. It will be on botanical cancer treatments and what I most hope to cover is why knowing the cause of the cancer helps the treatment. Seeing or feeling a mass without knowing why it is there tends to foster a one size fits all treatment strategy whereas finding the underlying cause and reversing the causes helps patients to heal.

On March 10th, I will be doing another presentation online, this one using PowerPoint and voice. It is through AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Practitioners in North America) and the topic is Free Radicals in Relationship to Ayurvedic Rejuvenative Therapies. I have been interested in this subject for a long time but the preparation for my own kalpa followed by the Fukushima crisis prompted me to spend a great deal of time searching for protocols to reduce the consequences of radiation exposure. Lest anyone think that the nuclear risks have been reduced, I would suggest that we not be naive enough to take silence as an absence of danger. Worse, we are no safer on the West Coast of North America than those in Japan and the risks will be cumulative until the problems of electron instability and DNA repair are resolved. There are herbs for this which is why the institute is important and why I am trying to liberate my time so as to devote myself to this work.

Supporting these ventures takes time and resources so I would also like to thank those who buy their herbs from Sacred Medicine Sanctuary. The proceeds support the purchase of books, lab equipment, and stipends to those who are dedicated to serious healing. Of course, I draw a tiny salary from the proceeds and will need more this year to cover the air fares and hotels for the conferences so I really want to express my appreciation to those who are shopping on my web sites. From my side, I also want to assure you that the lab and I are committed to excellence in all we do. There are new herbs coming in all the time and new formulas in development. An immense amount of time and research goes into each new product but because claims are not permitted, I choose the more arduous route of explaining traditional uses and theories. In the long run, this empowers those who seek to master their own health challenges so I am content to continue in the familiar style, but I still want to train a few people to carry on this work and the franchises seem like a good way to start this so I hope a few of you will decide to commit to this in the near future.

Many blessings,


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