There are some traditions that I have maintained over the years, one being to choose a Christmas carol as a greeting. I actually uploaded this some days ago, but did not post the link or message. It is posted on this site.

99% of the time, I do things for a reason. This piece has tremendous emotional poignancy and it is sung in a beautiful cathedral (not identified in the credits). The lyrics were written hundreds of years ago by St. Thomas Aquinas and have been set to music by many composers and, of course, performed by many artists. Pretty Yende has a glorious voice and wonderful modesty that often touches a soft spot in me. Interestingly, once again, the lyrics might seem to go better with Easter than Christmas because of the reference to bread, but in my psyche, the selection has more to do with angels than the Last Supper and Body of Christ.

We celebrate because we are hopeful, but the sentimentality I am sharing today references the message from a visitation I experienced in Mexico. I was staying at Casa Angelitos, “Little Angels” but a big angel appeared with the message to align, prepare to align. I shared that with you, and it is very obvious now how timely the nudge was so I will be addressing this in the next few posts.

This is a season in which both piety and purity can move freely through our psyches. Then, as we approach the new year, we make resolutions. It will help greatly if we devote ourselves first to the spirit of the season and then to the promises we make to become better people or do more good in the world. I have already selected some additional pieces of music to support this process . . . and the tradition for the new year celebration has been to choose several pieces, not just one. There are five this year, and I will post them next week.

This dark time is good for reflecting on the year that is passing. This sets the stage for what we anticipate in the time ahead, and my sense is that the magnitude of change is going to be dramatic.

Meanwhile, I wish all of you a safe and meaningful holiday season. I believe this is a particularly precious time so the more sensitivity we bring to our interactions, the better the preparation for the times to come.



First posted to subscribers on 23 December 2021
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