This post will kick off a new topic. It is a sort of reaction to all the gibberish online about awakening, fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness (and beyond), past lives, soul retrieval, karmic groups and a host of other topics that sometimes keep me biting my tongue and sometimes get quashed with the sense that my voice will not make any difference so why speak.

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Involution and Evolution

There are so many different theories and beliefs so count this as one of them, but hopefully one worth considering. If there is a Creator, which I personally believe to be the case, then there is a projection from the Creator into what we in the third dimension recognize as reality. It is a fairly pathetic state, at least on Earth at this moment in Time, but there is some consensus that this state is real. Other states are therefore imaginary or less real or subjective. I can accept subjective, not perhaps the best word but subject to our understanding. If you live in a dream state, the dreams have greater value for you than the waking state. If you live in a waking state, it seems real unless perhaps it is so devoid of meaning and nuance that we cannot accept the idea that the Creator would have manifested such a complex Universe without giving us the tools to understand Creation.

Those who purport to understand are probably overestimating themselves — and that perhaps includes yours truly. However, logic suggests that having emerged from the Creator, we have inherited at least some role in Creation. Therefore, we have a purpose, part of which involves incarnating at least a portion of ourselves in a human form on this particular Planet.

How Creation occurs, I do not pretend to know. I am therefore merely speculating that what is projected is the equivalent of Divine Intent and this must interact with a receptive energy that is capable of providing the substance for manifestation. Maybe my mind is short-circuited, but I cannot imagine creating form that has substance consisting solely of pure mind, therefore, I am positing a relationship between the Yin and the Yang, the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine, but I don’t really like those terms as much as a radiatory energy that embodies purpose and a magnetic energy that contributes the structures that are calibrated perfectly enough to contain and nourish the purpose.

Don’t get lost in words. I am using words to try to explain some principles. Projection of a thought or blueprint for the Universe sets in motion Intent. It is therefore active, i.e. radiatory, and also causal, meaning action begets reaction so the responsibility for setting Creation in motion is Yang and the willingness to embody the Intent is Yin. If it helps to anthropomorphize these principles, feel free to do so even if the Creator and Co-Creator do not really sit on gold thrones surrounded by angels and Bodhisattvas.


Bi-Directional Energies

What I would like to propose that the descending arc is involutionary and the ascending arc is evolutionary. Consciousness loses clarity and nuance by “involving” itself in frequencies that are denser so there is a feeling of movement away from wholeness and perfection into something quite mysterious, not because it is higher vibration but because it is incapable of expressing certain types of understanding when the perceptual mechanisms are missing. This is not meant to be intellectually challenging. It is meant to be a simple explanation of how Spirit is embodied in forms that lack the sensory organs required to understand Spirit.

Take our ears or eyes as examples. Our ears hear in a certain frequency range, but we know that other species might hear sounds we do not hear. Therefore, the sounds exist, but they are not heard by humans. We also do not see infrared or ultraviolet, but we “know” they exist as light that our eyes do not see. How much else are we missing?

We are not exactly “evolving” in the sense that most people mean when referring to others or themselves. What is evolving is the capacity to express Spirit in Matter. In our third dimensional bodies, there would appear to be serious limitations on how far this evolution can proceed. We therefore try to develop other means for exploring: different meditation practices, use of frequency devices to awaken something that we cannot “normally” experience, extended sensory perceptions like clairaudience or clairvoyance. With each success, we push our boundaries outwards a bit, but we are still having largely third dimensional experiences, just perhaps a little richer than those who are blunting their senses through raucous noise and flashing lights.

What is implied in these states is that on some level, we are already evolved, and we are fussing with how to express this in the particular circumstances in which we find ourselves.


The Matrices

The way this appears to work on the descending arc is that each frequency is stepped down until we have the scaffolding for building a third dimensional manifestation. The blueprint for this is in the etheric energy field and we actually live inside this field. There are theories, lots and lots and lots of theories, about our evolutionary history, but one of those theories is that the first races, probably not just the human race but all creatures on this Earth, were essentially made only of this etheric substance. Various texts say they are extinct, but I think they still exist but are not seen except by those who can see auras. If you cannot see auras, it may be difficult to believe that beings without density exist . . . and that those who see these beings are not delusional.

Sometimes children see these beings but then lose contact once their brains mature. Brains are totally separate from intelligence. Intelligence exists and the brain is like a receiver that is tuned into a particular channel and devotes all its attention to that channel without exploring what it is missing. This however is part of the “evolution” of consciousness because, as noted, we are evolving the capacity to express awareness in the third dimension. We already have the awareness in the fourth dimension, but the communication between the third and the fourth dimension is not perfected in the third dimension.

These thoughts are extremely difficult to articulate because most people haven’t considered the ideas before and those who have devoted some attention to the subject are often misled by the “gibberish” mentioned in the first sentence.


Fourth Dimension

The concept of dimensions came to me in the 70s when observing a person in an altered state of consciousness. She was trying to explain the relationship to what she was experiencing in her widened awareness and used the term “third dimension”, which in that context meant a lot. The fourth dimension is an idealized version of oneself. If we were as perfect as we want to be, we would begin to experience the reality of the fourth dimension. It is more refined than our third dimensional selves. It has no ego at all because the ego is a very temporary attribute crafted in the third dimension for the use in one incarnation. It vanishes when the incarnation ends. So, imagine yourself with a very clear mind that comprehends all effortlessly and imagine also that when you express yourself, there are no hints of condescension, superiority, or competition. Your manners are flawless and your movements are graceful and you feel benevolent towards everyone.

Now, how many fourth dimensional people do you really know?



To be sure at least a few points linger, try to imagine the Earth being prepared for life such as we know it today. From some primordial soup consisting of elements, forms are assembled and reassembled in order to express our qualities. We are currently humans, but plants and animals are also manifestations with destinies, and so are stones and metals as well as gases and other highly mobile substances like air. Everything with a form consists of air, fire, water, and earth, the proportions of which and relationships to each other are constantly changing. The easiest way to explain this is by reference to water. Whether it is hot or cold depends on the amount of fire blended with water. If there is very little fire, water will be cold and perhaps turn to snow or ice. If there is a lot of fire, it may because vaporous but water is still water, just in relationship to fire, its form appears to change. Likewise, it contains some particulates and gases

The elements form bonds with each other that are held together by love and separated by discord. Perhaps we should deduce from this that permanency or impermanency, including life and death, are due to harmony or disharmony. Likewise, our relationships to each other, to our family and friends, to our elected officials, or even the subscriptions we renew or businesses we support are dependent on the feeling of accord or discord. When the discord reaches critical mass, disintegration is inevitable and this is as true in basic structures as in very complex ones.

A tree wants a certain amount of sunlight and warmth, some moisture, a little breeze, and some nourishment. If we drown it or set it on fire, it will die and either rot or turn to ashes. It has lost its identity as a tree but the component parts are still reusable and the soul of the tree will be freed to another reality. A tree may have a very long life like chaparral or ginkgo. It may share some pollen with incarnate beings that fly or it may offer medicine for ailments. It may become part of a piece of furniture or become a beautiful musical instrument. It is forever having experiences and crafting its experiences so as to perfect itself.



Though karma is often understood as a punishment for something that should never have happened, it is really about action and reaction and therefore interaction. If nothing is set in motion, nothing will happen. This leads to some interesting speculation about non-action and creating empty spaces, spaces without any conditioning energy, into which we can safely withdraw or immobilize an unwelcome force. Ultimately, karma is about learning and some people learn the hard way and some find easier ways to learn. In any event, it is not about punishment but about polishing rough edges.

If one can move to the level of fourth dimensional awareness, the reasons for the learning experiences are usually revealed. I have some favorite stories of this genre, but will save them for another post. My purpose today is to address the very dangerous polarization in society. This can only lead to discord and hence to tragedy. Like many, it does appear to me that Good and Evil are having a go at each other, but I have yet to see convincing evidence that a win-win situation can evolve out of what we currently see. This should be the objective or stability will not ensue.

I also want to caution people about what many are claiming is fifth dimensional consciousness. Among those I have seen who are making such claims, I see no supporting evidence at all though among those who are not making claims, I believe I have occasionally seen some hints that fifth dimensional activities are underway. These beings would be well beyond what we regard as normal human capacities, and the individuals may have cultivated awareness through yogic practices or have been born with extraordinary gifts, many of which can be expected to manifest first through sound and later through other means.

At this juncture, the various devices being discussed seem to me to be thoroughly third dimensional, maybe exquisite as compared to some other instruments but they are still third dimensional. Keep in mind that in the beginning was the Word or the AUM and sound can create reality, including a new reality. So, we may see musical geniuses before we see artists and artists before we see scientists because the objective mind keeps us trapped in 3D. Therefore the person who is really 5D will not have the kind of mind we are used to observing.

I am sure many will disagree with me. If you choose to do so, I simply ask you to disagree courteously.

Survival has been challenging and I would like to request that people are careful about the judgments they make and that they support those whose contributions are leading to a better world.

I would feel a bit remiss if I did not recommend a Chinese cinematic series in 63 episodes. “Ashes of Love” is not perhaps a masterpiece because little details here and there could be tweaked, but it is nevertheless an extremely valuable contribution to our times. It is free on YouTube (get the ones with subtitles) and take your time. I rationed this over several months. Most of the drama takes place in the afterlife and the themes are, of course, influenced by the culture. The costumes and sets are gorgeous. The acting is mostly excellent. The characters are archetypes and are very faithful to their names such as Water Immortal and Fire Immortal. Some of the astrology was a little hard to swallow, but still relevant to the script. I will not say more though I wish I had been a consultant on the script because I see room for improvement. Still, a drama of this scale outdoes Dante and most of the scribes of India and Tibet. It has had 16 billion views so I don’t think more needs to be said about the potential for social impact.

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God bless!



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