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Surprisingly, of the 14 posts since changing hosting, only the Bel Canto one had almost normal views which is why I sent a second post on opera to test the various theories. There are things you can do on your end to help. Even if you are getting the posts, please whitelist @bioethikalist.com. Secondly, you can add a name to your subscription and an alternate e-mail. Once again, I am going to beg you to use a contact form and do not hit reply. On my end, this is very important so please take the extra few seconds to use use a contact form.

I have been testing all the forms for deliverability and would urge you to use the one on sophiamillenotte.com which is also the site where the archives of the recent posts can be found. The issues started on August 19th and the archives are actually very helpful for those who are really studying the material in the posts. Obviously, some of you read for entertainment and some take time to read and reread the posts. There were many questions about altered states, and what I want to share is that I will teach how to facilitate these states as soon as we open the Institute on foreign soil.

Meanwhile, let me take a little more of your time to describe what is happening on sophamillenotte.com.

In the two music posts, I tried to underscore that the part of the music that is valuable in music therapy is the inspiration. This is the link between the human and divine worlds. We do not come to understand much less appreciate our spiritual nature until the pathways to the higher realms are functional. This is the reason for my strenuous objections to fluoridation, but there are many other common practices that also pose potential risks.

What is easier to do on a web page than in an e-mail is to post videos that illustrate issues. So, for example, I posted the trailers for “Norma” from both the Metropolitan Opera and Royal Opera House. You can see the same opera with entirely different costumes and sets and even some of the same excerpts of the music. Speaking for myself, I like the Royal Opera House production much more. Something can be note for note the same but not have nearly the same impact on the listener. Like millions of others, I love this opera, but I already expressed my issues with the Met production.

Norma is a Druid priestess, yes, with some serious secrets and passions, but there is nothing in the usual interpretations to suggest that she is not also pious. She postpones war, perhaps more for personal than for either political or spiritual reasons, but her main aria, Casta Diva, usually sounds reverent. So, I added some instrumental versions, even one with a trumpet, to show how the aria is usually interpreted and why it can be used to elevate the spirit as well as facilitate soul connection.

In my view, the Met production is not artistic, at least not in the classical sense that art should represent the divine. The Met production is what I sometimes refer to as social commentary. The most usual types of visual commentary are cartoons that depict some issue in a graphic form, but lots of productions that are intended for entertainment purposes are also focused on social rather than spiritual issues. There is always going to be an audience for such, but the evocative value of such use of talents is usually time sensitive whereas some art is immortal or at least it enjoys a longer span of relevance to the human condition.

I honestly do not want to harp on this issue. All I really wanted to do is show how the same notes and even comparable levels of musical excellence can be transcendental or mundane. However, there is a time for everything, and we tap into this in unique ways. For the subscribers who desperately want to experience music therapy or to explore the higher dimensional parts of themselves, I provided some stepping stones, even removed the need to listen to voices since not everyone likes opera. I also put two different performances of the Dvořák Cello Concerto on the site so you can experiment and perhaps even hear the voices that are not in the recordings but were audible to me when in a higher dimension. Most of you will not hear voices, but I suspect a few may so give it a try if you feel motivated, but it might be better to experiment when someone you trust stays close by while you drift off to who knows where. Keep in mind that once in an altered state, you cannot propel yourself nor ask questions because the state is passive or observational. If you wish to explore, you may need a guide who prompts you since you cannot be conscious in two dimensions simultaneously. One of the dimensions will be passive and thus the directives to move forwards or backwards in time to an important event must be suggested by someone in the third dimension.

Freedom of the Press

As many of you realize, I have been following the Julian Assange developments for many years. In the recent defense testimony, it was stated that Assange hears music and these events were interpreted as hallucinations associated with mental deterioration due to solitary confinement and his horrendous circumstances, which have been legally defined as psychological and physical torture since his personal and medical needs have been denied.

Without knowing what he hears, I might just speculate that deprivation can facilitate capacities that are latent or dormant. I am in no position to know what the nature of his inner state is, but music exists on every level of existence so this may or may not be a sign of mental breakdown. We all, as we know, use only a small percentage of our brains so when attention is diverted from distractions, no one really knows what will happen next. Given that Assange is brilliant, it is possible that other synapses are firing. I pray they are sustaining him through the ordeals he is enduring in the name of Truth.

Time and Space

There are two other synchronistic points that I will mention just so we make a little note to ourselves that while many events have the potential for occurring, they only occur in Time and Space, and this seems synchronistic. As an example, when I opened my browser a few days ago, there was a link to an essay about the fact that the mind is not “inside” the brain. I have known that for eons, but modern science had not officially recognized this. Secondly, in recent months, it became known that Assange formed an important personal relationship while in the Ecuadorian Embassy. They have two sons . . . and this happens to be one of Norma’s secrets also . . . I am not crazy, just saying that Time and events are not separate so there must be supporting energies to bring something to the surface; your understanding of your own true self is never all revealed at once but in increments, usually widely disbursed in Time but awakened when there are parallel vibrations to entrain and lure the secrets from their hiding places. This example is perhaps weak and might have been better stated a totally different way. For instance, if using a piece of music in therapy, what surfaces usually has a parallel in the Time dimension, i.e., planetary alignments, as well as psychological terrain so the same piece of music will elicit entirely different swatches of the larger life tapestry depending on the moment in Time and the issues that are ready to emerge into awareness.

Meanwhile, I would like to suggest that even if it seems that I am obsessed with opera — and this may be partly true, but it would probably be fair to say, I enjoy it rather than that I am obsessed by it — the reason is that music has sustained me. I am sure I could not have survived my childhood had my mother not played the piano every evening until I would finally fall asleep. I often called from my bedroom to keep playing because I was not asleep yet. Likewise, I could not have gotten through the war in Vietnam had I not managed a trip to Hong Kong that allowed me to buy a lot of records . . . and had I not scored a small piano that I played in the evenings while living under curfew. I don’t have much talent, but enough to have survived the very long and dangerous nights by maintaining an alignment with a higher aspect of myself.

I do feel it matters what we hear, both musically and without music. Human voices can be soothing or irritating. News is generally designed to pitch a story, the story demanded by advertisers and elitists who wish to indoctrinate. Most of what is aired on mass media feels strident to me.  Voices trying to be heard over other voices; there are often rude interruptions and transparently biased interpretations of people and events. We should be very careful about what we allow to influence us and for all the negative input, we need something to offset it so as to stay in balance.


The Floods

I had promised equal time for water, and will today launch the topic and return to it soon. To remind those of you who have forgotten what was in recent posts or who have still not found the posts, I promised to make comparisons between fire and water. I also promised to follow up on Enoch and suns . . . and this will take a while so as to minimize the risk of being deemed crazy.

Fire and water are polar opposites. Obviously, fire is hot. It can be destructive or transformative, but even when removing obstacles to necessary changes, it can be wreak havoc. It is swift and has a tendency towards upward motion. It is dry by nature and slowed by the moisture of water. The two elements oppose each other and can neutralize each other, or they can compromise on the Middle Way, something that is not easy for either. Families love balance so it is normal that we draw all the elements into our inner circle, and then we experience all the disagreements that occur when our most basic instincts lead us to different priorities and conclusions.

Fire is progressive. Water is conservative. Fire wants to build the future. Water wants to preserve traditions and retain a grip on the past. Fire is ideological and hierarchical. Water is inclusive and has more of a round table approach to issues and authority. Fire is idealistic and water is compassionate.

We have been seeing Nature out of balance, but what we do not know is what is natural and what is caused by misuse of technology. We know we have the ability to manipulate weather, but we do not know if this is happening. I think therefore we should try to use our inner resources to create calmness. This is very difficult when we have fear. The fears are understandable, but they trap us in a survival mode, the first chakra. People are afraid of loss of possessions and home, loss of jobs and income, loss of health and assistance when the chips are down, and loss of life styles that were predictable.

Water functions predominately in the second chakra and fire mainly in the third. The elements are separated one from the other by vibrations but the lines are not precise. Think of air has having both temperature and humidity. Water also has temperature, fire, so with more water and less fire, the energies produce kapha imbalances and with more fire and less water, pitta conditions develop.

There has been tremendous loss of life, loss of habitation, and loss of agricultural productivity in countless areas of the world; recovery will take effort and determination. Meanwhile, of course, the main longer-term health risk is mold. I can obviously help with this and will try to develop some videos to make this easier. I am discussing this with a collaborator who is highly motivated!


The Planets

While spending hours each day on IT challenges, some planets changed direction. Going back to the summer solstice, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter were retrograde and are now direct, but Mars, Uranus, and Neptune were direct and are now retrograde. Saturn will go direct in a few days and Pluto, still retrograde, will be direct a little after Saturn. Three planets will still be retrograde on election day, nothing retrograde on inauguration day 2021. Uranus will be the last to go direct and this should unlock the obstacles to a financial reset.

Going even further ahead, there will be six planets in Aquarius starting 9-10 February which might be when the Age of Aquarius really gets a big nudge. Aquarius is the sign of egalitarianism. This can take the form of socialism or revolution or a renaissance of human creativity, ingenuity, and invention. We need to think this through and position ourselves correctly. I support peaceful resistance and peaceful demonstrations, including candlelight vigils and offerings of flowers and prayers for those who have suffered.

I do not believe two wrongs make a right so I cannot support the use of weapons, property destruction, or looting that is tearing the fabric of civilization in many countries. I can also support peaceful resistance but not the use of force. People have a right to their own opinions and positions. They do not have a right to impose their views or positions on others — and this includes people in uniform and those in public office, not just their victims. Whether we see it or not, those with power have attempted to disempower the masses. They cannot therefore be trusted, but if there is nowhere to turn, opt out. Create the reality you want for yourself and others;  if you model something worthy, others will follow suit. It is a path that takes courage but at least the anger and frustration are focused constructively, and this is our present challenge to survival itself. Power never gives up easily so confrontation is the most dangerous action. Non-cooperation is the least dangerous and most progressive. Moreover, it generally wins in the long haul. India got its independence from the British Empire through dissidence. We can create a better world one realignment after another and another. Be loyal to yourself and your destiny. That is your duty.


Many blessings,


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First posted to subscribers on 25 September 2020