The Lion’s Gate was a new term for me.  It occurs when the Sun rises with Sirius . . . which varies depending on the location.  I have a book called Mundane Tables of Fixed Stars in Astrology which gives the positions of the fixed stars by latitude.  For those who are not familiar with these issues, Polaris is, as the name suggests, straight overhead so it never rises or sets with the Sun. There is no simple way to explain this, but I will try.  The closer a star is to the ecliptic, the more consistent the position appears at various latitudes.  Let me word this another way.  Regulus, the heart of Leo, is closest to the ecliptic so it’s position is 29 Leo to 0 Virgo at all latitudes.

Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, is another matter and varies in the Northern Hemisphere from 10 Cancer to 0 Virgo and in the Southern Hemisphere from 13 Taurus to 10 Cancer.  So, its heliacal rising varies from place to place, but what is most interesting is that because of it relationship to the ecliptic, the date of its appearance just after the sun is very consistent, 19 July in Egypt which was the beginning of the new calendar year in pharaonic times.

I want to be as clear as possible.  Sirius is 10 Cancer when directly overhead but appears to be in different signs depending on the latitude and the time or distance between its rising, culminating, and setting.

Yucatan is roughly 20N latitude and Sirius rises at 24 Cancer, so around the 15th of July, it rises with the Sun.  It rises at 24 Cancer but only with the Sun once a year and this is also the beginning of the new year for Mayans.  Sirius was very important in many ancient calendrical systems but the Romans made a mess of the system.

Some stars are not visible in certain latitudes so regardless of what the textbooks say about their degree, their influence is usually not considered if the star itself never appears in certain latitudes.

Moving in the Right Direction

There is so much to cover that I have to use some discernment before posting. A few days ago, I received a post about the beginning of the Mayan New Year. It felt auspicious, but I don’t think I shared it. Yesterday, I got a post about the Lion’s Gate Portal, and am going to share it because I think we all need a dose of optimism; and the conclusion here tallies with my conviction that the changes will occur considerably faster than skeptics believe, and the year will end on a positive note. I know there is a lot of fear, and that is why I took the time to write the long post on skill in action. After sending it, there were a few afterthoughts that I wanted to mention . . . just as food for thought and to show you how very deep the symbolism is. In medical astrology, the kidneys are ruled by Libra and the adrenals, of course, sit on top of the kidneys and can cause the kidneys to quiver. Libra is the sign of The Scales and the Lady of Justice. She is blindfolded and must be impartial and fair. This sends a strong message to those who abuse power and the solution is clearly to keep matters in balance.

Meanwhile, it is August and the Leo time of year. Here is the link:

I know nothing about this particular “conduit”, but my thoughts went to the Sphinx which is, of course, half lion. I know I had a number of incarnations in ancient Egypt.  In at least one of them, I had a pet lion from very early in my childhood. I missed him when he got a whiff of the wild.

Lion’s Gate Portal

The Lion is the symbol of Leo and what is important, perhaps, is that in the Age of Aquarius, Leo is opposite so it is the subjective energy. This will be clear if you think of the Age of Pisces and the message of the one born of a Virgin was that disciples could become fishers of men. The symbolism is relevant even if the popular versions of the stories are not. Likewise, if we go back to the Age of Aries, there were sacrifices of lambs and very strict commandments to obey: Libra, the upholder of law. So, I think it is safe to say that this is an important time.

That said, Magenta’s approach to knowledge is quite unfamiliar to me, but I agree that what she refers to as a bio hack is possible because as far back as 25 years ago, I came to understand that our brain synchronizes with the refresh rate on the computer screen, and we are actually skipping lots of details because we are not really registering anything during the refresh . . . which, among other things, explains why it is very difficult to edit digital material. Sure, we can do it, but odds favor overlooking certain details unless we force ourselves to edit several times.

So, as technology becomes more sophisticated. the risks become increasingly pervasive and then the risk is that what we call reality is just the delusion stemming from propaganda . . . which is why it is always good to get out in Nature and back in tune. The precipice on which we now find ourselves is that 5G installations will be so close together and so widespread that even Nature will be affected.

Perspectives on Covid

I am gestating a list of pandemic issues spanning the gamut from hoax to global epidemic that will be with us for years because the virus is continually mutating. I also want to include the treatments ranging from the simplest, Artemisia annua, to vaccines.  I haven’t got the time today and since the Lion’s Gate message is time sensitive, I want to get this off. However, there is an increasing rumble that will probably be censored very soon that the vaccine initiative has ties to MI6 and to various actors whose names are becoming increasingly maligned. This dates back more than 30 years and falls within the domain of one of those conspiracy theories that is possibly true. I want to have a closer look at the claims and the ramifications.

IT Issues

This post is going out as a test using a different sending address. Many of you have suggested using a no-reply on the list so I do not have to remind people not to hit reply. Last I checked, it was not possible because all the mail on as well as the institute site is actually going through ProtonMail . . . which posted two years ago that they would be adding a feature that would fill the bill. I just checked and it is still not available.

Because my technician has a long history in the IT medical world, we are studying other possibilities to reach the level of security needed in this world. What I am protecting is the confidentiality of exchanges because many people are sending personal opinions and/or information on health and treatments that should not become the permanent possessions of big tech or alphabet agencies. It is not that I don’t know about the options, it is that people are sometimes reckless about what they discuss online. At least on my end, the conversation is encrypted. We do not know if this is overzealous on my part, but at least I am sensitive to the issues I recognize.

In any event, I am trying to be resolve both the security and functionality issues and there is always a Plan B. Meanwhile, I would like to suggest that others consider whether or not it is prudent to encrypt.


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