Many of you have written. The subscription list is alive or resurrected or reincarnated, not sure what the right explanation is. It has indeed been more than a month since I last posted. The reason is that deliverability dropped to under 3% of subscribers.

There were two problems. After a team of seven people worked for days, one issue was resolved on my end, but the real problem is censorship so I am going to post on my web site and ask those who are interested to read what is posted there.

In answer to your questions, no one has been unsubscribed by me or by any of my technicians. The issue I cannot resolve has to be handled on your end by using a secure free speech e-mail provider. If you do not do this, you probably will not have a balanced view of the world.

It is not that one source is always correct and another is not. It is that between bias and censorship, many are missing pieces of information. It is not wise to predicate actions on less than complete ability to predict the ramifications of each option available.

Progress Report

While the technicians fussed, what was I doing? There are three sites undergoing upgrades: the wholesale site,, and Everything is taking much more time than anticipated, but the changes are wonderful and will definitely enhance your experience on the sites.

I am working extremely hard on the vision of my legacy. One of the team members, Petar, is doing most of the design and layout and I am, of course, providing the content. I am sure you will love the concept when we share it, probably next week.

In the meantime, I have been training two people and last week added a third. It means, I have a few students who will also be heirs to my knowledge. In addition, Petar and I committed to creating an educational series, related essentially to the curriculum announced before, but with a little bit of a different focus. He signed up on, but I have not really investigated all our options. To launch this, we had to define the purpose, platform, style, and many more details. I thought I would like to address the underlying issues of health, the obstacles to cure. This is a very much overlooked topic with an extremely long and interesting history. Depending on one’s culture, disease — including life and death — tended to be regarded as karmic in origin or due to sin. That was until the advent of the germ theory when disease came to be viewed in a less personal way. It was attributed to microorganisms; and with Semmelweiss (and others before him) to absence of proper sanitation and personal hygiene.

In my mind, this is a sort of catch-22 situation because the more capricious the distribution of disease seems to be, the less we feel we can manage it on our own. It would not quite be fair to imply that the germ theory has been disempowering, but rather it shifted some of the responsibility for health from individuals to professionals. We can take almost any disease as an example and see how people can persist in certain habits that increase their risks, but doctors are supposed to overcome the diseases with protocols that do not address the underlying causes. The emphasis is on diagnosis and treatment, often neglecting the why.

Somewhere between the extremes of personal responsibility and professional responsibility, there is a Middle Way that actually gives the patient some power over both the strategies and outcome. As an astrologer, I am not suggesting we can overcome anything that is truly fated, but we do make individual decisions that contribute positively or negatively to our lives. There is a learning curve and this will be the focus of my sharing.

By putting as much emphasis as I do on sharing and teaching, I am going to have to dangle my tin cup. I would like to do this in a manner that is consistent with my philosophy of life and spiritual beliefs. I will be open about the need for support in order to continue the work, but I never want to be a burden on anyone so I am not setting a fixed price but rather relying on those who benefit to donate what is comfortable. I am not the kind of person who would willing inconvenience anyone else, but the reality is that am paying much more to support an online presence than is covered by donations or sales. You can also help by sharing information and ideas with others, sending them links to my sites, and testing the ideas on yourself and those in your inner circle. This is important because ideas have to be grounded and this requires action. I am a thinker and always have a lot of ideas, but creating Heaven on Earth is a group endeavor and the circle needs to be inclusive and as wide as possible.

I will be posting an essay with more details later today or tomorrow on

This post is not meant to be a teaser. I will dedicate the first round of teachings to Morrnah Simeona, the kahuna who mentored me for many years both in Hawaii and after I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. That is the reason for referring to maile leaves.

Stay tuned!



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First Posted to Subscribers on 20 March 2021