This post will not be odds and ends, well not exactly, but there are a number of subjects to cover.


Though we share mostly the same DNA, we are each a bit different so how we respond to situations varies, but what is very well accepted is that stress is cumulative . . . which is why we have last straws and breaking points. These are, of course, exploited by the controllers because they are struggling to retain their power. I am 100% certain they will not prevail, not because they reform their ways but because I was shown visions that were intended to prepare me for my life’s work. The fact that I was blessed with these visions is but one reason for feeling strongly about interference with our absolutely normal connections to the divine.

Sticking to the topic, first we have the fight or flight types, correlating quite closely to the path of action or path of wisdom. In terms of the tonics I have formulated, the action type can consider the Yang Elixir and those on the more receptive path can take the Yin Elixir. It is a little more nourishing and stabilizing whereas the Yang Elixir is intended to boost long-term stamina.

Because the first chakra is designed to coordinate life in this dimension, it will pirate energy from other chakras when extra demands are placed on it. Depending upon which chakra it raids, the symptoms will vary but most intelligent people have a very active circuit between the first and fifth chakras so they become hypothyroid under stress. If tests are run, they would probably test differently every time depending on such factors as whether or not they were running late for their doctor’s appointment, how much traffic there was en route, and whether the body is one place and the mind is somewhere else. Let’s say one tests Monday morning, Friday afternoon, and Sunday after dinner. I would expect the test results to differ, but I have never met anyone who had multiple tests performed before starting on some medication.

If someone were born with a poorly functioning thyroid, they would not exhibit much intelligence and perhaps even be considered a Cretin. Since no one reading this fits that description, it is safe to say that the thyroid was okay at birth and probably while still in school, but it may be giving up energy to the raiding adrenals. Nevertheless, in the U.S., most such people will be put on thyroid meds whereas an endocrinologist who spent one summer in my clinic said that in Switzerland, a doctor would lose his or her license for this.

What happens, among many reactions, is that, under stress, cortisol levels go up so we need to increase stamina, pacify the adrenals, and try to develop a state of mind that copes better. Remember that the adrenals relate to varying degrees of fear. This can range from vague anxiety to paranoia and from absolutely groundless to very real. The chakra spins regardless of whether the individual is delusional or responding to facts of existence. To keep the cortisol levels down, try ashwagandha and/or Chyawanprash. Covid has done a number on Indian exports so Chyawanprash is quite hard to source at the moment, but I do have some in stock, both in capsule and jam form.

Now, because the adrenals sit on the kidneys, when they are overactive, they tend to cause the kidneys to quiver and this makes one pass water so nervous people tend to be thin until such time as the kidneys are too tired to respond and then people retain water. You know it is water retention if rings and bracelets are hard to remove and reveal a depression in the skin once removed. This will, of course, diminish with time, but you see easily see when the jewelry is first removed.

Ultimately, the long-term remedies for adrenal stability are:

  • Do one task at a time and take a rest between tasks
  • Develop rhythm that allows you allocate time and attention where needed
  • Stay on top of daily routines
  • Build an attitude of calmness
  • Cultivate trust
  • Avoid pushing beyond the comfort zone
  • Create safety for rest and recuperation
  • Allow faith to conquer fear
White Hair

All hair is white and the follicles are hollow. The color comes from two melanocytes red-yellow and brown-black. My genes come from the far north where we have more of red-yellow pigment than the brown-black. This might be an adaptation to climate and/or a mutation like our blue eyes. We are on the verge of extinction — or so they say!

Hydrogen peroxide can accumulate in the body, especially when the body is under stress. This explains why, following a shock, hair can occasionally turn white overnight . Most say this is irreversible, but I don’t think either the science or my own experience support that idea.  My own hair changes color all the time and was sometimes whiter in bygone days. I think the color changes partly in response to the herbs I take.  I have talked to other herbalists but no one I know kept track of hair color in quite the same way I have.  I notice, for example, that bhringaraj does result in dark hair and black strands have appeared when I have taken it daily . . . as required in preparation for kaya kalpa. However, he shou wu, a Chinese longevity herb seems to make my hair a little more reddish than yellow. If the color matters, choose accordingly, but let me know what happens; and do not expect quick results because rejuvenation follows a sequence in which hair is fifth to regenerate so do not expect to see anything spectacular until at least 72 days has elapsed.

Bad Actors

People get their “news” from a variety of sources, nearly all of which are secondhand at best and seriously distorted at worst. Yesterday, I wrote that I wondered why people who are engaged in evil dare to reveal their objectives in print. I wrote this because I could not forget my first reaction to an eyes only document left on my desk in Vietnam without any routing or signatures. In short, I did not even know what to do with the document after reading it.  Since it was highly classified, I will not say what the subject was, merely that I was in total shock that anyone would put such thoughts in a document with a government letterhead . . . especially when financed by taxpayers.  Since whoever left it there was incredibly reckless, we never knew who all saw it, but definitely, it was read by both Vietnamese and Americans, including, of course, those without security clearance.

Friends, colleagues, and subscribers send me materials all day long. One of the documents received recently said that Lyndon Johnson had notified embassies to release information on a certain date. Because Johnson neglected to factor in the international dateline, the event had not yet occurred when the news was released on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. The question is therefore whether news is based on random events or whether events are planned in order to pack the news with what the puppet masters want us to see and hear?

Another correspondent sent a link to a Facebook page in which someone with a long history in Hollywood tells a story that is actually too complicated to fit into a short video.  It goes without saying that it has been blocked by Facebook.

My point in sharing this is that many people are unaware of this problem, this despite pictures on milk cartoons, notices on post office bulletin boards, constant reporting by various victims and law enforcement agencies and even “substantiation” by Wikipedia et al. Here is a site that posts numbers:

Humans Can Be Extraordinary

After a very long day, I stumbled on this incredible composer-pianist, a gifted musician who was born in Croatia but who has apparently been playing on the streets of Melbourne for two decades. She improvises and is truly a blessing to all:

She is an inspiration, a person who endured a lot of adversity and losses and yet breathes sunlight and beauty into her music. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

We children of God are resilient and we will get through the next months and then build a better world.


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