Aquarius is a very interesting sign, and we all need to understand what the goals are. Above all other signs, Aquarius is about Truth. That does not mean that starting from a particular date, lying and deception will end but rather that the alignment with the energies of the time will ultimately reward fact over fiction. The second part of Aquarius relates to its social outlook. Despite being the Water Bearer, Aquarius is actually an air sign, and the most galling issue for air types is any kind of inequality. Obviously, there are countless ways to measure inequality, and there are also various strategies to address what feels unfair. The primary objective should be the ability to develop one’s talents through proper access to education, training, and job opportunities. Whether one is a gardener, artist, engineer, chef, or journalist, one must feel from early childhood that there is recognition of and support for one’s gifts. Of course, there are secondary concerns such as disparities in income and whatever favoritism might be accorded based on gender or race or any other factor. The third objective is very much related to the second but the emphasis is on finding one’s niche and fitting into the world as we find it. This can be as subtle as developing effective social skills to as deep as knowing that there is a place in the world where one can express one’s uniqueness and be paid for doing so. This implies that all the pieces fit together as a whole and this is the fourth stage of Aquarius. It means that larger groups have effective leadership but give full expression to all members of the group.

There are weaker versions of Aquarius in which an overpowering leader forces compliance by subordinates who are all treated more or less equally . . . often on the condition that they conform to expectations and do not express their desire for freedom of personal expression. Freedom is as important as truth and fellowship so it cannot be stifled. In our present situation, there are greater rewards for conformity than for the virtues that are unique to Aquarius, and this absolutely has to change in order to be in alignment with Cosmic influences.

Framework for Interpretation

The Age of Pisces was about expressing higher spiritual values such as compassion, especially for the weak and infirm.  It was about healing, caring, and care giving.  However, there are always multiple ways that an energy can express and lower Pisces energy can often be misguided, deceptive, and deceiving.  Late in 2019, I wrote an essay on Narcissus.  In a kind of a way, Narcissus is a lower Piscean type.  The story starts with seeing his reflection in the water.  Reflection of the Divine is mystical but all reflections are mirror images, duplicates in a sense but not real. The abyss of the Narcissistic disorder is  pride in the ability to deceive others; and, unfortunately, our world is full of such individuals at this time.  However, a day of reckoning may come, but we have yet to see this on a large scale.  Individuals here and there are rejected for their behavior, but the consequences are often insufficient to promote the right kind of self-analysis and correction.

The point here is that in a shift from Pisces to Aquarius, the emphasis on Truth will grow and pride in misleading will diminish. We are not there yet.  We are railing against deception in countless forms:  fake news, false flags, clones and cgi creations pretending to be real, scams of countless varieties, and much more.  We are at the abyss of civilization and should anticipate widescale dismantling and reorganization before we experience a Golden Age.

Copy and Paste

Over the last year, I have observed the deluge of new channels on YouTube and elsewhere and the issue that has arisen is that a news channel is not really original unless journalists themselves have sources of information that go beyond the copy and paste we see everywhere. When I was young, there were a few national and international sources of news like Associated Press and Reuters, and these ticker tape enterprises actually had boots on ground somewhere. We went from telegrams to faxes to various online methods of disseminating information, but nothing is worth anything unless it is first of all accurate and secondly presented without bias. If all the representatives of various publishers attend the same press briefing, we might as well hear the briefing as opposed to the regurgitation of the briefing. There is room, I believe, for commentary, but commentary is different from reporting because it presupposes some level of expertise with the subject matter and therefore a right to assess the veracity as well as the merits of this or that information.

Two things are wrong at this time. The commentators — dare I say mirror imagers — are using their personal biases to promote their positions, and the level of content lacks depth and originality. I have actually been brooding on this for a long time. Basically, the issue is that anything one posts will be nabbed by someone else who tries to commercialize the theft by babbling about being demonetized. Among those in my innermost circle, we have found only a few who are not just parroting other sources but who have some level or other of expertise. It is even harder to find someone without an agenda . . . but this is not my topic for today, but it does set the stage for what follows.

The Saga

When the Internet was just becoming popular, one of the major IT figures in my small network showed me a plan for covering various topics. He asked me to be the editor of the medical astrology pond. I declined, and he responded, “Have you considered who would be the editor if you refuse?” Ouch! At that time, there might have been less than six candidates. A few years passed and Kepler College came into being. A similar proposition was put to me: will you head the department of medical astrology. It would have involved stepping outside of my reality and giving equal weight and value to every other approach to the subject matter so once again, I declined. Looking back, I do not regret my decisions, but I do see the consequences. The real question is what did I do instead. I put my time and attention into what I do best rather than in administering a part of the blogosphere or a department of a university. I went deeper and deeper into various approaches to healing, everything from herbs to music therapy; I developed my system, created a major online presence; and now it is time for another major step forward.


As many of you know, I have favored building skill sets through guilds rather than schools. I will explain this. We have, from very early in life, family influences, religious influences, and then school and professional influences. If I wanted to be sure my soul is safe, I would surround myself with people whose motivations are pure and who only accept guidance from those who have first of all mastered themselves and learned what is important for a soul to be having a human experience. If I wanted a good education, I would want good teachers, and if I wanted to perfect my talents, I would seek a mentor who is light years ahead of me on the path. This is what a guild structure offers: a collection of people with shared professional interests, some of whom are novices or apprentices, and some of whom have mid-level credentials, and another who is a master. This model can be adapted to an online presence and even though it looks hierarchical rather than egalitarian, it interfaces with the reality that we have to master the path to be excellent in what we do.


A guild can be a part of a greater community. There are communities like Auroville that started out perhaps as meditation centers and gradually took on environmental issues and technology and all else that it takes to live in alignment at this time. There are also communities such as I saw in Ecuador where each small town was famous for something. One place was famous for wood carving, another for making furniture, another for its coffee, and one even for shamanism. Of course, every town has a variety of needs, but professionally speaking, one trained where the experts were to be found. Now, we have online communities that are different from university campuses and such. I have been flirting with the idea of creating a presence on, but have not quite decided yet whether or not to go with or try something else, but I have decided to create a community for the Astrology of Healing. Last month, we went through a number of hassles when migrating to a new server so it is now under vast reconstruction. The level of the changes is going to be major. My usual team is working very nicely, but we have added one more person. He is terrific and you will see soon what he is doing. Besides teaching astrology, mainly for the lay public, it aims to facilitate self-analysis and this is supported by a very sophisticated back end program. The developer is a partner in this effort so we all have very high hopes for something unique and helpful.

I know this sounds vague to some people but there are practical applications of medical astrology that would benefit everyone, not one person here and there, but once one understands one constitutional type and its idiosyncrasies, it is much easier to apply the therapeutic measures.  Of course, I have written some essays on this topic before and published a book back in the 80s, but the new platform is going to be quantum leap.

Unfortunately, it will not be free because various challenges have made it necessary to pay more attention to survival. Lockdown and censorship have taken their toll, but the picture is actually bigger than this.  I am however thinking of something very modest, like $10 a year. Keep in mind that it costs me a small fortune to maintain my sites and donations have covered only about a 20% of expenses.  If the fee poses a hardship or is unaffordable, there has been a modest scholarship fund for many years and some people will be given free access.  Priorities have always been based on geographical regions and need.  For example, requests for free tuition have been given to people in third world countries as well as people with severe disabilities.

Additional Changes

The new freelancer asked me whether or not I can manage everything. I told him it has been too much for some time already. I work very long and hard, but it’s been totally uphill lately, and I am acutely aware that there is just so much sand in the hourglass and one day, it will all be at the bottom.  This puts pressure on me to train others and get more in print.

We saw two options: bring in a professional marketing person who expands the base so we all have food on the table or charge for subscriptions or community membership. So many people are thriving on Patreon, but there have been several suggestions and all are under consideration. One is to bring more people into the inner circle and provide the training needed. At this time, I am training a few people in the use of herbs, and I have one very serious astrology student. I am also training a few people in mold awareness and remediation and there are many more plans for the future. These people get frequent communications via protonmail, and I have been looking for how to have an equivalent level of confidentiality at a higher level. My sites are privately hosted. They are not part of big hosting facilities, but there are over 50 sites so I plan to start spinning off the sites that others could manage. In certain cases, others would do better than I have done so part of the process of getting from 2020 to 2021 was to define what I can do that others cannot do. That is my ultimate legacy and where I am putting my attention.  To be very clear, I will be spinning off many sites to people who share my passion for what each site addresses.  I will obviously keep the sites related to publishing but I am looking for successors to most of the e-commerce enabled sites.

I am open to suggestions and proposals, but the subscription list is no longer working as it should. Censorship is over the top, and I have spent huge amounts of time and quite a bit of money on trying to overcome the issues. The first step is that everyone, absolutely everyone, needs to use a secure e-mail. I have posted at least 25 posts since the censorship went full swing and several of you did not receive even one of those posts and most only received one or two. Readership once again dropped to 2-3% of normal so unless everyone pulls together, I will use for blogging. In short, if we don’t improve the delivery rate, something major has to change.

New Products

In recent posts, I mentioned some of the new essential oils and cold pressed oils as well as the diffusers. I said there are more announcements. In a week or so, I should receive copper cups from India. These are used in Ayurveda and, yes, you can buy them online, but I worked with someone to design them differently so there are lids because you fill the cups at night and drink the water in the morning. I did not want dust or insects to get into the water. These have profound medicinal benefits that I will explain after they arrive. They will cost $12 and ought to last forever.  I particularly like the Florentine finish on the stainless steel on the outside because it is more scratch resistant and does not leave an odor on the skin as is often the case with copper.  It also does not oxidize and transfer that “patina” to the skin. These were made to order for me, but I am others will copy very quickly.

The other item still in transit is a gadget but I liked the concept. One sample is here, and I felt it is small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag and can be used to sterilize the compulsory face masks and anything else. Though small, it is able to clean a bed or faucets or anything else in seconds. I am not exactly a germophobe but masks get nasty after a very short time so decontaminating them and adding a drop of oil can make a huge difference for those who cannot escape this added challenge to our life styles.

Portable UV Sterilizer

In Sum

Many have written notes about changes they are contemplating and some have made oblique inquiries about my goals. At this time, I am still considering Mexico as it is obvious that I have to lower the cost of keeping body and soul together. However, the perfect project for me would involve an international mix of people with one central location for training and internship and branches all over the world. I would like to set up a system whereby the central “community” can fund the newer communities everywhere in the world but especially in remote areas. My role will be advisory. I do not want to administer anything. Some of you remember the pains I went through with the online education. Believe it or not, we are still working on it, and one member of the team, the best of that group, is now working on a distance learning project with M.I.T. and we are conferring regularly. It’s only difficult because of the special requirements that I have felt are crucial to the integrity of the project. Meanwhile, the newest member of the team wants to set up a variety of different webinars for interacting one-on-one or with a millions guests. We are actually energized, but still creating the scaffolding for what ought to manifest very soon.  In any event, as I make my changes, the goal is to have everything functional on this end and then to focus on the outreach which includes a studio for webinars and Internet broadcasting.

I am always open to suggestions and advice, but my vision of the ideal is clear. The details take time to manifest. I am totally aware that many of you are going through similar adjustment processes. Many have sent me address changes. Some have asked for astrological insights into timing. We are all in this together, but if there are those who happen to want to be on the same train as I am taking, now is the time to speak up.



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First posted to subscribers on 3 February 2021


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