The new technician is outstanding and all will soon be humming!  One thing he is about to do is to migrate a survey on mold. I am concerned that only people who asked for consultations have used the survey form, but many people have been exposed to mold and do not realize how harmful it is. With hurricanes, flooding, hot weather and use of air conditioners, and more people staying at home, this information needs to be more readily available so the risk levels can be assessed.

That said, the promise I made was to continue with a sort of review of the SARS-CoV-2 from “then” to now, but the medical philosopher has to have the first word.


There is nothing new about epidemics. They were discussed in ancient Egyptian medical treatises and no doubt in whatever civilizations preceded Egypt. However, the ones we read about in school are probably more recent: the Black Death, Spanish Influenza, and maybe Ebola or Zika virus or SARS.

Going way back, many years ago, I wrote a little essay that is available in pdf form. In it, I discussed Nostradamus and Dr. Schnabel von Rom.

Yesterday, I dropped my ballot in the box at the fire station and then went to stock up on groceries. The store was out of so many things on my list that shopping was taking a little longer than usual, and the required mask was beyond irritating. A point came when I started to cough. Not surprisingly, the aisles around me emptied immediately. That is the level of panic, but the real issue was simply that I could not breathe and had forgotten the essential oil.

Frankly, my personal opinion is that the masks are almost useless but if you don’t wear one, be prepared for unpleasant reactions from others.

HOWEVER, with the essential oils, the masks may have a place, but they will not make breathing easier, well perhaps a tiny bit easier, but normal air supply is impeded by the masks.

Like many others, both colleagues and people in general, I have been deluged with pandemic propaganda so a lot of discernment is necessary before we can be certain that we are interpreting the correctly.

My purpose today is to show the spectrum of opinions, from very mainstream to what some call conspiracy theories. However, I will go on record suggesting that just because a theory is not mainstream does not mean it is wrong.  Another point to keep in mind is that going back to Egyptian times, there have been names remembered for their heroism during pandemics.

The most memorable of these heroes was no doubt Nostradamus but the famous thieves of Marseilles provide a colorful view of both the Plague and defiance of contagion.

When we think of more recent outbreaks, it is, in fact, with the possible exception of Linus Pauling, not the vaccine manufacturers but the activists who were the real heroes and heroines, people like Jane Burgermeister, not the WHO or CDC or Wellcome Trust nor any university. Think about this a moment. We are fed a massive amount of hysteria-generating “news” about the threats to our survival, and then the threat becomes just history. I am not for a moment suggesting that pathogenic organisms do not exist nor that doubting the severity of the risks is grounds for complacency, rather that the level of reaction often exceeds the level of risk.

Meanwhile, I think the heroes and heroines of SARS-CoV-2 are already completely identifiable, but we should perhaps consider dividing the honors between the hugely courageous and scientifically sound Dr. Judy Mikovits and the frontline doctors who are advocating hydroxychloroquine or perhaps Artemisia annua, both traditional treatments for malaria, not viruses. I would like to add to the list Dr. Zach Bush for his completely out-of-the-box view of disease in general and viruses in particular. I believe that what he is saying now will be accepted as mainstream at some point in the future, but we have to get from here to there using the bridges that support traffic. For me, these are two individuals who represent what I often refer to as the spectrum. I am not including those who are shouting “hoax” nor those who are just a bit out of step like Dr. Rashid Buttar or Dr. Thomas Cowan. They have obviously contributed a great deal to the discussion as have numerous others so I apologize if I am skipping some voices like Dr. Sherri Tenpenny or Dr. Suzanne Humphries and several others who basically share their perspectives. I do not have a box of gold medals, but I can see pretty much see who has contributed the most to the discussion, and the booby prize, of course, goes to Dr. Anthony Fauci, followed by Bill and Melinda Gates. Harsh as it sounds, I will not budge on these nominations.

Gold Medals
Silver Medals
Bronze Medals
Dr. Judy Mikovits
Dr. Rashid Buttar
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Dr. Zach Bush
Dr. Thomas Cowan
Dr. Suzanne Humphries


Biological Weapon

Though not generally admitted in the beginning, it is pretty clear at this juncture that SARS-CoV-2 is a biological weapon. Who created it or contributed to its creation may not be clear, but there are perspectives spanning quite a number of possibilities. In short, fingers point many directions, but it is unfortunately certain that the epidemic was rehearsed and therefore most likely planned, and it is pretty well known who is complicit. Exactly when, where, and how the virus was released is also still a little controversial, the spectrum ranging from accidental to intentional. It is pretty obvious that those in the know are going to great pains to cover the truth, and this seems to include a multinational band of conspirators. I know this is shocking and will cause some hairs to stand on end, but some of the documentation has been traced back more than thirty years, and the rehearsal for a pandemic took place last year, but the patents go back further, and the general plan for a major pandemic are much older yet. These facts would seem to refute the notion that the virus mysteriously appeared in a market in Wuhan.

So, the worst, worst, worst theory is that the pandemic is related not just to an opportunity to make billions on a vaccine but to use the vaccine to embed a microchip which is part of a new global financial system which, in turn, is part of a social rating system that can result in switching off buying power, and even worse yet, part of scheme to insert RNA and DNA fragments that are patented so that ownership of chipped persons becomes possible. I know, this is shocking, probably well beyond Orwell’s 1984.

If we could roll back time and I were sitting at dinner in a Zen restaurant in Japan and someone told me this, I would think they were over the top paranoid, but, unfortunately, this theory is supported by internal documents from MI6 and various other alphabet agencies. This is why I took the time to write the long essays on power, abuse of power, and skill in action. These are all pieces of the puzzle and a good psychiatrist would probably not discount the possibility that a person severely addicted to power would have contingency plans leading to absolute control. Unfortunately, power is addictive. Thus, the desire for neutralizing opposition is a part of the strategy for staying in power. At the top of the ladder, there would be only a few people with the financial, technological, and political means to generate such influence.

Does this make me a conspiracy theorist? I don’t think so, but I have read the documents, and it always surprises me when ruthless individuals put their plans on paper. You would think they would be more careful, but this is part of why action always begets reaction and why the public outcry is what it is today. In the U.S., there is an immense attempt to control the official narrative, but this is not the case in every country and people are demonstrating in many countries.

Here, meaning in the U.S., we are twisting the stories into knots and the demonstrators are often not even aware of what they are fussing about. I am not saying this is always the case, merely that many seem to be unclear about just what is upsetting. Ultimately, it will boil down to social injustice and whatever else results in repression and suppression.

Non-Violent Resistance

I spent several years in India and developed an admiration for non-violent resistance because the moral high ground is reserved for those who do not cause harm to others. I am 100% in favor of resistance to whatever is unjust as well as whatever infringes our rights, but we must think very clearly. As the fear is used to increase the clamor for a vaccine, we must understand what Dr. Mikovits is saying about the absence of vaccine safety since contaminants have been found since the mid-80s and onwards.  We must also expose the hidden agenda. It does, in fact, follow a pattern.

Genetically modified food is identical enough to non-engineered food to escape serious regulation and different enough to have a patent. Then, the manipulators got control of seeds and markets and money and so on and so forth. Now, there are law suits and bans. Likewise, vaccines are exempt from liability so anything goes, but if a patented something is inserted into something or someone, the handwriting is on the wall.

Some years ago various segments of DNA were being doled out and patented on the basis of probably having some potentially beneficial role in science and medicine. Various entities then “owned” the DNA and tried to find commercial uses for that DNA.

Frankly, I don’t know why some people participate in these games. I am not a psychiatrist and cannot get into the brains of such individuals, but they are clearly sociopathic and probably also potentially psychopathic. You know by now, I word things very carefully. So, given this scenario, where are we?

Perspectives on Covid

So, with this backdrop, what is the spectrum, and what do I actually believe?  If we are new to the issues, we are perhaps justifiably panicked, but we have had similar scares with hantavirus, bird flu, SARS, and countless other viruses. So, it is time to be sober. We were always threatened with mandatory vaccines, and some brave souls risked everything to alert us. In short, “Wolf, wolf, wolf!” works sometimes and one day could be real, but from my perspective, two of the pandemics warranted and still warrant attention:  AIDS and Lyme disease.  When AIDS was identified, I said to myself, “Now we have a virus bigger than the bomb” because anything sexually transmissible will make the rounds. We knew this already from syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, and so on.

With Lyme disease, the political response has been appalling. Why?  Many more people are affected by Lyme disease than by SARS-CoV-2; however, no prospect of a vaccine or even an expensive medication is in the wings so why not make a fuss about the common cold or seasonal flu or something else.

When the various political parties and agencies discuss something like insurance coverage, often in the context of universal health care, there is almost always a budget and therefore a cutoff. Let’s say there are codes for 1000 diseases and the budget covers the top 600? A sympathetic individual here and there may redefine the disease so that treatment is covered, but how much lobbying goes into making sure that expensive procedures are at the top of the list? Think about it.

The system itself makes no sense from a health or humanitarian point of view. It does however usually make sense to those with deep pockets.

SARS-CoV-2 is, however, in my estimation just a little different because it is about control so while some profits are immediate, others are longer-term. During lockdown, there has been amazing consolidation of control and a near wipe out of thousands of minor competitors to the system. For example, I am sure benefited at the expense of local markets and all the growers who supply those markets.

This is why from the beginning I felt we should be looking at 5G, not the virus. The reasons were very obvious to me. First, the sudden deaths seen in footage from Wuhan were inconsistent with a virus. Ambulatory people were walking about and going into what looked like severe seizures and then dropping to the ground. Second, 5G installations preceded the outbreak with a very short window, if any window at all, since reports were suppressed. Third, 5G is not just energetically intrusive but constitutes a kind of spying system that puts both our privacy and health in jeopardy. Fourth, we eventually came to realize that the frequency of 5G splits the oxygen atom.

Again what is adopted by one country may or may not be embraced by other countries. 5G is off the table now in some countries.

How is this relevant to you? I think it is now pretty well understood that SARS-CoV-2 is not exactly a hoax. The pandemic may be a kind of hoax, but there is a virus. It does seem to be a biological weapon that is fast mutating . . . meaning there never will be an effective vaccine . . . and it generally does not cause symptoms in healthy individuals, but it may be dangerous to some. Many pundits are now weighing in and suggesting that the social and economic consequences of lockdown are currently more serious than the health risks. In my opinion, the health risks for elderly people in nursing homes would be roughly the same as with any seasonal flu. This is a vulnerable population. There is however, almost no medical justification for lockdown on the scale we have seen.

Most historic epidemics have been overcome through improved hygiene and sanitation, not medicines or vaccinations. Robert Kennedy, Jr. has stated this in many recent interviews, and he is absolutely on terra firma about this. I think now more or less as I did in the beginning of this pandemic: individuals should do their utmost to keep their immune systems in top working condition and they should be taking immune boosting herbs and have what may be needed on hand in the event of an emergency. They should also be careful about exposure to EMF waves.


So, why did so many countries get on board with the WHO agenda? It is because the powers behind the international organizations were pulling the strings, but in my opinion, their plans backfired. By inflicting so much suffering on so many people, they forfeited their rights to any get out of jail free cards. As each country closed it borders, the grip on globalism was probably reduced, not enhanced. The gamble is thus still on the microchip and that must be refused. One essay I read suggested immediate voiding of all patents on DNA. Obviously, that should be done as the patents should never have been granted in the first place. It was one thing to spur the genome project and another to do so by giving patents on strings of DNA, none of which were created by the new “owners”.

Simultaneous with the lockdown, many countries have become more nationalistic and less dependent on international ties. This is driving movements to become food and energy self-sufficient.  It is also spurring efforts to repatriate jobs that were outsourced to countries where labor costs are lower. In the long run, I feel this could actually work out if developing countries are paid properly for the minerals and natural resources that are coveted by industry and their consumers and if the export markets for certain products are strengthened. We can use lithium as an example but the same lust for minerals, like coltan from the Congo, is actually global in scale.

It would not surprise me if many central banks were nationalized during these last months. What this means is that each currency has local value and this value is sufficient to eliminate all local debt. International debt is another matter entirely and subject to many factors but exchange rates have always fluctuated so we will see what happens as the veils of secrecy are lifted.

Since the U.S. is a major player, the suspense is immense at the moment, but I believe almost anything can still happen before election 2020 and surely before the end of the year. I am very optimistic.

That said, for the many people who are asking about personal safety, common sense about risk taking is important. It always has been important. If people acted on what they know, we would not have had an epidemic of AIDS. Even with Lyme disease, no one is saying not to go for a walk in the woods, but if you do go for a walk in the woods, make sure you are attired properly and that you have insect repellent.

So, for SARS-CoV-2, the measures I saw yesterday were almost ridiculous. Yes, the checkout counters in supermarkets had Plexiglas between the cashiers and customers on one side but not behind them and the cashiers are constantly turning to the cash register and to various other employees who are interacting with them. Likewise, the bank inside the supermarket now has big Plexiglas screens, but nothing behind the tellers who are masked but milling around.

Since we have been laying plans for a clinic, I have spent enormous time on how to operate a post- SARS-CoV-2 spa, clinic, hotel, and restaurant. I would use ozone on the maximum level possible, huge ozone machines for all water systems so that everything from hand washing to laundry and dishes takes place in ozonated water. Likewise, all water used for sterilizing instruments and washing food is ozonated. Even the bath water and saunas and pools would use ozonated water. All rooms would be treated with portable UV when vacated. When a guest checks out, everything in the room would have a UV “wash down” before a new occupant is admitted into the room.

For gathering places like lecture halls, classrooms, yoga studios, restaurants, etc., air filtration is important along with diffusing of essential oils. It is manageable if the staff are well trained.

We live in a world with seven billion people and each person has connections to numerous other persons. People take public transportation, interact with taxi drivers who interact with countless passengers, etc., etc., etc. We cannot control everything, but to operate a clinic or hospital is a unique challenge because the patients are compromised. That is why they are patients, and that is when extra measures need to be taken. This is possible and ought to spur some brilliant inventors and entrepreneurs to design and build what is needed in the time of biological weapons. As I have said many times, as a healer, there is practically nothing more objectionable than creating pathogens that cause illness. This practice must be universally spurned and the consequences for the perpetrators must be serious enough to make everyone think twice before wasting an incarnation on malice. I am sure I fell off my soap box many paragraphs ago . . . but obviously, these are reckless times so we need to see both the perils and opportunities. I feel the turning point is coming.

So, I am not “cautiously optimistic” but rather very optimistic because my life has prepared me for this point in time and countless others have also prepared for this turning point. This is not a basis for recklessness but for very well focused intention followed by action. In the meantime, if you are not prepared, try to become prepared. It will make change much easier to embrace.

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