On this solstice, many are devoting themselves to prayer. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time of greatest darkness. In the highest latitudes, the sun does not even appear so it is said to enter a tomb. For three days, it may disappear completely and then is born again on Christmas Eve, promising the return of light and hope. Obviously, our calendar is in a bit of a mess as it would be more appropriate to be celebrating the resurrection than the birth, but perhaps a day will come when the world makes more sense than it does at this moment in Time.

According to my DNA test, 99% of my biological heritage comes from the far north. I was perhaps born with a love of the mystical nature of the heavens above, and I am glad to share my fascination with you.

In the context of 2021, I believe this is a truly important moment in history. Many people were expecting a lot to happen around this time in 2012; but important as that may have been, my inner being was not expecting huge change until Saturn and Pluto transited Capricorn. Saturn is now in Aquarius but manifesting an egalitarian world is not an overnight process. There is anticipation, preparation, and gradual actualization. These are born of a special kind of love. We have different kinds of love, including an abstract love of one’s fellow beings, to which I include all kingdoms of Nature: plants and animals as well as stones and clouds and rain and light. We also have the love of our own understanding as well as the love of our potential as human beings. These are sacred and should never be compromised much less surrendered under duress.

Most people are quite busy during the holidays, but to the extent that there is interaction with those closest to us, now is a good time to be sharing our dreams for the future and what we see as shifting. We might also explore the direction the shifts are to take. I think many systems are now beyond repair which means they have to be replaced, hopefully with a newer model that is in keeping with the needs of this spectrum of Time. I have been expecting this for half a century so I feel prepared and even a bit excited.

In order for things to be stable, they must harmonize with the times and this means being responsive to larger social issues, not the ones used to arouse memories of wounds but the ones used to unite in fellowship with one another. Nothing would be more appropriate at this time in history than a level playing field for discovering and perfecting our unique talents. However, there is a second attribute of this energy and it is Truth. We have all heard the maxim “The Truth shall set you free” but how many of us appreciate that we are conditioned by what we believe to be true rather than what we know to true. This is a critical difference between Piscean and Aquarian energies. Pisces feels and this adds various colorations to the interpretations of experience. Aquarius cuts through the rhetoric and facilitates not just the awareness of what is fact but ultimately culls out the fiction. With this clarity, it is much safer to formulate our Paths forward.

My prayer for this season is to reach a point where each of you can see clearly enough to forge an alignment with what is in the best interests of life on this Planet.

I would, however, be remiss if I did not also take a moment today to express my gratitude to the 33 people who donated to my monthly fund raising. The goal was reached and your generosity contributed to my stability and efforts, much of which has been concentrated on preparing to share my understanding of what I have learned through my forays into microscopy and how the macrocosm is projected into the microcosm and what this portends for the future of healing. I am truly thankful to those who have supported me on my journey.

Blessings to all of you,


First posted to subscribers on 21 December 2021
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