Thank you to those who have been writing asking about subscriptions. I have been wrestling with many issues, spanning IT frustrations to the alignment I mentioned last year. To remind those who are also dealing with multiple issues, towards the end of the Lyme study in San Miguel de Allende, there was an unforgettable and precious moment in which a huge angel appeared with a very simple message: Prepare to align. This is the topic of today’s post, written and rewritten over the last month, including several Sundays. In the meantime, I would like to remind people that all the posts from late July to the present are archived on this site.


As most of you realize, my Sunday posts are often philosophical and my style of writing can sometimes be very personal. There is a reason for this because I am trying to demonstrate that the apparent randomness is not coincidental but cumulative. Related events can appear not only at entirely different times in life but also in different lifetimes. As a child, I attended Sunday school at a Presbyterian Church and eventually became editor of the youth newspaper. My favorite Book of the Bible was Ecclesiastes. It probably spoke to the astrologer in me: “To everything there is a season . . . a time for every purpose under heaven.” Authorship of the Book is generally attributed to Solomon, written late in life when reflecting on both accomplishments and failures and what will come after both in Heaven and on Earth.

We are today approaching the beginning of a major new cycle. We can look at the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius or to the time of the Sixth Sun or a new Baktun, or we can put the emphasis on the expansion of awareness that comes with awakening to interdimensionality. Wherever we look, we will see both the desire for change and resistance to the unknown. We are also seeing polarity and confusion. These are the topics I want to address, but in the context of what we can do versus what we should do.

Power and Polarity

Divide and conquer has worked for centuries, but it is not an admirable tactic. Though there are polarities, they must be harmonized in order to prevent catastrophe. The most basic polarities, the ones I teach my students, are major dualities of hot and cold, moist and dry, and light and heavy. There are also more minor polarities such as rough and smooth, stable and changeable, slippery or sticky, elastic or brittle, and so on and so forth. These polarities affect constructs and health, but there are also polarities in the sociopolitical arena: progressives and conservatives as well as anarchists and traditionalists. Wherever we look, we will find this and that or one thing and the other. Now, as we emerge from a tiresome election cycle, we have to recognize that regardless of the outcome, approximately half the population will be satisfied and half will be discontent with the result, whatever it may be.

People from all over have been writing me about the difficulty dialoguing with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and flare ups have been common. A few people have targeted me personally, often displaying grave misunderstandings as to my thoughts and position. So, why is this happening?

I feel I have gone out of my way to say that I not only find different viewpoints interesting, but I respect people who can observe clearly and share their perceptions in a manner that enhances the view that I see from my window. This is what I treasure in my relationships with people. It is also critical that astrologers see people as they are. The goal is not to convert anyone but to promote self-understanding and confidence in one’s destiny.

Moreover, where the current world situation is concerned, I think I have been clear that we are on the brink of a new cycle, a season that is both natural and inevitable. I was not shown the details of how the demise would occur, merely that the past will not be re-created because the new must be allowed to manifest.

We have been watching a three-ring circus. Why did I choose those words? It is because a circus is a place of entertainment. We are shown various acts for amusement, including sometimes very clever magical feats. The truth is, I used the language I did to distract from the “show” and redirect attention to the reason for the theater. For example, why did 5G spread like wildfire while people were locked down? Should we be more concerned about a virus or new technology? Should we fear a virus or the vaccine? These are important concerns but if we watch the drama rather than producers of the show, we will probably suffer for our folly.

As we moved closer and closer to inevitable change, I expressed my discontent over the “debates” and announced that I am drafting a plan for a new political movement based on the need to forge a relationship between Nature and technological prowess: the Earth Party. Whether or not we believe it, we are guests on this Earth. We came here at various times in history with specific missions; and, at this stage of human development, the challenge is to harmonize the temptation to explore the frontiers of what is possible with what is necessary to sustain life in all the kingdoms of Nature. If we fail to do this, we will self destruct and truly face a level of change none of us wish to experience.

I am not running for office nor organizing a party. I see myself as seeding a shift from exploitation to trusteeship, from intolerance to respect, and from competition to cooperation. If we do not yet recognize the level of manipulation to which we have been exposed, we may not see the need to align, but the fact of the matter is that as guests on this Planet, we need to be in harmony with our Lovely Hostess as well as with other guests, guests in all Kingdoms of Nature.. There can be no safe way forward without de-escalating the divisiveness and the radicalism it breeds.

Though the issues are pervasive, I will speaking for a moment about 2020. Almost everyone has been affected by the measures taken to contain a contagion that probably does not pose a risk commensurate with the sacrifices endured. We need to focus on what we learned when life as we knew it stood still. Something like this has not happened before in our lifetimes and perhaps never in history. The amount of organization required to pull off something of this magnitude suggests immense collusion at a very level . . . and thus disenfranchisement of the majority as well as their puppets.

This, I am afraid is the script, but the few can be divested of their power IF we act in unison. This will take a lot of effort, and the effort will not be successful until we trust each other. To achieve the kind of consensus required, we first have to trust our sources of information. This takes discernment. With a world full of what can loosely be regarded as advertising, we are nearly always guided to an opinion by manipulation of the facts. Sometimes, the facts are correct but out of context of the bigger picture. Sometimes, the reported matters are totally lacking in credulity. So, we need to rely much more heavily on those with first hand information and then to exercise the maximum discernment before drawing conclusions. If we keep our minds (and hearts) open, we can compare the views of numerous “channels” before allowing ourselves to be swayed by what may or may not be trustworthy.

We are a society that has placed enormous emphasis on getting ahead and this predisposition goes back thousands of years. It is supported, in part, by a concept of hierarchy which is why I am placing the emphasis on an Earth movement, on cooperation rather than competition. The Aquarian Age is about community, groups of individuals that together make a whole. We define our roles in the context of our particular interests and abilities as well as the whole of which we are but one part. It might take a few generations to achieve this goal, but it could come suddenly if each individual becomes true to himself or herself.

Foundational Concepts

A couple of days ago, I posted to customers. What I proposed then is that we first of all commit to decalcifying the pineal gland. Contrary to what is sometimes said by doctors, it is not at all proper that either the thymus or pineal glands cease to function. Think very hard about why anyone would choose to shut down the connection between the heart chakra and thymus gland? It is a tragedy that people even think for a moment that this is normal. Likewise, the pineal gland is absolutely essential to transcendental states of awareness. With the right effort, we can recover the use of the pineal gland. Only then can we see for ourselves instead of relying on external sources for input.

The first step is to avoid fluoride. The second is to decalcify the pineal gland. How long this takes depends on the level of exposure and age, but be patient. There is a tremendous amount of blood supply to the pineal gland so little by little, the herbs can support the removal of the calcium in a safe and gentle way. The process can take weeks or months, again, this depends largely on age and exposure. People who eat a lot of processed food may find the process takes longer. It will also help if the normal sleep cycle is supported. Try to sleep in as dark a room as possible and remove objects that are disturbing such as illuminated clocks and Wi-Fi devices. In the daytime, try to get some sunlight, natural light.

I developed a formula for aiding this process: Ayur DeCalc. What I believe is that if many people were to take this suggestion seriously, it would only be a matter of months before people start seeing and therefore understanding more clearly. With this understanding, people can depend on themselves and anchor their sovereignty. No one should be afraid of himself or herself. The direct route to self knowledge is to meditate so that the gateways are open for at least a few minutes every day. The benefits are cumulative. The effects are safe because we are a part of Creation, and there is wisdom and purpose to our existence. No one should be denied access to his or her own understanding of self.

Over a relatively short period of time, awareness can increase and it can be beautiful, inspiring, safe, and kind. When we regain what has been obscured, the world will be better and more balanced. Then, new structures and systems will unfold easily. Please share this preparatory protocol with others so that the adjustments come swiftly. My personal opinion is that we are not going back to “business as usual” but rather moving forward to an inclusive Epoch where how we interact is cooperative, respectful, and inclusive. We will not give up our identifies.  Rather, we will become clearer about our identities, and this is a major step forward. Be calm, be hopeful, and prepare for the future.



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