Keeping my promise to share my thoughts on how to protect oneself and one’s family, friends, and pet companions, I am gradually clarifying the priorities. However, I want to start by saying that we are in a mighty struggle to preserve our spirituality. This is a subject that can seldom be discussed without inflaming personal views, but I want to address it in today’s post.

The Fires in California, Oregon, and Washington

We are inhaling much more than smoke. This would be bad enough, but we are inhaling fumes from cars, homes, factories, and other man-made structures and personal belongings that have been destroyed by the fires. In addition, we are inhaling flame retardants that are considered “safe” unless sprayed near bodies of water with fish. To tell you the truth, in all my Internet searching, two points have jumped out. (1) “Safe” applies to salmon, not to people. It also applies to lakes but I have not actually seen a reference to reservoirs. It applies to one species of butterflies but not to birds or other members of our complex ecosystem. (2) The list of chemicals seems to edited each day. For example, mercury and aluminum were cited in everything I searched a few days ago, but now the retardant, slurry, is said to consist of water, clay, fertilizer, and dyes that make the control zone visible from the air. The dyes, as we have seen in photographs are red and everything is supposedly biodegradable . . .

Now we see how lobbying works, but I am going to assume that everyone who has been exposed will need to detoxify, probably softly and gradually over a period of perhaps a few months to as long as two or more years, depending, as always on the level of exposure and pre-existing health conditions. I am also going to assume that all but the most serene and trusting souls need adrenal support and perhaps also kidney support because many people have had flutters for months already. Stress is cumulative and we do not always recognize our own breaking points, but I know from my correspondence with you that most people have over the top concerns at this time.

I would suggest red, purple, and black fruits and vegetables for the kidneys. This includes different kinds of berries, beets (in various colors), and different kinds of beans like azuki and black turtle beans. These can also be sprouted and used in salads, on sandwiches, and in stir fries. The sprouts can be eaten raw, juiced, or very lightly cooked. They can also be added as garnishes to soups, spring rolls, wonton, pizzas, and, of course, much more. There is a recipe for black turtle bean soup on

In addition, I also recommend burdock in all forms: food, tea, and extract form. It is versatile. Some time back, I found a website with hundreds of recipes, mostly Korean and Japanese dishes, but there were lots of delicious looking pancakes and stir fries.

I am going to assume that the air is riddled with ammonia. Unlike mercury and aluminum which some people may sense if it affects their taste buds and/or cognitive function, ammonia has an unpleasant odor that I have been smelling lately despite keeping my windows and doors closed. Ammonia is toxic and inhibits binding of oxygen to hemoglobin. Anyone who is borderline stable in terms of normal oxygen uptake might consider taking extra care to maintain healthy blood. I love my Ayur Blood Elixir but you can try foods first and keep the Ayur Blood Elixir in case you really feel the oxygen deficiency. This is a huge health issue so I am suggesting that those who are exposed are vigilant about monitoring whether or not they can sense adequate vitality in their tissues.

Longer-term, I will give some recipes, but anyone can start with kicharee. I am experimental in the kitchen, not just with my mental acrobatics. I often make a variation of kicharee with red or black rice and very dark lentils. Some people get very rigid and adhere to the same recipe for years on end. I feel there are as many variations of everything as one can imagine so try to imagine more and experiment. I also feel strongly about using ingredients that are colorful because these have more antioxidants. Moreover, if the ingredients are a bit on the exotic side, they are probably not going to be genetically engineered.


The fact that there are hurricanes and floods in part of the world and fires here (and elsewhere) suggests that the Planet is very much out of balance. I am tempted to ask why one place has excess water or too much in one place and not enough elsewhere, but I will bite my tongue for now and simply promise to devote equal time to water in a future post, hopefully later this week. Where there are fires, try to consume more water, actually more liquids in almost any healthy form and preferably warm, not iced!

Going Out on a Limb

For the last 48 years, I have not gone to press with certain particulars for two reasons. The most important is that putting the pieces together takes time and when something to too speculative, it is likely to be rejected, ridiculed, and perhaps reviled. Chy and I discussed a few points and I have made the decision to move in the direction of more openness but only after throwing a gauntlet. The challenge is to keep your mind open and allow for the possibility that the world is not even remotely what we have been told.

From my side, I am going to address certain really urgent issues in the context of artificial intelligence and tinkering with human DNA. There are two points I want to touch on today. You can consider them seeds that will be watered and hopefully germinate into incredible awakenings, but let’s take a few baby steps. The first is not actually a baby step because it is shocking, but I am going to address it. The second is more esoteric.

The Sun

As most of you realize, my father was heavily involved in secret programs. He did not bring his work home, but the last project he was involved with before retirement was the construction of an artificial sun. It was behind schedule and he was never very tolerant of anything that did not come together correctly and on time. The sun was, according to what he told me, four stories high. His issue was that people couldn’t follow instructions. Frankly, I didn’t know what questions to ask. He rarely answered questions pertaining to his work so I tended to listen rather than pry. Since he started his career as a wind tunnel test engineer, I assumed the sun was for the purpose of testing materials that might be exposed to intense heat. It was an assumption. I didn’t actually ask him, and he did not volunteer much, but he urged me to get on the first available commercial flight to leave the Planet. I felt this was intended to be a paternal word of advice lest time run out for him, which it did much earlier than anticipated. Naturally, I asked why and he just said to take the first flight available.

When I read The Book of Enoch, which I have mentioned a few times in these posts, there was a reference to eight suns. Here is my take on Enoch. I believe he was taken up into what we might call a vast space ship, like an ET colony. He was given the opportunity to view the entire Earth and other parts of the Universe, and he apparently wrote voluminously and these texts were passed down through the generations that included, among others, Noah. In the infinite wisdom of the Council of Constantinople, many books of the Bible went missing. We have to ask why.

In theory, an action by an Ecumenical Council would not impact other religions but finding comparable information in Hinduism or Buddhism is challenging, but there is a little to explore and compare. What has happened in the West, in my view, is that we have lost a great deal of our spiritual history and divinely imparted knowledge and created a number of schisms. These are between fragments and the whole, between fragments and skepticism, and between fragments and rejection. Those who are missing the whole are adhering to the beliefs of their predecessors but without the understanding that comes from knowledge of certain details. Those who are skeptical often turn to atheism or science or nihilism. Those who are seeking completeness may turn to novel religions, New Age concepts, or theories such as espoused by Immanuel Velikovsky, Zecharia Sitchin. Erich von Däniken,  . . to name a few. We can add to these many people with ideas worth considering such as Greg Braden or Nassim Haramein. It’s a big puzzle and this list does not do justice to the many curious and original thinkers who are seeking the Truth.

I will give my opinion on what is often labeled conspiracy theory by saying we are the victims of a conspiracy that has hidden the Truth. Those who find missing pieces of the puzzles are seekers, not conspirators seeking to undermine the foundations of society.

A few days ago I read the comments under a video and saw a reference to a patent on an artificial sun. I was shocked. I also felt a little stupid because obviously all the other projects in which my father was involved were patented. The patent date is 1971, a few years before he retired. There are actually mysteries here as well. I easily found the NASA patent online, but there is perhaps another one by Bausch and Lomb.

I am not going to say more on this today. I want to let you think about this. If I try to unwrap more today, some people are going to write very strange e-mails to me so I will not say more on this topic until there has been time for the information to sink in. I have had many years to think about this. It will not surprise me if your first reaction is to dismiss this as not relevant.

The Metaphysical Component

This, too, will be incomplete. However, I want to seed a discussion that can be developed, hopefully relatively quickly because the magnitude of change we are facing is enormous. I see a huge movement towards what some are calling transhumanism. It is interesting to me, not comfortable, but intriguing, that many people are eager to become transhuman. I think this desire could be based on too much science fiction and not enough metaphysics, but we are very, very close to having this imposed on us unless we decide against this on a large scale.

Those who are open to the idea feel that being part human and part artificial intelligence will allow for incredible mental prowess and therefore facilitate feats that are today unusual or non-existent. It surprised me a lot that several people with whom I correspond do not see any problem with AI. Some of these people are actually extremely well educated and spiritually motivated. It makes no sense at all to me but maybe I am missing something.

What I do see is that those behind this movement have patents on artificial intelligence and they will claim ownership of us if their patented components make their way into us. Given the history of genetically modified foods, I have to believe they will pursue their patented property rights with vigor. Also, if the pattern repeats, the inserted materials will have random effects. This is what happened with GMO food. It was possible to harvest the sequence desired but insertion was random and therefore entirely unpredictable. We are all victims at this time of a plan whose dimensions are overwhelming.

I believe the Universe is a Co-Creation with Divine Intent anchored by Magnetism. If I am in a romantic mood, I see a great love between an Imaginative Creator and a Receptive Partner who must calibrate the inspiration in order to manifest it. I see this in symphonic complexity with all the nuances that emerge when notes are combined in various ways. In an entirely abstract way, I see a score, the composition, and instruments. In between, there are a myriad of performers: you, me, and the countless others around us. The birds, the elephants, the dolphins, and every other creature are performing parts in this Grand Symphony. . . and they, of course, also love music.

In the beginning . . .

In the Bible, there was the word. In some ancient texts it was breath or AUM or pneuma or enlivening, awakening, becoming.

Each of us exists because of the divinity we have inherited from the Creator and this is immortal. The bodies we have exist in Time and Space which is ephemeral, and we cannot understand the Universe or its Creator unless we posit the existence of energy that is immortal, not bound in Time and Space. The question that some are now asking is whether Time and Space are real, whether they are simulations, whether there are technicians running a program and we are part of some experiment. I think the questions are interesting and beg for answers, but we are nevertheless curious about the nature of ourselves, and it may be dangerous to believe we are not real. Yes, we may be actors with scripts, but persons play roles. We may incarnate hundreds or thousands or millions of times and play many roles, but there is still a divine spark moving the soul that is incarnate.

Unless we know this, we are at risk of becoming patented . . .

Another Note

Being an opera buff, the lockdown has been both a tragedy and a blessing. For instance, this week is bel canto week at the Metropolitan Opera. The Met has aired something every day for months already. Five of the seven operas this week are delightful comedies. The week ends with my favorite opera: Norma. It is monumentally difficult, divine, complex, and noble. The messages to humanity are immortal and the music is incredible. These operas are streamed from late afternoon New York time for about 23 hours and then a new opera starts. Tonight is the Rossini version of Cinderella. Tomorrow is I Puritani with the always dramatic Anna Netrebko. On Saturday, there is a wonderful production of L’Elisir d’Amore with the charming and vocally amazing South African soprano Pretty Yende.

When I see a production like those in the Live in HD operas, I see a microcosm of Creation. First, there is a concept for an opera, a story — perhaps with a gestation — that takes shape in the form of a libretto and score. Then, there are endless details with costumes, sets, singers, chorus director, conductor, orchestra members, lighting crews, technicians, hosts, patrons, telecasters, you name it. One idea takes shape through the cooperation and interaction of countless individuals, and this has been going on in various countries on different stages and with different casts and audiences for centuries.

Maybe there is one more point to make. In the future, it is very likely we will still be watching productions of Norma, but I doubt that many movies will have a similar longevity because the essence of life itself is missing in most modern entertainment . . . think about it.

My final words for today are to find that which is immortal and give it more and more space to manifest because we are having a human experience in a vast Universe and our goal is to express ourselves in our roles, not to be cogs in a wheel, not to be copies of each other, and not to forget who we are. Don’t get lost in the turmoil. Prepare to align and allow adjustments to that perfect our expression.

Many blessings,



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First posted to subscribers on 17 September 2020