With the energies swirling, I wrote something last week but lost the entire essay when my computer froze. Then, I rewrote what follows but my IP was blocked . . . this has really been uphill!

There were some remarks I wanted to make about the vice presidential debate . . . as well as the latest on the alleged pandemic . . . which is losing credibility very rapidly.


Then, I would like to change topics completely and discuss causes as opposed to diagnoses . . . and there are some questions people have been asking that I want to address.

The Debate

Commentators have already concurred that the debate between the running mates was definitely more civil than the first debate between the primary contenders, but what was actually revealed? This election is unusual in that both candidates for president are in their seventies. Former Vice President Joe Biden seems to lack the focus and stamina required of a president. Even if elected, he would presumably sooner or later delegate or step down. Senator Kamala Harris is obviously a very heavy achiever, intelligent, and tenacious, but she came across to me as Obama 2.0, less insipid but uninspiring.

Meanwhile, President Trump appeared to have contracted SARS-CoV2, but we will have to wait and see before assuming this to be straight fact. The tests are not particularly reliable; and, according to many sources, anyone who had the flu vaccine is likely to test positive. POTUS is on record saying that he was told he had to have the flu vaccine and that he acquiesced when moving into the White House. The alleged pandemic took up most of the debate, but this is actually part of the agenda so until people cut through the rhetoric and listen to the experts, this will continue to occupy the air waves. . . and, yes, I understand that I am also cluttering the air waves, but it is only because so many people believe they are at risk.

What is important is not so much the virus but the agenda so what was irritating to me about the debates and those reporting on the debates is that they are making the assumption that there is actually an epidemic. I might suggest that there is an epidemic of mind manipulation, but the actual deaths worldwide have been consistent with infections and losses of life associated with seasonal influenzas. This is not to say that these times have not been more challenging than usual, but the predictions were not in the ballpark. In my opinion, certain of the measures taken will be challenged for years to come as law suits are being filled in one country after another.

I am not a lawyer, but I know that the line of inquiry often begins with what did you know and when did you become aware of this information? The preparation for the current pandemic had a gestation period of nearly half a century. Obviously, the possibility that the world could face a pandemic is often considered, and research is therefore ongoing. However, it is not usual to have laboratory facilities shut down and then to give grants to foreign entities to continue what is prohibited in one’s own country. It is also not acceptable when key epidemiologists, virologists, and vaccine manufacturers have filed patents on test kits and vaccines years in advance of an outbreak since this raises flags about cause and effect as well as intention. It also points to serious conflicts of interest and perhaps betrayal of the world population.

As mentioned in several previous posts, it is also almost impossible to imagine 194 countries going into lockstep on such sketchy information unless years of planning went into the scheme. . . and it is not normal to censor legitimate studies showing that masks are not protective of either the wearer or others, that co-factors correlate strongly with risks, and that there are no apparent repercussions for disseminating vastly misleading information. Well, there have been a few resignations but regardless of scientific opinion, the agenda remains the same. This is the point I want to make. The facts have not served to alter the agenda so we must think very clearly about why thousands of signatures from doctors, the findings of cutting edge researchers, and breakthroughs in understanding have no impact on policy. This is what stood out for me in the debates. The two parties might not agree on health insurance, but there was embarrassing consensus on the pandemic itself . . . and this is troubling, at least for me.

Finally, on this topic, I would like to say that POTUS put his VP in charge of the Coronavirus Task Force. From the outset, it seems evident that POTUS resisted as much as he dared. Since he is not one to kowtow, the pressure on him must be incredible.

What is Happening?

During lockdown, surveillance and 5G spread like wild fire and technicians told others that they had permission from the Department of Homeland Security to go forward with their work. Why was this done?

In the name of making the country great (again), part of the agenda has been to repatriate jobs and crack down on violations of intellectual property and patents. Instead the economy was crashed, and there has been a domino effect that is testing the thresholds of human tolerance.

Meanwhile, the rhetoric is about vaccines. You can hear the chorus. Russia has sent test vaccines to Venezuela, and this is supposedly an act of compassion. This company and that are all looking at the multi-billion dollar golden ring, and yet experts are saying there will never be a (legitimate) vaccine because the virus is fast-mutating . . . and there are other reasons as well. But that is the refrain we hear from the chorus.

So, the three ring circus is a virus, 5G, and a vaccine that contains a microchip with a tiny lithium battery that has to be recharged. The chip will tell not only where you are but who else is also there . . . and, of course, the purported reason for this is to track infection in case one of the contacts develops a fever or cough. The information collected will never be used for robbing your house when you are not at home, for getting information on your friends, or for controlling your shopping habits or brain . . . except that Bill Gates has a patent on the chip and some DNA fragments so once in your body, his vast empire of influence would expand to include the part of the new genre of humans that contains artificial intelligence. You think it could never happen, but what happened to the organic farmers who suffered because a GMO seed blew onto their land, and the farmer was charged with unauthorized use of patented seed.

In sum, the debates were devoid of meaningful content. Very little came out that even vaguely represented disclosure of the aims of the two parties. Three of the four aspirants for high office have law degrees but the legal questions asked pertained to rioting . . . and no one bothered to mention that POTUS has said that he intends to name the KKK as a domestic terrorist organization. That is important because his foot was not in his mouth when he said this.

So, we are watching a carefully choreographed scenario for which scripts were written long before the first case was reported. How does that make you feel?

The Opportunity

Nonsense was spouted about climate change, the environment, the Green New Deal . . . and I awakened one morning, after a long talk with an Indian friend, saying it is time for a new political party, not the Green Party, but a party that can spread like wild fire across the Planet. It would be focused on harmony, sustainable living, and respect for all kingdoms of Nature. It can take inspiration from the Pachamama provisions of the Ecuadorian Constitution, but it is time for corporatism to be held responsible for its actions. We cannot exploit Nature and think that there will be no consequences to Nature or ourselves. We cannot continue to treat economic pirates as if they were somehow individuals with rights. They must have responsible relationships with the public, with the work force, and with all life on the Planet. In short, the primary shift needs to be towards acceptance of responsibility as opposed to maniacal quests for profit. There have always been officers of the corporations, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and customers, but the perceived obligation of the companies has been to maximize profits, and this must change in order to operate with integrity rather than ulterior motives.

One gesture of support for such a shift would be to null and void, all patents on substances or concepts that are not the direct result of creativity, this starting with DNA and genes. When the patents on strands of DNA were first doled out, very little was known about DNA. The patents were granted on the basis that a future use might be discovered, but no one holding a patent created the actual DNA so all those patents should be nullified.

All procedures affecting individuals should be consensual. Forcing a vaccine or inserting a chip with artificial intelligence into a body can only occur with consent and cannot lead to a claim by the chip maker to loss of personal sovereignty. Unless the issues and risks are understood, no one should be allowed to have fear dictate repercussions that were not communicated and agreed upon before being jabbed. Though very little press is given to this topic, it is quite obvious that there is a connection between a crashed global economy, 5G, and vaccines. It is not quite as obvious how the rift between Nature and Science is widening. As mentioned in several previous posts on an ancient event in the Constellation Lyra, it was this reliance on synthetic versus natural that resulted in overconfidence in mind at the expense of sustainability, safety, and spirituality.

From where I sit, I see the schism and the potential for a repeat. There is, however, nothing innocent about this situation since the overreliance on science has not just partially displaced theism but also conscience and morality. I am certain there are those who are proud of their intellects whose opinions differ from mine, but the Big Bang is an excellent example of how a relatively new idea funded by materialism can result in displacement of reverence for an organizing principle far beyond our comprehension. Moreover, I will contend that as the infrastructure for science garnered resources and brains, there has been more and more interference with the capacity of our species to relate to mystical principles. This perhaps explains how various mainstream persons changed completely after experiencing altered states of consciousness . . . and why the use of plants to facilitate such experiences was criminalized, this after countless centuries and millennia of indigenous use of such plants. This is one example but it pits artificial intelligence against a divine order and, to me, it looks dangerous and perhaps also diabolical since no force should ever be used against the will(s) of those affected.

So, with a new Earth Party, no one would be allowed to acquire a patent or market anything unless proper safety tests are performed. No coercion should be permitted to force compliance of any unwilling individual and the guidelines would apply to medicines, technologies, and genetic materials. If there are viruses more lethal than bombs, then the regulations have to be really tough. There must be no statute of limitations on any willful action that caused harm to others. Here are some ironies to consider.

Certain agents are intentionally developed and deployed. The best medical example might be the work covered in the book Dr. Mary’s Monkey. She was working on a biological weapon that would be used to assassinate Fidel Castro. It would be subtle and therefore hard to detect. It would result in death within weeks if the virus were exposed to radioactivity . . . and the contaminant got into the polio vaccine but two million doses were used despite the known risks. This is a crime from which there should no escaping of consequences. It is estimated that in the U.S. alone, 98 million people were put at risk. Though the estimated medical complications are only expected to affect 10-30% of that group, it is still a large group; but there has not been a lockdown or a task force nor funding to minimize the risks. The scale of this catastrophe far exceeds the alleged pandemic, but many years may elapse between infection and diagnosis of a serious illness such as lymphatic or bone cancer.

The second example is Lyme disease. This spread from Plum Island to become a genuine global epidemic but politicians are not referring to it as a pandemic, not providing proper funding for treatment, not allocating millions and millions of dollars to cleaning up the hazards caused by inadequate safety measures in a level 3 bioweapons facility. No one is referring to it as the Plum Island or American disease, and yet the infection has been found as far away as the Falkland Islands, and the people and animals with the disease suffer enormously. Because it is technically considered to be a spirochetic disease, i.e., bacterial, not viral, there will not be a vaccine, just very specific protocols for the primary infection as well as the various co-infections. Lyme disease is often incapacitating and sometimes fatal, but where is the public discussion and funding?

In short, listening to politicians babble about health is worse than reading a bad comic book, and in the case of the coronavirus virus, the media pundits and politicians all chant the same mantra. . . and they happen to be misrepresenting the risks. In my view, with as much as is now known, it is pitiful that the courage to tell the truth is lacking in official circles.

Corporatism versus Stewardship

While I do not believe in monopolies, I do not see competition as healthy. We should be focusing on opportunities for all to unfold their particular skills but not assume that equal opportunity means a level playing field. Effort is still necessary in order to benefit from opportunities so there will always be people who make more effort and those who perhaps seek more inner comfort and less outer stress. That is a choice people can make on an individual basis.

I do not believe that government should be as heavily involved in economic policy and planning as is currently the case in most countries. The degree of free enterprise versus state control varies a lot, but aside from what is needed for proper administration and defense, I do not think it is appropriate for the government to be promoting either imports or exports. Businesses are perfectly capable of doing this on their own.

It is also inappropriate to cause hardships for people in other countries who are living under governments with whom a country does not have friendly relationships. There is no justification for causing so much dislocation in Venezuela simply because someone got the idea of replacing an elected president with a puppet. At this time, there are also sanctions on North Korea, on Iran, on China, Syria, and Cuba, maybe more. Cuba is particularly egregious since it has now become known that the interrogators at Guantanamo have a manual detailing 48 distinct methods of torture, including murdering other prisoners in front of those being interrogated. More people have died from our inhumanity than have been found guilty of crimes. Meanwhile, it is more dangerous to be a whistleblower than to commit crimes.

I guess I am sick of politics and politicians, but if the people do not take responsibility for the Planet, the politicians and power hungry will do whatever they can get away with doing.

I also feel strongly that politicians and their families should be strictly prohibited from using their positions for personal gain, strictly prohibited. Lobbying should be also prohibited. All campaigning should be done on a equal time time basis. Each candidate for office can use available technologies to reach the public and explain his or her policies and vision for the future. Two minute sound bites are completely insufficient and are an insult to the system. Dodging questions is also an insult to the moderator and voters. Saying, “I have not thought about this,” or “I would like to consider this more deeply before answering” is not a sign of incompetence but of sincerity. This could become useful in the future.

Tough questions need to be asked, such as why the assassination of Qasem Soleimani was considered legal and were the possibilities of blow back considered as carefully as the attack itself? Is it any surprise that someone would kill “hundreds of Americans” if those Americans were fighting in countries thousands of miles from home and killing millions of innocent people? Would anyone running for office drop charges against Julian Assange since his actions embarrassed a lot of people and policies but were not illegal? Are we against the Truth? If so, what are we hiding?

As stated in the beginning, I want to spend more of my time writing about how to stay healthy than bickering over the banality of debates, but if anyone is uncertain about whether we live in an age of scientific enlightenment or medical tyranny, consider the facts that are unfolding before our eyes.

My Direction

This post took rather a long time to complete and I realize the tone is a bit “off” but what I see is that more and more people are discovering this or that piece of the bigger picture and within certain circles, awareness is increasing. One can never be sure that those at the top of the visible pyramid have a grasp of the details because most communications are filtered so that what reaches the center of government may be designed to please the commander in chief of whatever government or entity, but if anyone were curious, the facts would surface.

Some of you like my little anecdotes from my far distant past. Back in 1966, I was making something in the kitchen. My hands were messy and the phone rang. I answered and heard, “White House calling” and said, “You must have the wrong number.” It was actually the White House, but not the president. It was Robert Komer and he asked me to come work with him at the White House. He requested a letter from me and said his official title, which had to go on the envelope, was “Special Assistant to the President for Non-Military Aspects of the Vietnam Conflict.” Sassy as I can be, I asked if all that had to go on one line. A week or two later, another Sunday, he called again and my hands were messy then also.

I was an Asian Studies major, they were head hunting, but there was an intermediary that I had met at the Honolulu Airport some years earlier, Paul Langer, an Asia specialist with the Rand Corporation. These are long and complicated stories and I was once upon a time not seeing as many dots as I do now. Paul offered me a job but once the pot was stirred, there were suddenly many offers from various organizations and, as you know, I went with the State Department. I think it was fate, but Komer showed up in Vietnam after I had been there for a while. Technically, he was a Special Ambassador but he wore a hat with five stars. I thought it was intended as a joke, but let’s just say he had a very senior position, and he liked to take me with him on private planes, not quite the safest traveling companion. The first time this happened, he was met by the big brass and turned to me and said, “Go mingle.” I thought this was a reasonably polite way of saying “Get lost” or “Find something to do.” I was young, blonde, female, conspicuous, and definitely not attired for combat. Anyway, my costume resulted in a quite a bit of attention and being curious, I asked a lot of questions, mainly among mid-level officers, captains plus or minus a bit. On the way back to Saigon, Komer turned to me and said, “Security has improved a bit.” I responded, “What makes you say that?” He told me what he had been told, and I told him what happened when I mingled. He said, “Now you know why I take you with me when I need to find out what is really going on.”

The relevance of this to the current plandemic is that the officers figured out that their ratings and promotions correlated to losses. Most losses occurred during scouting missions so they sat around in camp and watched reruns of Batman. They did not incur any losses so “security” improved. This is like the virus testing now. Test more people with a kit that is completely unsuited for the task and the level of infection will look statistically dismal. Stop testing, and the rate will go down. To keep the funds flowing, some people had incentives to report or predict more cases. To look competent, it would be prudent to report hospital admissions and forget the silly tests. On which figures is policy based?

I have no reason to believe that anyone dealing with the government and the massive funds that the government doles out would risk loss of funding. So, if you know which side of the bread is buttered, you won’t have to take your fingers out of the pie . . . but your hands may be sticky!

Okay, time to post this and the next post should be on herbs . . .


Many blessings,



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