Being a fire type, I really appreciate the responses (and reactions) to posts as well as the special requests. Today’s post is thus a mixture of the additions to the ongoing threads as well as an attempt to address special requests. That was actually the case in the last post as well, and the people asking questions know that they played a part is nudging my muse. Meanwhile, it must be obvious that my new Javanese technician is a miracle worker.

The Mold Survey has now been moved and is active.

The purpose for moving it was to help more people, i.e., not just those seeking consultations, to determine whether there is a likelihood of previous exposure to mold.

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Meanwhile, other enhancements are underway. Not much is visible yet, but you can have a preview. Gina is doing this and just started so the site is not at all polished yet. This is what is called a staging site but will later function under a different domain name as the site for archiving all my essays going back half a century. It is a massive undertaking as there are about 6000 essays.

I am going to give you one link because I chose a page, sort of randomly, to see what the fonts and such would look like.

The reason for allowing a preview of something at this stage is simply that houttuynia is not a particularly well known herb in the Western world. Many practitioners have been ordering it for their Lyme patients, but quite by “accident”, it has been found to help both AIDS and the new virus about which the world is so concerned. Obviously, I cannot vouch for this, and I have more or less stayed away from suggesting there is a magic potion for SARS-CoV-2 because so many claims and crackdowns are crowding the Internet that I did not want to join the fray. If, however, you have been reading carefully, you know that I personally believe the virus is much less dangerous than 5G so we should be avoiding 5G and making an effort to keep our immune systems functioning optimally.

I shared some recipes for immune enhancement and that was about as far as I wanted to go, but anyone with Lyme disease should probably consider using houttuynia:

Before “starting” the real substance of this post, I want to mention a link that will interest many readers. There is a site with documents for exerting out inalienable rights:

What I see in the landscape and rhetoric is that Dr. Fauci et al have been marginalized by the White House, riots are occurring all over the planet, and Bill Gates is saying the virus will be under control by the end of 2021, yes, next year, not next month. That, of course, suits his agenda, but each of us has to choose what to believe, and hopefully, we will do this for the correct reasons and not because our thinking is blurred.


Now to the continuation of the kidney-adrenal partnership . . . and the excretory function of the kidneys . . .

The kidneys, of course, contribute to the removal of excess water, but the way they work is something like a recycling organ. Before elimination occurs, there is a mining operation in which certain minerals are saved for reuse, much needed minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. These are required for many purposes: maintaining correct electrolyte balance, repairing damaged tissues, and assuring balance in our chemistry. When the adrenals are hyperactive, the kidneys, as mentioned in the last post, tend to quiver and fluids are often passed through before the minerals are captured for reuse. In short, when this happens, there is a tendency to become mineral deficient. The degree to which this happens depends on the individual responses to hyperactivity so the consequences can vary from a little deficient to seriously chemically imbalanced. This can also, of course, affect behavior.

This is why shilajit is often added to Ayurvedic protocols. Every batch of shilajit is a little different but shilajit is a rich source of easy to assimilate minerals. The critical issue is assimilation. This is a crucial caveat because some forms of mineral supplementation are not absorbed well by certain patients, but shilajit dissolves in water and is very easy to assimilate. It is said to enhance the benefits of every protocol when added to the regime. It probably does a better job if the protocols are natural, but it will, of course, compensate somewhat for the deficiencies caused by harsh chemicals.

We should keep in mind that food itself is often lacking nutrients because of our agricultural practices. This starts with use of chemicals that are toxic. Minerals will neutralize a bit of the toxicity and water will cause both the needed nutrients as well as the toxins to go deeper into the ground.  With a lot of watering, roots tend not to go as deep and the plants are themselves weaker. So, there is a lot to consider with respect to our agricultural practices.

Unlike trace minerals that are made from ground up materials, like dolomite or fossils, shilajit is processed with herbs. Initially, it is filtered to remove pebbles, but little by little it is boiled with herbs, usually bhringaraj, ashwagandha, or the blend of three fruits called triphala. Ultimately, a sticky substance remains that will dissolve in water but not in alcohol. Chemical analysis of shilajit suggests that some of the minerals come from plants and some from fossilized mollusk shells dating back to the time that an island near Australia drifted north and collided with the Asian land mass and added the subcontinent of India to Asia. This could account for the geologic instability of the Himalayas since there are apparently two land masses with an ancient tendency for movement and adjustments to movement.

This theory “holds water” because it would be hard to explain the existence of sea shells at such high elevations unless there had actually been an event of this nature eons ago. For the same reason, we find salt not only in the Himalayas but also the Andes . . . which presumably have a similar history. We also suspect that shilajit exists in the Andes and contributes to the extremely rich water found in places like Vilcabamba. The bottom line is that if our soil is depleted, we will not enjoy the benefits of mineral rich plants so we perhaps need to use at least a high quality of salt or perhaps shilajit.

Shilajit has a distinct aroma and very strong taste unless diluted. Once dissolved in water, it is almost tasteless, but the water has a little tint to it. I recommend considering mineral balance when the kidneys are hyperactive and you know if this is the case if you feel the need to relieve yourself often. I have certainly known patients who were so stressed that their trips to the powder room occurred every 15-20 minutes. This is the alarm that suggests it is time for corrective measures: both adrenal tonics and mineral supplements.


For some time, I have been commenting on polarity. It is a reality in a dualistic universe and perhaps inescapable if we feel it necessary to define existence by contrasting our inherent subjectivity with something objective. In Ayurveda, there is a system of pairs of opposites on which I have written extensively. We have a slightly different version of this within astrology and another example in politics. It is perfectly natural to identify with what we perceive as relating to self. In some New Age circles there are references to service to self and service to others. I will go there eventually, but the point is that we begin with what we “know” and because we do not necessarily realize what we do not know or what others know, our views start as relevant to our worlds, beginning, not surprisingly with infant — and dare we add infantile — perceptions that are personal and based on limited experience. If left to our own devices, we would not probably refine our views nor mature by the time we reach adulthood. We need an immense variety of experiences as well as the ability to consider multiple points of view before we can be considered mature. This process obviously involves a progression from subjectivity to objectivity, which, for the record is not a state of balance because we need to navigate both inner and outer realities with ease.

At no point is it necessary to accept another point of view, but our flexibility is perhaps measured by our ability to allow for differences without feeling any need to convert much less destroy those with different views. However, in our primitive civilization, this is often exactly what we do, and it gets worse during election seasons. The assumption is obviously that people cannot think but they can remember a few cutesy one-liners.

As an astrologer, I have to be able to interpret anyone’s horoscope by reference to that person, my own views being utterly irrelevant. In the past, I have used the elements to explain why some people are here to preserve tradition and others are here to create the future. It helps to understand the leanings of each individual and to be able to navigate differences with warmth and perhaps even some humor.

The last few weeks have been absolutely brutal in terms of polarity creeping into my personal and generally private world. A good example of how difficult it is to agree to disagree, which is how Ivy Jacobson, my astrology teacher, described the relationship between the first and seventh houses, is when one attempts to define one positive feature of a policy and the other person leaps to the conclusion that all details of the policy as well as those supporting the policy are objectionable.

When I was an undergraduate at the University of Hawaii, foreign students were shocked at American passivity. It pays to keep in mind that Hawaii had only recently become a state, and it had its own history and identity, but the foreign students were essentially correct. There was nuclear testing in the South Pacific with blow back affecting Hawaii, and there were, of course, always details in policies that students resisted. Hanging someone in effigy may be one way to make a statement about one’s own position, but it does not exhibit the kind of skill needed in diplomacy. Students, in those days, were outspoken but not violent.

This is not the case in 2020. The level of hostility is very high and the level of mature discussion is very low. If I were to say that the press exhibits signs of bias, that makes me right wing, not analytical. The point for me is not left or right nor even bias, just clear thinking.

One of the first patients with AIDS that I met in the 1980s was an editor of a major magazine. Obviously I will not describe his department much less the magazine, but he was entirely cured by a combination of therapies, some recommended by my close friend, an MD who became a shaman, and some recommended by me. I asked him why his story was not printed in his magazine. He said, “Ingrid, have you seen who advertises in our magazine? If a good Christian family adopts a child with AIDS, that is news. If a gay guy is cured by natural medicine, that is not news.” Well, the truth is that it not only goes  unreported, but it is practically unpublishable except in the alternative press which at that time was largely in Greenwich Village.

Has this situation changed? No, it has not. If anything, we ought to be more suspicious today than in the 1980s because Big Pharma is even more powerful. Why do I say that? Is it even remotely possible that 194 countries would almost simultaneously embrace similar policies if there were no collusion? Don’t say I am a conspiracy theorist. Just ask how many meetings had to have taken place for such an event to occur on a such a wide scale. Nothing I am saying makes me left or right leaning. I’m a Buddhist and I basically accept the virtues of the Middle Way. I am simply observant and just a little skeptical when so much attention is focused on one issue over another. I used to be a math whiz. You know every discipline awakens at different times and math is of one of those disciplines that tends to make an early appearance if at all. Anyway, I pushed the numbers and will concede that lockdown potentially reduced the number fatalities among the elderly during winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Normally, the number of respiratory and flu-related deaths would be just a tiny bit higher. The only thing different is that in 2020, the deaths were often attributed to SARS-CoV-2 rather than seasonal flu. The widespread testing that is now underway is almost entirely meaningless . . . and therefore also seriously misleading.

I remember when I first read that the cause of the AIDS epidemic was not animal to human transference but deliberate contamination of two particular batches of the hepatitis B vaccine. This story has been told over and over again for decades, but it is still not exactly mainstream. However, just as we see now, there were particular patients who researched AIDS extensively as did many academicians. Also, as now, there were skeptics who deliberately infected themselves to prove that the virus is not dangerous under normal circumstances. Moreover, as with the current situation, there was then and still there is not a vaccine . . . and all natural treatments have been ridiculed or denounced even when cured patients and fully qualified professionals vouch for the efficacy. Again, knowing these details does not make me a conspiracy theorist nor biased one way or the other. It is simply irrefutable that the vaccines were contaminated and the batch numbers and recipients and their contacts have all been tracked and catalogued.

Where this leaves us if that if we have an opinion on the merits or lack thereof of wearing a mask, social distancing, lockdown, travel, or anything related, it does not make one pro-Trump or pro-Biden. It is just an opinion that is based on certain observations that are possible because my particular dot collection allows me to draw lines between certain details in the drama in which we are all minor actors.

With AIDS, the playbook was not quite the same as what we see now. To-date, I have not seen anything that suggests there was a policy supporting the action that resulted in the contamination. Likewise, with Lyme disease, there is still, so far as I know, no proof of intent, merely of very lax laboratory procedures. The pictures that emerge from these two examples boil down to inadequate oversight in places where there is a need for extremely high standards. How exactly one can operate a five-star research institution when morale is low and sociopathy is goes unchecked, I don’t know. What am I saying? There may be many people whose academic credentials qualify them for the positions they hold, but then the question is what their motivation is for applying their knowledge in the particular manner that they do? Did anyone actually get a degree in biological warfare? Yes, there can be a cover story such as we see in Wuhan. Not long ago, a disease broke out that affected Asians more than people of other ethnicities. People would therefore be interested in developing vaccines for SARS or at least perfecting the protocols for treatment. However, the researchers know they are handling dangerous pathogens so are the people psychologically and ethically qualified to handle the viruses properly? Are they also engaged in creating weapons to deploy against others? Obviously, this would be officially denied, but it is not impossible that some resources are misdirected.

This is also not a conspiracy theory because there are curious events. I was living in New Mexico when hantavirus was detected. It took eleven days to identify the virus and come up with a solution. I never saw anything so incredible in the entire history of medicine. Again, my particular collection of dots leads me to notice certain anomalies. With SV40, the story is beyond anything Hitchcock himself could have imagined so really psychopathic forces were at work, all with the aid of our tax dollars. God help us! Am I a conspiracy theorist or just very observant of history?

I am not paranoid, not frightened, not cynical, and not on board. I think the magnitude of the current global collusion is so enormous that the plan will backfire. To use my recent analogy, this is the last straw and in the next post, I want to discuss something that will surely put me over some lines: Disclosure. This is however long so I will be save this topic for next time.


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First posted to subscribers on 10 August 2020