There are three essays swirling around in my mind. First, however, let me explain the new header for the e-mail. The Andromeda Galaxy is the backdrop. Regardless of what others say, I have my own window on Andromeda. It is, according my out of body journeys, the heart center of the Universe. Try to forget all the spins you may have encountered. In light years, it is very far away, but some energies are faster than light, much faster. I could make a round trip in a few hours if in a high enough level of consciousness.

Don’t take my word for it, but not everyone can go there because the portal relates to your soul energy so most people won’t find the portal. So, that means, I am from Andromeda and sometimes the nonsense one hears is rather jarring. The purpose of the Andromedan mission here is to heal the relationships between all the various forces, starting perhaps with Spirit and Matter which I prefer to call Essence and Space since they are coequal, not hierarchical. Likewise, dark and light are just “times of day” that are ruled by unconscious or conscious forces. The various kingdoms of Nature are also all interdependent and coequal

To get through the next few months, now to the solstice, we need to heal the riffs. During election season, this is quite challenging because the lust for power is pervasive, and it is no doubt a more serious addiction than any drug or bad habit because it is blinding and crippling to the soul. I have completely lost patience with the forces that are accelerating the tensions and pretending there are crises beyond our control.

Let me, however, take on the symbolism of the Divine Peacock and suggest that birds in general are messengers and peacocks symbolize integrity, in this case, messages one can trust.

The Dots

For a moment, I want to explain the title of this post, Synapses, because each response depends on connections that have been made. First, one needs an experience or insight. That dot may initially be isolated; but as information and understanding widen, the dots that seemed to lack connections begin to enhance cognition via interactions with other dots and then the synaptic responses trigger the desire to interpret otherwise random pieces of the bigger puzzle.

Taking the recent alleged pandemic as an example, it was “obvious” to me from get-go that this was a plandemic, but the reason it was obvious was that my dot collection includes a number of other references to previously foiled plandemics . . . as well as a few genuine epidemics. Why did I name the Institute the Institute for Invisible Epidemics? Why did I write about corruption in the pharmaceutical industry? Why did I urge subscribers to read Dr. Mary’s Monkey? Why did I post so much on EMF? Why did I rant and rave about 5G? It was because the dots were connected in my psyche and I was merely sharing what was evident to me. I always said to redirect your attention to the other rings of the circus . . . because we are at a circus.

At this juncture, I think it is safe to assume that the plandemic, or scamdemic, has not got enough support to maintain momentum so it will be scaled down, mocked, and hopefully thoroughly dismantled. If now we look at SARS, H1N1, and even AIDS, it is clear that dismantling did not occur. Realistically, this should have happened, but most people were content just to have a respite from fear. I really believe the present situation is different because for the first time in history, the level of collusion and corruption was more than humanity can ignore.

For sure, there will be a blame game. The purpose of pointing fingers is to reject personal responsibility so expect the politicians and patent holders to redirect focus. We are already seeing this, but it will probably get worse until it gets better and people should not go back to sleep. It is time to see the connections and take positions that are consistent with the Truth.


The normal way to evade responsibility is to scapegoat others. I am not a lawyer, but one of my guides was fairly famous and sometimes steps in to help. In court, the types of questions that demand proper answers revolve around when someone became privy to the information that the actions were based on faulty assumptions. Then, the next questions would be what actions were modified as a result of the new information, and were there any consequences for providing false information. I think some people in very high positions are not going to find much wiggle room.

One excuse might be that no one knew that 5G might have an effect on DNA, especially not whatever genetic materials were used in recent batches of flu vaccines. I am sorry to say that attempts to circumvent responsibility in this manner are also lame. Politicians may not have the background necessary to understand these issues, but there are people in military intelligence and military medicine as well as various alphabet agencies that are privy to this understanding. This then raises the question of whether it is appropriate that there is no safety testing of either vaccines or wireless technologies.

I am afraid that all the debates over health care, health insurance, investment in everything from ventilators to vaccines is absolute nonsense unless there is first of all an emphasis on health itself and secondly on safety. What did I just say?

Becoming Serious about Health

There are in my opinion such serious health issues that are ignored that how treatments are provided is almost moot. First, we have chemtrails? Is there anyone in Congress or in the EPA or HHS or White House who recognizes chemtrails as a risk to health?

Second, in the middle of a plandemic, genetically modified mosquitoes were released. Is there no better use of tax money and grant funds than weaponizing insects?

Third, why are we fluoridating water when fluoride is known to be hugely toxic? Is anyone wearing a thinking cap?


My first suggestion to leaders who serious about health is to void all patents on genetic material. Doling out strands of DNA and filing patents on the basis that there might be a use for the strand that has yet to be discovered is both an insult to intelligence and to Nature. Patents are for original creations and intellectual property, not for harvesting of what already exists.

The second suggestion is to require all patent holders to run very extensive safety tests before the patent is granted. For example, a genetically modified food component cannot be both similar to the natural version and patentable. If it is patentable, it must be unique and safe. Patents are not awarded for greed but for genius.


Health care coverage is an important part of most people’s planning. My personal opinion is that the government is not responsible for your health or mine . . . except if the government through direct actions or or lack of oversight failed to protect people. By this, what I am saying is that Lyme disease, a serious epidemic stemming from inadequate or improper laboratory practices is a federal responsibility and thus the government should cover the treatment for all affected individuals in all countries where the epidemic has been found, which is everywhere but Antarctica as of last time I checked.

The AIDS epidemic was also man-made and traces to contaminants in certain batches of a hepatitis B vaccine. The manufacturers should be liable, and all overseeing agencies share responsibility. SV40 is another similar vaccine-related saga, perhaps not quite as intentional as with HIV, but the contaminant was identified and known to pose risks and yet two million contaminated doses were used despite what was known. The vaccine manufacturer should be responsible. Am I rabid? No. Emphatically NO! If a pharmaceutical company can be sued for adverse reactions to Vioxx or if a company is made to pay damages for opioid addictions, then the party responsible for providing vaccines with known contaminants must be held to account.

Look at this another way. Doctors carry malpractice insurance, why shouldn’t those who develop and market dangerous medications be less accountable than those who dispense the medications?

If you can look at this situation through my eyes, you too might see an absence of logic.


Where I draw the line is with matters over which there is little or no implied governmental responsibility. If someone smokes or overeats or drives recklessly, there is no reason that either an employer or governmental body should be responsible. Such people are at liberty to purchase insurance, but speaking for myself, I would never buy insurance that does not also offer me freedom of choice. In Europe, many people have such broad insurance coverage that even the cost of band-aids does not come out of their own pockets. This level of insurance can be frightfully expensive. My position on this is that, once mature, people should be allowed to make their own decisions. Meanwhile, I do not think the government has any rights over children so people should be very careful how they elect leaders.

At the present time, the government has an influence over vaccines, over school choice and curriculum, over treatment in case of serious illness, and worst of all over war and peace. I find this intolerable in an allegedly free society. So, is it time to wake up or not?


Some people are awake and some are awakening. Great events have taken place. Europeans are catching on and demonstrating. It is estimated that two million people were on the streets — without masks — in Berlin, but I have friends and correspondents in many countries and similar gatherings are taking place in many countries, often moving from one city to another.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. has also launched a European branch of an organization to protect children. His speech was, as usual, very focused, very clear, and truly passionate!

The Next Months

Since the Italian government revised its statistics on SARS-CoV-2 — to one percent of the original figures — we should realize that the scam no longer has as much momentum as a few months ago. Any second wave should be regarded with a jaundiced eye. The CDC followed suit, the death rate was reduced to only 6% of the previous figures, i.e., less than ten thousand deaths in the U.S. The Italians did find a correlation between SARS-CoV-2 and recent vaccines for seasonal influenza. Since seniors are the main targets of the industry’s annual flu vaccine campaigns, it is not surprising that the average age of death from SARS-CoV-2 in Italy was 79. In time, we might find that the same explanation holds true for Sweden where the bulk of the deaths occurred in nursing homes.

If the general public understands the implications, the campaign to force vaccinations will also lose support. In my opinion, there have been three rings in this circus since get-go: the alleged pandemic, the vaccine, and 5G. All must be defeated.

Removing the Mask

In the meantime, I have replaced the mask with the ginkgo leaves and a tear and have moved to a messenger mode.

There were delays posting the longer essays because there have been tremendous problems with e-mail. I urge everyone to get an e-mail that is private and encrypted. I truly like ProtonMail but there are many other options. Explore them and sign up, please!


It is astonishing to me that so few people are in possession of the facts needed to assess the current situation. For me, the number of dots in my collection is vast. One of them relates to something the late Isabel Hickey said when visiting me in Hawaii. She said the Inquisition is not gone. It simply reincarnated as the American Medical Association. Coming from her, I winced a bit, but I think we could take her insight and broaden it to include the various cartels that influence legislation and regulations.

I spent part of last weekend listening to the Metropolitan Opera’s broadcast of Don Carlo. Ten years ago, I posted an essay that raptured on and on, but in light of new abuse of the Monroe Doctrine and various power plays, I revisited the earlier post and added videos:

Please also note that the contact form works on that site! The goal is to archive all my posts going back to 1972. It will take a long time to migrate the essays and update them. Fortunately, I have some help with the technical issues. As always, your suggestions are welcome as are donations.

With many blessings,


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First posted to subscribers on 4 September 2020