This post is about karma and destiny in the healing process. As a colleague once said, “Everything is contextual.” He is a psychiatrist, and we were discussing a patient who was at a standstill in her healing process. He strongly advised therapy for her unresolved issues. Her response was a little on the sharp side. She explained that she was not in denial about her parental issues, but her fear was that if she got into therapy and began unraveling all the issues of her childhood that her children would one day have therapy for their issues. Personally, I agree with a line out of “Never on Sunday” in which Melina Mercouri implies that if we have a good friend, we do not need a therapist. The caveat is, of course, that the friend must be capable of very deep listening and possessed of the kind of wisdom that helps us to connect dots. I am fortunate to have had a few such friends in my life. Today is the birthday of the first person who brought this honesty and depth into my life. It probably helped that our Moons are exactly the same degree because to some extent, these powerful planetary connections are almost certain guarantees that the mirrors that are held up reflect correct images.

Humans are very complex creatures so we can rarely see the entirety without many reflections from different mirrors. If however a friend or therapist is remarkably skilled, one guide may be enough. In my life, I have had friends, mentors, and spiritual guides, both incarnate and lurking from behind the veil. Unfortunately, I cannot say that any teacher from kindergarten through grad school made a lasting impression, and the purveyors of our religious education were more indoctrinating than profound. Alas, this is how the system works — and in my opinion — this is justification for ignoring the system: school, church, media, and most books. I am not saying to ignore curiosity, humility, or reverence, just to find it in people who have achieved a level of clarity suitable for our need for guidance.

We are at a very interesting crossroads in our history. Last night, I opened a Gaia TV link that my graphics designer sent. It was on pyramids and was very interesting. As we explore now with new eyes and minds, the scaffolding of our systems of thought is crumbling. This was anticipated by me half a century ago, but knowing and seeing are quite different. I could understand that our systems were no longer supportive of our desire to know and to understand, but what would replace the systems was not seen in great detail. As various people try to present their understanding, it reminds me somewhat of the blind people and the elephant but we only interpret what we experience and no one has the complete picture at this time.

For example, cutting edge physicists are speculating that we are ourselves holographic creations who manifest in the third dimension, but the only reality is consciousness so what “appears” is a function of the part of Universal Consciousness that we express. In my own psyche, this seems more or less on track, a little less organic than my view because I see a co-creative Universe in which cooperation is required to sustain the illusion of existence as separate beings.

This is a mouthful but I hope it will be clearer by the time I sign off today. I want to focus on my own particular area of interest which is metaphysical, not exactly scientific, but Truth ought to be the same whether approached psychologically, spiritually, or skeptically.



In the system I have developed for expressing my understanding, I make a distinction between karma and destiny.

Let’s start with the latter. We are a projection of the Creator. This energy is purposeful and experienced mainly through inspiration. Some people are more tuned in than others so they have a broader understanding of their missions. Others may doubt that such influences exist. However, once feeling the flashes darting through our consciousness, there can be little doubt about the reality of something transcendent and remarkable.

In the horoscope, destiny is shown largely by the Midheaven. Mine happens to be Sagittarius which, of course, is philosophical and very eclectic in the sense of reveling in speculations about different influences, especially those of a foreign nature, but how do we define “foreign” on a galactic scale. Can we learn from and be influenced by a frequency from another planet, constellation, or perhaps galaxy? Are there other universes besides ours? How would we ever know this down here in the third dimension where form seems so important but ephemeral.

The Midheaven is the part of the horoscope most easily seen by others. This is because we act out destiny in a manner that usually has some public component. Not everyone is prominent, but they are still perceived largely through actions. Why we take on the roles we do is shown by the Ascendant. This is the gateway to incarnation and reveals the motivation behind the public view. It also hints at our nearest spiritual home and, in my experience, that place is distant and usually not recognized by the conscious mind . . . even though countless people seem to be tapping into Pleiadian, Sirian, and sometimes Arcturian influences. As an astrologer, I have found a really wide variety of such cosmic homes and the vibrations are sometimes so distinct that I recognize them even before casting the horoscope. For instance, recently, I have seen beings from Pegasus, Arcturus, Regulus, and countless other places. They are as recognizable as a foreign accent is to our ears. For example, how could we possibly mistake a French or German accent for a Chinese one? The person only has to say a couple of words before we realize the influence on acculturation to Earth existence, at least for this lifetime.

We do not finish our destinies in one incarnation. To some extent, it might be fair to say that if an incarnation resembles holographic projection, each projection will bear some similarities to other projections. I prefer to think of this like a theater in which many actors perform different plays and they are assigned roles consistent with their capacity to portray the character in a specific production. The same play may be performed in other theaters with different casts and that is actually more or less what scripting is about but the inspiration was found mainly in the original scripting and the other productions are knock-offs to some degree or other. They may be very entertaining and meaningful, but the essence is found in the original version.

The process of adapting ourselves to huge tasks takes a lot of effort and most beings in the third dimension cannot work out all the details in one incarnation so we keep recycling our divine gifts and projecting them into various incarnate forms and in different periods of history. However, the fact is that this only happens in the third dimension of reality because change occurs when there is an interaction between time and space so reality is different in other dimensions. That being said, we are still perfecting our expression of Divine Purpose over a very, very long cycle of incarnations in which the primary challenge is to be conscious of intent in a realm of endless distractions.



What happens at any given moment is basically determined by the intersection of karma and destiny. This is the nature of an event.

As we are experiencing what we understand as life and life experiences, we are reacting. This point needs to be made as clear as possible. In an inspired moment, we feel totally in the flow, light, and clear. If something happens to shift the energy, we may go from transcendental to emotional in a flash. We become sad, enraged, overwhelmed, exhausted, dispirited. That is actually a good word because it suggests that the alignment with spirit was disrupted by an emotion. All emotions are based on judgments we make about experiences. Each of us has a primary emotion and this is related to the Moon and the aspects the Moon makes to other planets. For example, do we become anxious? Does the nervousness escalate into fear, panic, paranoia, and feelings of desperation? What if our first reaction is disgust, anger, resentment, or rage? Do we act on this or stuff the feelings in the liver in order to appear more civilized? In a healthy situation, the arousal would foment the energy needed to resolve a situation. If action is deferred, the commander of our drive and initiative warehouses the resources for future use, If the warehouse gets too crowded, the feelings may become seriously toxic and burst into a “condition” requiring attention. That is part of the point: feeling require notice and assistance!

I correlate primary emotions to the elements. Air affects the nervous system because air is the element that can set energies in motion. It is a catalyst for reorganization and can be very constructive or destructive. Think of a conversation in which you sincerely and openly discuss various options. You listen to the input of others and then prepare to make the best decision possible in your circumstances. This is a proper way to use information, ideas, and input. Now, think of a hurricane or tornado ripping through as if nothing and nobody matter.

Aquarius is an air sign and by seeding new ideas, people are being prepared for changes that will be far more extensive than most people imagine. The deeper we listen, the better our processing will be and this will aid our decisions and adjustments.

Fire is actually generated by the friction caused by air. It needs a little nudge but too much wind will create turmoil and destruction. It will also blow out the fire, and we need fire because it is intuitive, decisive, courageous, and correcting. In the body, it relates to the heat needed to metabolize and process the assimilation and rejection of all to which we are exposed on a physical, emotional, mental, and metaphysical level. It is related to light and understanding as well as vision since we do not see without light.

Water is created by the catabolic action of fire and molecules are rearranged to bring forward the process of creating in the third dimension: the sea within which life gestates. The emotion that is most watery is melancholy. By nature, water is bonding and therefore forms attachments. It is not as independent as fire nor as curious as air. It is co-creative and dependent upon each individual playing a role. If the attachments are shaken by neglect, insecurity, loss, or rejection, water sheds tears of sorrow. If it experiences empathy and sympathy with other beings, compassion arises from the desire to nurture and care for others.

Earth is the densest manifestation of the precipitation of spirit into matter. It provides structure, dependability, and consistency; but it has a protective instinct and may build walls around itself to enhance the sense of security. It is practical but can be manipulative and ambitious. The greatest safety comes in adjusting to the times and being trusted by others. Only then can the realism become practical and lasting.

Every element has unique characteristics as well the the potential for constructive expression or out of control destructiveness. Earth can obviously be grounded and sane or depressed and apathetic. It can also suffer from guilt for actions that we not in alignment with the highest good.

The point of this rather lengthy outline is that every experience we have is classified according to the feelings we had about the experience, and it is not a foregone conclusion that everyone who seems to be having similar experience shares the same emotions. This is very clear when doing past life recalls.

I have sometimes discussed the Inquisition and being burned at the stake. I have worked with people who are afraid of red because of associations with cardinals in red robes, who are afraid of fire or smoke, who are afraid of conflict with authorities or religious fanaticism. In my case, I heard Gregorian chants and hated them, probably for many lifetimes until the story finally surfaced. It just shows how sound sensitive I am, but sound is related to the etheric element because it shapes the structure of the manifest world. It is thus very constructive or destructive and we should all keep in mind how words, noise, and music can be comforting or harmful.


The Point

Why write such a long introduction to a very important subject? As we go deeper and deeper into the energies of this time of transition, I am seeing the role of abuse of knowledge and technology as well as the transformation of many people into sensitive social beings with a desire to live differently after having their routines toppled. Also, like many others, I have seen how polarizing the debates are and how this is dividing people in new ways that have nothing to do with family or work but rather of processing of information. Many people have high levels of fear about illness, income, and abuse of authority and power.

I see ingenious new thrusts in environmental trusteeship, medical theories, and social ideologies. Of course, we also see the desperation of the haves to retain their position and prerogatives at the expense of civilization as a whole. I try to be optimistic, but the very high suicide rate suggests that some people are not at all optimistic.

Health depends on balance and part of the challenge of being in balance is making timely adjustments when situations shift one direction or another. Any imbalance produces symptoms and this is what we call early warning signs . . . and these can in turn change to illness. Proper food and herbs can restore physical balance but deeper work is required to bring the emotions and consciousness into balance. The best way to navigate challenging patterns is to bring them into awareness and examine the relevance. Ultimately, new scripts are required for new roles so perhaps this can be covered in another post.

Personal Updates

I am long overdue for change so am moving in the direction of major shifts. I have huge projects that require attention and this means spinning off what takes my time. I am hoping to expatriate very soon and look forward to announcements in the near future.


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The new diffusers have arrived. All are just superbly designed. I don’t have a favorite as they each has unique features and purposes ranging from easily portable to serious for remediation or permanent installation in an area that needs disinfection or simply a source of pleasant aroma:



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