Conscience is an aspect of the soul that promotes actions that are consistent with right behavior and right relationships. It is desperately lacking in the current world crisis in which corporate players have planned a multi-pronged assault on civilization as we know it. From the beginning, my position has been that we are watching a three-ring circus. At this juncture, the story of the pandemic appears to be unraveling. Bill Gates has allegedly spent $250 million on propping up the media so as to influence public demand for a vaccine. A dissident minority see through the masquerade and have spent funds protecting against cyber attacks. My remedies have topped $700 and thus far only about 30% of subscribers are receiving posts. I will change the system again if today’s post does not get through.

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Ring One

People have written asking for links to statements I have made. If there is a source that is public and still available, I usually include it, but sites disappear very rapidly. Let me summarize what we see now with SARS-CoV-2. It is a cousin to the SARS outbreak that was first identified late in 2002. SARS was also a coronavirus and was, at the time, alleged to be a biological weapon targeting Asians. There were less than 10,000 reported cases of infection and 774 deaths in 29 different countries, China having been the most heavily affected. There was, of course, a lot of clamor for a vaccine. and it should not surprise anyone that China took measures to research whatever would be needed to protect against future attacks. Though nothing can be confirmed, research often involves moving infectious organisms between laboratories. In this case, the laboratories should operate with level four security. It just takes one slip up for something to escape the laboratory.

If one works in such laboratories and day after day, year after year, there are no incidents, it can be easily understood that the level of vigilance is occasionally below the required safety level. Obviously, the laboratories have decontamination entry and exit procedures but viruses are microscopic, invisible to the naked eyes, and can probably hitch rides occasionally. That is not to say this is what happened in Wuhan, merely that the public will probably not hear the truth even if someone knows the truth. Meanwhile, the issue of the origin of the virus can is the subject of speculation and will generally involve multiple laboratories in two or more countries . . . and everyone involved is complicit and responsible.

If there is an immense crime, a meticulously planned assault on humanity with a goal of wiping out millions of people, we are talking both about criminal conduct and perhaps biological warfare. I am not personally sure of the latter, but I would argue that everyone and every country has the right to research what it would take to be protected. Absolutely no one has the right to unleash a biological weapon regardless of whether or not countries are coexisting in a peaceful world or they are at war with each other.

If there really were an epidemic, there are two main theories with lots of nuances in their implementation. Quarantine is surely one serious and effective strategy but, in theory, it would weaken herd immunity which is another strategy, one that will result in more immediate loss of lives but usually, it is maintained, better resistance if there are second and third waves. Masks are useless because viruses go right through the masks. Moreover, the mouth is generally full of germs so the masks themselves become infected which is actually a serious matter, but try going into a shop without a mask. Masks also reduce the intake of oxygen so this is not anywhere close to a solution and perhaps only increases the risks for those who wear masks.

Ring Two

When there is a global plan to declare a pandemic accompanied by a mandate to search for a vaccine, there are billions of dollars to be made, perhaps much more than this. Now, we know why Bill Gates is spending so much on influencing the media and public opinion. With a world population of over seven billion people and a vaccine that would at minimum require a booster if not multiple boosters, the dollar signs must be dazzling. If the pandemic is viewed as real, the vaccine could be fast tracked without proper testing. Robert Kennedy, Jr. has explained this in interviews. He is one of the great heroes of 2020 and we should all be listening to what he is saying. He is factual, courageous, and irrefutable.

Like many of my colleagues, I am deluged with material on health, but I have tried to stay current. The tests mean practically nothing. As was shown in Tanzania, samples from goats and fruit were sent for tests and came back positive. The test is not specific for SARS-CoV-2 so when there is discussion of “new” cases, the data is almost meaningless and may even refer to something in last year’s flu vaccine or just about anything else.

The downward adjustment of figures for SARS-CoV-2 deaths is based partly on research of pre-existing medical conditions and whether or not the deceased had been vaccinated for influenza. This is why the “confirmed” cases were downward adjusted to 1-6% of the originally reported figures. In short, there is no pandemic; there never was a pandemic; but there was a scheme to vaccinate the entire world population with a novel concoction containing RNA that could permanently alter recipients and their descendents, all untested and with zero liability. Moreover, it this were not already serious enough, there is the added risk that a vaccine would contain a microchip powered by a lithium battery that would need recharging. These chips would be used in conjunction with a new banking and credit system that combines an assessment of social conformity with authorization to consume. Given that high tech devices are often dead on arrival, some people would be expected to have defective chips, and everyone should be concerned that we would be outfitted with a tracking system that cannot be turned off so if our EMF exposure is not already intolerable, this would push some people completely over the edge.

Do the ends justify the means? In my opinion, the answer is a categorical “no”; and I do not see that we are winning this battle so much more networking is needed to raise the awareness of the dangers. I admit to speculating somewhat. I can think of no medical reason for a vaccine, but I will grant the right of people who believe otherwise to practice the medicine of their choice. However, I will not grant anyone rights over my body. What this means is that each entity will “decide” how to navigate the issues. For instance, health care workers may, as usual, be required to be vaccinated, but if we take historic matters, such a travel requirements, a country may require proof of vaccination for yellow fever but the airline or cruise ship may only check that the passengers have the proof required by the destination country. If the chip with the proof is a requirement for boarding, this is a new level of interference with our alleged free will. If the chip is a condition for withdrawing funds from an ATM, we will all become a blend of organic matter with spiritual guidance and artificial intelligence. Moreover, since we know that most technology is already partly obsolete by the time it reaches the market, people who are chipped will be faced with surgical procedures for the removal of the chips, some of which may have had the data erased. It is not Orwellian, it is transhuman, and a very large number of people seem to think that we would be superior as part machine-part human. I think that if industry wants robots, they should build robots, but as a human, I want my guidance to come from Spirit, not from Microsoft or one of its competitors.

As mentioned, at this juncture, I do not think we have reached the point where the vast majority of people will reject vaccines. I urge people who are not well informed to study the online material created by Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Suzanne Humphries. Dr. Mikovits worked in bioweapons laboratories and can explain in mind boggling detail why no vaccine produced in recent years is safe. Dr. Humphries is a nephrologist who has undertaken arduous study of vaccines by reference to comparisons of unvaccinated populations to vaccinated populations. Aside from the normal concerns involving the functioning of the immune system, level of protection, and dangers relating to animal matter and adjuvants, she noted that unvaccinated people are generally brighter. Anyone interested in autism should be crying by now, not to mention those who have dealt with Alzheimer’s disease and perhaps various seizure disorders.

Ring Three

Thus far, I have not mentioned much about what is going on in the third ring. It is a bizarre blend of 5G and the technology 5G can and perhaps will support. I have mentioned that I felt from early February onwards that 5G played a role in the symptoms I saw in footage filmed both on the street in Wuhan and in the hospital wards. Moreover, when I went on my first grocery shopping trip during lockdown, I noticed crews working feverishly on the installation of 5G hidden in street lighting. This is not a coincidence. Moreover, since we are far from winning this third resistance movement, we ought to prepare for lots more pressure on politicians. One region after another has halted the spread of 5G, but the U.S. administration is forging ahead which is alarming to say the least.

For those who believe that 5G is going to improve your gaming experiences or download time for films, think again. It is spyware that, unlike your cell phone and router, cannot be turned off. The towers will be close to everyone wherever they are and there will be no escape. Many believe that Nature Herself will not survive 5G, that it is an extinction event. Dreamers believe that St. Trump will unlock some Tesla technology that bathes the Planet in healing frequencies. There is no one size fits all. We are all meant to be able to function very clearly in certain frequencies where there are sensory organs developed for interpreting vibration. Our ears hear in a few octaves, our eyes see in one octave. Every impression is a mixture of frequencies and every frequency acts on something whether we “detect” it or not. The detection depends on sensory perceptions.

So, the vibration of the EMF is half of what is happening in Ring Three. The other half involves the credit system and the chip provided by the masters of Ring Two. There is absolutely immense speculation about what is happening to monetary systems the world over. When I read something online, I think a lot people flunked creative writing in school but even those who passed should not confuse creativity with reality and they needed to study journalism before declaring themselves news outlets. Actually, some people seem to be skirting the issue by referring to their platforms as “shows” and that is, in fact, what most are. At least, in my opinion, there are so many versions of the future that 90% must be wrong. This then comes down to what you choose to believe, what I believe, and whether we can believe anything?

Today, I have really let loose with my Mercury/Mars conjunction in Virgo. It is in the seventh house so what I write is often for the consumption of others and it is not what I actually see through my own lenses. Recently, I started to be more open about what I see through my Pisces gateway, but I am going to write with Virgo now and then Pisces afterwards.

The current financial system is not viable and there is hardly anyone in the economic or financial world who believes otherwise. The simplest solution would, in fact, be a reset in which almost everything goes back to zero. Some might call this a debt jubilee and find Biblical authority to support this solution. Others are looking at some kind of merit system. Personally, while appreciating the intent behind this, I think the potential to define “merit” in some kind of prejudicial manner is inherent in the concept itself. In short, wiping the slate clean is a once in a lifetime event and there should not be strings attached.

Because of the overlapping agendas, draining the swamp, seizing assets of villains, nationalizing all central banks throughout the world, and restructuring how transfers of buying power are managed, there will probably be some delays and tweaks. In my view, thinking is still fairly fuzzy in many quadrants. Those who have power will not relinquish it readily so the deals with the devil probably have the new financial system connected to 5G, if not immediately, then eventually. It is, in my view, a recipe for disaster.

We have to try to imagine who the people are who sit at the tables in the meetings where the details are hammered out. These are often multi-billionaires with underground bunkers with every comfort one could imagine, including precious art, libraries, spas, restaurants, you name it. They are plutocrats, a really good term as it definitely refers to an underworld. They are not community builders. Rather they are the ones who mock the spotted owl and other environmental issues. From the level of their sophistication, power is never to be shared. It is to be seized and then it is used to dominate and control. There is no hard and fast rule that power should or will be abused. Obviously, it can be and often is abused, but there is no appreciation for Nature much less of flow.

When someone like Trump is caught by surprise with a question about fracking, he thinks of oil and natural gas, of industry and its requirements, he does not think of poisoned drinking water or tectonic plate movement or earthquakes.

The issue here is not left versus right, liberals versus conservatives, it is man-made versus natural. A golf course is not natural. A botanical garden is also not really natural. A forest is natural. A lake in the Andes or Himalayas is natural.

Corporations and even governments hire people based on their usefulness to their operations. That usefulness may be asscoiated with a salary. It is not based on their community spirit or sustainable principles. So, my idea is that a replacement system will be unrolled, and it will have some flaws so it might last a few generations before it, too, has to be revamped. Since the next election is very important to the U.S., the system has to be unrolled soon. If it is delayed to mid-October, people will not have had time to adjust.

Meanwhile, we have the chaos of the unpredictable so there may perhaps be other surprises in the weeks ahead, but I am certain that the dice will settle on a number soon.

The Pisces View

When I saw visions of the future back in 1972, I saw the future, not the events leading up to December 2020. I saw the resignations of nearly all people in positions of power. They surrendered to a benevolent extraterrestrial committee.

The details that we are facing now were not part of what was shown. My understanding of epidemics, pandemics, and biological warfare arose in clinical settings in which I was looking for ways to help victims. What I see now is the panic and explanations for panic of people expressing different views. Some are nut jobs living in fear or in faith, as the case may be. Others are professional skeptics or optimists. Some are manipulators, capitulators, or commentators. I am an observer, but I see the commotion and am sometimes shocked when people get their health information from media pimps or profiteers. They belong to a class of predators whose prophecies should be ignored.

At the moment, there are people predicting just about everything under the sun, including that it will take decades of generations to recover from 2020. I don’t think so. In theory, a season of suffering will affect genes for seven generations, but we should then look at what happens when much of the evil has been eradicated and distortion of truth is no longer how to get ahead. It will be relaxing and people can move their energies out of survival mode and into a more creative mode.


In my estimation, liberation from tyranny will not be handed to us without effort. I see people making effort to end lockdowns. They must also, in my opinion, make effort to get the facts straight. They must be willing to stand up for what is right and to do so non-violently. The motivation for action should be the desire for a better world for everyone, not fear, not selfishness, not anger, and not greed. People must want the truth and then they must support the ramifications of the new realizations.

Just imagine how much chaos the false statements about the plandemic caused. Now, banish those fears, banish the rhetoric, put on your filters, and start visualizing a world without cons calling the shots.

The Mask is Gone

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First posted to subscribers on 10 September 2020