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This week has been very intense. There have been challenges left and right, but also rewards. For one, the Metropolitan Opera is broadcasting Verdi operas all week, not just Verdi operas, but mostly, not entirely, middle Verdi. That means very late nights for me, but I go to bed marveling at the intensity and nobility of the music.

Then, a few hours ago, I had the sudden idea to see if anyone archived any of Gail’s music and stumbled on an upload that related to an epoch before the two of us had met in person. She had, of course, talked about the Vienna chapter of her life but not mentioned that it had been videotaped. Gina uploaded the video to the legacy site that I created for Gail and I am adding it here as well.

The music is mostly obscure but very beautiful and she played it exquisitely. If you have time and enjoy nuance, I suggest listening to at least the performance parts, not the rather academic introduction.

Karma and the Future

Since not many people got the last e-mail, there were very few comments. I will save the sequel until we get the IP issue resolved. Suffice it to say that I am optimistic and feel everything will be fine by the time of the winter solstice. Remember what I mentioned in a fairly recent post about moving from the diagnosis to treatment and cure as fast as possible. We have to start with an analysis so even with the example I used in the last post, the problem was that the system was incapable of meeting the needs of Vietnam so it had to be replaced. The analysis took a few pages to present but it took months to create and then implement the replacement system. Sometimes organic problems are easier to solve than less flexible systems. However, we could say that where there is life, organic life, we have to try to fix the issues at their roots whereas with inherently flawed procedures, there is nothing to mourn. In terms of the present situation, I would not worry about the Federal Reserve or any other central banks; and in some cases, good riddance is all that needs be said.

We should be struggling to preserve our treasures, not gold, but the creativity that humanity has manifested because genuine creativity is inspired and therefore helps us to connect to the divine spark that is the origin of all.

That said, the faster people realign, the better it will be.

Many blessings,



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