There will be a few several “important” posts between now and my New Year’s Eve post. However, first, I want to thank those who have donated. It made a world of difference to have this support and my gratitude is truly boundless.

The other little touch up that I want to add is that though I have referenced the symbolism of Christmas in terms of the resurrection of the Sun, I am acutely aware that there are subscribers in Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil for whom the seasons and therefore the metaphors are not as relevant. So, I awakened a few days ago to check the coordinates of Tierra del Fuego and to confirm that it is not in same extreme latitude as Scandinavia. So, even if the myth does not work as it does in the northern hemisphere, the idea of alignment is not only still relevant but perhaps even more significant because of the proximity to Antarctica.

Now, I want to take some time to wrap our minds around oscillation, vibration, frequency, density, and dimensions. The terms have very specific but interrelated meanings and sometimes my buttons get pushed so where can we start?

Creation is a process of projecting “something” — and we can discuss this later. For the moment, let’s say that everything “is” in a latent state in which all possibilities exist, but nothing is “created”. If one is an agnostic or materialist or Big Bang adherent, then creation may be seen as a random act without a known causal agent. However, if one is a theist or creationist, then the concept of Creator is intrinsic to belief system. In the former instance, the worlds come into being because of some inherent “chemistry” but, of course, no one has ever really succeeded in explaining how matter came into existence in the first place. In any event, a massive explosion with a Bang does not posit either a purpose or order to the Universe whereas a meditative deity like Brahma or a Creator God whose Word brings forth existence does suggest the causation is deliberate, that intention has purpose, and that there is order to the Cosmos. Since I embrace this theory over a random event, I also see chaos as defiance of Cosmos. Chew on this for a bit.

We could next speculate as to the level of consciousness of the Creator, but obviously, we are actually almost clueless about such a complex Plan so we would be fools to think we had answers to the mystery of the Mind or Will of the Creator. What however is probably certain is that Creation is a process and it embodies movement and therefore also change. What we regard as self is a precipitation into a state in which we try to explain self in terms of five senses and certain cognitive skills that, in turn, tend to lead to conclusions.

This is actually where I want to start. When there is movement away from a central point, that is oscillation. There is equilibrium at the center and movement, the simplest of which is referred to as the first harmonic. As the movement doubles, that is the second harmonic. There is a frequency associated with each harmonic and the “space” within the harmonic is an octave. In our “system”, that octave is musically divided into seven notes, but ethnomusicologists have described different divisions of the octave, but when there are several octaves, the vibration of the starting point is exactly double the lower octave and, of course, half the next next. If you have a musical instrument, you know that the tuning can set to anything but the multiples must follow the mathematics.

Music makes the divisions fairly clear, but most people hear within a range, roughly 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, rarely more than 10-12 octaves. Though there is sound that is higher pitched that our dogs hear, our ears do not detect that sound. Dolphins can however hear at 200,000 Hz. When it comes to the sense of sight, we only see in the 49th octave and we can divide that spectrum into five or seven major colors or 256 colors or the millions of colors that computers can allegedly recognize but they are still all in the 49th octave. Below the vibration of red, in the 48th octave, we have infrared, and above violet, in the 50th octave, we have ultraviolet. However, we cannot say that there are no other colors, merely that our eyes do not see them. If the spectrum of sensitivity were vastly extended, we would both see and hear in the same octaves, but this is not how we are currently designed.

So, what happens is that we describe reality according to what we perceive and what we perceive in the third dimension is the part of Creation that is affected by Time and Space. In the third dimension, it may be just as impossible to imagine the properties of the fourth dimension as to see the color of middle C on a piano. I am positing that there is a color, obviously way below infrared, but with our visual design, we simply will not see it. We will however hear it, and we can often feel it through vibrations. Ellen Glennie has demonstrated this masterfully in her TED talk:

I have revisited that presentation (and others) periodically and there is always something new for me in it, but in the context of today’s post, it is that we feel sound even when we do not hear it, but the feeling is perhaps a harmonic of the hearing. This is also important because we know that sound entrains which means that it pulls one into its patterns: melody, tempo, and rhythm. This is perhaps the ultimate Lila or divine dance because the purpose or projection has to be captured and calibrated or it is wild and capricious.

I cannot today prove you that vibration can create chaos or alignment with the divine, but can perhaps challenge you to detect vibrations where you might not expect to find a correlation. For example, a chiropractor once challenged me to sort about 300 spools of thread by color. She loved to sew and just about every color imaginable. I was blindfolded and put them in groups. When finished I had correctly put the rainbow in order. I am not saying that all 300 spools were sorted as if in a paint store, but the reds and roses were in one group, the oranges and yellows in another, and so on. I can’t say I trained myself to do this, I just accepted the gauntlet to see what would happen when I depended on touch rather than sight.

These experiences are all, however, part of this dimension, the third dimension. Because we are in time and space, there is a before, now, and later. We are actually in the now but we have memory so we can revisit the past but it takes us not just into another time zone but into a dimension that is not actually manifest. Likewise, the future is basically a point in the third dimension that has not yet been experienced. It may be anticipated on the level of the mind or planned on the level of the soul (or higher yet) but it is “complete” in a dimension in which there is no sequence of past, present, and future.

Now, we come to the pet peeve alluded to a few paragraphs back.

Many people today are blogging about ascension or the Earth becoming a 5th or 6th dimensional Planet. I wonder if we have the same understanding of the principles of expression. Time, as we all know, is measured by movements that refer to astronomical bodies, visible bodies that we perceive as orbiting. This is the third dimension. Carl Sagan attempted to explain the fourth dimension. He did all right when basically referring to the first dimension as a dot, the second as flat so forward and backwards and sideways were understood, but up and down were not. Now imagine being a second dimensional creation and someone tries to explain altitude to you. Okay, now be the third dimensional being that you are and someone like myself tries to explain the fourth dimension. I cannot do this in a geometric manner. I can only say that the fourth dimension is a blueprint that holds the idealized version of the third dimensional person. It is like a soul. If you were more perfect than is actually the case and you rarely did anything hurtful or gauche, and you were loving, helpful, sincere, and creative, you would be expressing fourth dimensional qualities, perhaps in the third dimension because the influence of the higher on the lower is great. There is no place “to go” because the fourth dimension never ceased to exist. Just like the sound and color, it was always there but not perceived. We could argue that those who can work with higher chakras and their corresponding consciousness are aware, at least at times, of the higher dimensions, but they can also sometimes go back and forth between lower and higher awareness. Keep in mind, the frequency is higher so the senses we typically depend upon to corroborate our “hunches” may or may not be tuned in or perhaps they are not convinced because the impressions are not typical of what is usually perceived.

Let’s say I see ghosts, but someone else does not see ghosts. What if we try to have a discussion about this? Am I sure that what I saw was a ghost? Is the other person just as sure that I am delusional. Well, just like the dolphins hear roughly ten times better than we do, my cockatoo was chasing something at night, batting it with her wings and cornering it. I asked the animal communicator to ask Celeste if she saw ghosts. She said, “I don’t see things that aren’t there.” It was a very good answer, but it didn’t quite satisfy my curiosity. So, I was a little sassy and said, “Celeste, this is not a psychiatric question; I just want to know if you see ghosts.” She then explained that someone who looks a lot like I used to look was walking around with a blue and white coffee cup and complaining it was empty. We had a family tradition that the ancestors would be invited to afternoon coffee but the Wedgwood coffee cup was missing from the house when my mother died. I did an inventory of everything but many things were gone so I did not keep my promise . . . well, I suppose I could find another blue and white cup, but it has to have a flower painted at the bottom of the cup because she had a “thing” about weak coffee. One should not be able to see the flower through the coffee . . . and “A Swede without coffee is a Swede without friends.” Traditions!

So, speaking of traditions, I plan to break a few in the next couple of weeks . . .

Meanwhile, the point I wanted to make is that ghosts are there, interdimensional beings are there, ascended masters and angels are there, and yet not everyone sees them. Some people have extended senses. For instance, psychometry is perhaps an extension of the sense of touch and there are also people with clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience. Obviously, there are also people who are delusional . . . so discern! That said, for me — and I could be wrong — the higher dimensions already exist and there is nothing to create. We came from Source and our frequencies have been stepped down. If we accelerate, we will feel like we exist in a higher dimension and express some of the understanding of those dimensions but then the question is whether or not we can function in our present bodies . . . which is a topic for another post.

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