This is it. It getting to be 2022 in some parts of the world and it’s time to say goodbe to 2021 and start with creating a miracle in 2022.

A few days ago, I tried to calculate how many pages I have written in the last half century. It has to be well over 50,000, probably double that, so what does one do for an encore? It seems the well is not dry yet but traditions are opportunities to synchronize as well as renew connections to our history.

After opening our presents and gorging on culinary delights, it is time to get serious and make promises for the new year. I think this is going to be a different kind of year. We are still in the midst of enormous change, the themes of which vary. For example, this is either the battle of all battles between good and evil . . . or it is the time of acceleration in consciousness. It’s useless to complain; one has to get in there to make things move in the right direction.

I am going to make a resolution, but a different kind of resolution. It is to make suggestions, fifty of them but mostly fairly simple and painless. The purpose is to encourage the alignment about which I have been posting for the last two years. If I were to redefine good and evil in less religious or legalistic terms, I would say that good comes from the intention to pursue our divine destinies, and the opposite is chaos and confusion. There is no escape from chaos but to conform to Cosmos and anyone trying to do the opposite will not prevail because of entrainment. In short, the most powerful vibration is that of Source Itself so there is no escape because it is simply impossible to create another vibration that is stronger. A few night ago, I listened to an interview of a very interesting metaphysician but when asked about higher dimensions, he said they were boring. If we thrive on change, then bliss may be boring, but it is still bliss and there is actually no way to avoid it. One can delay the experience but not deny it.

So, if we really want to become more like our fourth dimensional ideal selves, we might as well give up eccentricity in favor of creativity; but to be creative, we need inspiration which is why copying and pasting can never help us to reach the real goal. It only confers a little short-term glory . . . if even that. So, we need to use discernment regarding what we allow to influence us which means using our search engines more carefully so my first suggestion for those who haven’t already done so is to switch to Ecosia as your preferred search engine. I made this suggestion several years ago and 140 million trees have been planted in 30 different countries since Ecosia was launched.

Ecosia is free and not for profit! What happens when trees are planted is that we clean up our air, reverse desertification, restore moisture and soil fertility, ease the life styles of people in poor countries, and reduce hunger by increasing shade and agricultural productivity. See how easy it is to help! Okay, that is the encore because the suggestion has been made before. It is about which wolf we feed and Big Tech is not the wolf I choose to feed . . . even if it is so ubiquitous that it is hard to avoid.

The New Year

Now we have traditions to uphold. If anyone knows how Vienna came to be the music capital of the new year, do let me know. However, I am not going to subject you to another version of the Blue Danube nor even a usual waltz. Let’s get used to change.

“Les Chemins de l’amour” by Poulenc is about an intense desire for a love that cannot be broken by roads that do not converge. It is this kind of love, whether personal or abstract, that is required to create the world of the future. “The Paths of Love” is about lost love and the burning desire for a love that will last forever and not be obliterated. It is sung here by the late Jessye Norman and the performance is impeccable, passionate, and unlike most other interpretations. The tempo is slow and nuanced.

Les chemins qui montent à la mer ont gardé de notre passage
Des fleurs effeuillées et l’écho, sous leurs arbres, de notre rire clair.
Hélas ! Les jours de bonheur radieux, de joies envolées,
Je vais sans en trouver trace dans mon cœur.

Chemins de mon amour, je vous cherche toujours,
Chemins perdus vous n’étes plus et vos défauts sont sourds.
Chemin du désespoir, chemin du souvenir, chemin du premier jour
Divin chemin d’amour.

Si je dois l’oublier un jour, la vie effaçant toutes choses
Je veux qu’en mon cœur un souvenir repose plus fort que notre amour
Le souvenir du chemin où tremblante et toute éperdue
Un jour j’ai senti sur moi brûler tes mains.

Chemins de mon amour, je vous cherche toujours,
Chemins perdus vous n’étes plus et vos défauts sont sourds.
Chemin du désespoir, chemin du souvenir, chemin du premier jour
Divin chemin d’amour.

English translation:

If this does not feel like a New Year’s Eve waltz, try the cello version. It sounds much more Left Bank and at times almost Viennese.

The last music requirement of new year’s eve is usually the Radetzky March, but to avoid the sometimes militaristic sound of marches, I am cheating this year and substituting a little something different:

Mozart with a Filipino Touch!

Okay, these are the five I had selected some days ago, spread over three posts, but there are usually three encores if you are celebrating with the Vienna Philharmonic. It would be fun to add more but how about we settle for one? It is a very short zarzuela with a gypsy flavor.

Zapateado La Tarantula da Zarzuela “La Tempranica” by Gerónimo Giménez, sung by Laura Alonso Padin


Maybe this will help me to get to Mexico a little faster?

Jupiter has now entered Pisces and it will race through. The normal cycle is 12 years so roughly one year in each sign, but Jupiter is moving so fast now that it enters Aries in the first half of May. It will retrograde later but will still not stay long in Pisces, just a few weeks in the last degrees of Pisces in November-December. I see this transit as benevolent, decisive, and altruistic. All the planets are clustered at the moment which means intense focus and interaction, but the attention is “narrow” in the sense that some spheres of activity are neglected at the expense of getting the main tasks in order.

Wishing you all an absolutely splendid 2022. . . with no more nonsense. Let’s get on with creating a better world.

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