We migrated to a new server so to give everything a bit of time to settle, I did not post for a few days. During the interval, I allowed my mind to wander . . . and to see if Truth will emerge. People have been sending me lots of links so I am also seeing the world through the eyes of others and various stories are, in fact, coming into focus.

The polarities we have been seeing are to be expected when there are struggles. Two things happen . . . and they relate, not surprisingly, to the adrenals. The effort people make to prevail in whatever way they can triggers a sort of me first movement that, of course, operates often below the level of consciousness. It is not very far below because it is perfectly evident to others, this whether we are talking about the power of a virus over life and death, financial uncertainty, the ability to hold onto power and influence, or simply perhaps to find one’s own bliss in the midst of turmoil.

Whether we are fight types, such as those who love to dominate, or flight types, those who prefer to avoid confrontation in the hopes that clearing the decks will have a better outcome than colliding with power, the adrenals are hyperactive for most people at this time and this contributes not just to wear and tear but to fatigue. So, rest more! Reflect more! Search for meaning in the midst of insanity.

It is difficult to muse about the adrenals. For one, they do what they do with or without our permission. However, there are two and they sit on the kidneys which are Libra-ruled . . . and Libra is the sign of marriage and partnership. It is, of course, symbolized by scales so we are reminded to stay in balance but perhaps also to weigh what is in each of the pans. What I am seeing in so many videos and commentaries is that civil discourse is rare. Yesterday, I commented that I enjoyed watching Michael Tellinger in recent interviews because he is calm and focuses on the communal benefits rather than himself. He is composed, clear, and yet open. It is nice to have a grip on certain pieces of the puzzle without imagining that one has all the pieces. This creates a lot of openness so that others can bring the missing pieces to complete the whole. This requires the ability to listen, acknowledge, appreciate, and integrate and is what we should demand in leaders. There is a very fine line between confidence and control so it was a pleasure to listen to his vision of Ubuntu and how it can spread.

If Ubuntu were to succeed, there would be a collapse of certain agendas that are diametrically opposed to Ubuntu, the worse being Agenda 21 and its derivatives.


From the beginning of the current plandemic, I referred to a three-ring circus. Almost immediately, people were able to trace the planning to preparations made last year, but as time has gone on, there have been trails going back further and further, some say 1976 and others say to go back even further, more than a century. The average person does not understand where medicine overlaps with political and military objectives. There is a story that someone went to Hippocrates and asked him for instruction in surgery. Hippocrates suggested that the individual follow the army because that is where one can learn surgery. The point is that the ostensible father of modern medicine was actually a practitioner of natural medicine, not at all an allopath.

For me, some of the light bulbs seemed to have a dimmer switch, but I went to a hilarious play in Albuquerque about 30 years ago in which the conflict between holistic and allopathic medicine was dramatized, all set several centuries ago. The point is that there were two branches even further back, to the time of Hippocrates, but the satori moment was when I was researching parasitology. That was intense because a dentist brought an armload of books to my home and asked me to find the objects I had seen in his microscope. I plowed through 3000 pages in a week and found the match, but in those days, most of the literature on parasitology was idiotically simplistic. One could get through medical school by answering a few multiple choice questions on the topic and hang up a shingle. The real work was undertaken by the Navy because malaria has a “mission aborting potential” and suddenly the lights were blindingly bright.

There was nothing original in the language used by the doctor in the immaculate white Naval uniform. Napoleon’s army faced these issues in North Africa and so it has been for centuries, and it helps us to understand that we have a Surgeon General, and even the woman often seen in press conferences with Anthony Fauci at the White House was once a military doctor. Before wrapping herself in scarves while standing behind the president, Deborah Birx was a colonel in the Army. My point is simply that perspectives brought to the table generally correlate with experience and her experience has been largely within the government and more specifically related to efforts to develop an AIDS vaccine. In short, she does not really represent diversity of opinion, something I personally feel would be helpful when faced with a global issue . . . unless the issue is a military objective having little or nothing to do with a virus.

POTUS made a point of saying that he personally took hydroxychloroquine for two weeks. This statement was not welcomed by the vaccine community, but clearly President Trump is marching to a different drummer. So, the question is what does he know that others should know.

Interestingly, we come back to malaria and ask why both the main treatments being promoted by the natural health community are traditional malaria treatments. If there is no parasitic component to the alleged coronavirus, then we need to ask why the treatments have been successful . . . as claimed both by medical professionals and politicians, especially in Africa where Bill Gates and his vaccine agenda are being resisted by numerous heads of government, despite attempts to bribe with massive sums of money.

So, I also listened to an interview with the economic hitman. It was interesting, but if we go by the comments under the video, most who listened were outraged. What John Perkins explained was how corporations have taken over the roles formerly performed by governmental entities. He explained how this works, and the game is rough. In essence, it boils down to, take the briefcase full of greenbacks that I am holding in my right hand, but before you say “no”, look at the gun in my left hand.

A Question for You

Meanwhile, there is a new short film with Dr. Judy Mikovits. I recommend it highly. She is well-informed, courageous, and articulate:


If you remember, two weeks ago, I mentioned gold, silver, and bronze medals for the heroes and heroines of this phase of Earth history. The top prize went to Dr. Judy Mikovits because she has provided the background needed for each of us as well as the political hierarchy to make informed choices.

It is one thing for me to tell a story and another for someone like Dr. Mikovits to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s” because she has been on the inside and knows the people and their motivations for their genocidal treason.

Once “everyone” knows the truth, a better world can come into being. That is my prayer. Let Ubuntu happen. Everyone can then live honestly.

Keeping it Short

With all the recent interruptions, my rhythm is a little different, but everything is coming together wonderfully, and more will follow because a new energy is going to guide us.

Many blessings,



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