Many of you have written. Thanks so much. As you have figured out — or perhaps not noticed — there is an ongoing battle for our minds and the compliance that stems from naive acceptance of the shapers of reality. My writings have suffered accordingly, but today’s post is something I have waited almost half a century to write. It is very astronomically and astrologically significant, but I will try to make the assessments as painless as possible. Cutting to the chase, I am optimistic, not blindly optimistic, but I truly believe we are reaching a turning point. Taking this one step at a time, almost all civilizations, especially those in extreme latitudes, have a festival of light celebrating the conquest of darkness by the light. Being 99% genetically northern, I have, since childhood, understood the significance of the disappearance of the light and its rebirth three days later, obviously the true crucifixion and resurrection story, but we celebrate the nativity which does not really make sense . . . but we will get to this.

In Sweden, the Christmas season begins on December 13th with the celebration of Lucia Day. She wears a crown of candles and this was my task as the eldest in the family: serve coffee and cookies to my parents early in the morning and then bring cookies to all the neighbors. The celebrations go on until January 6th when we finally take down the tree. This year is, however, very special, really, really special.

On December 14th, there is a full solar eclipse. It will be most visible in Argentina and Chile and the very south of Africa: Namibia, South Africa, and Botswana. It is also, of course, the day that the Electoral College is scheduled to meet, but hold onto your hats!

On December 19th, Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct at zero degrees Aquarius. Interestingly, Mercury and the Sun will conjunct the Galactic Center at the same time. Venus will be 5 Sagittarius, very close to the ASC-DESC of the U.S. horoscope. I suppose, half the world will be happy and half will not. In any event, I take this as the true beginning of the Age of Aquarius. The next day, the Moon will conjunct Neptune. I think everyone who possibly can should regard this as the most sacred Sunday in our lifetimes. Please spend as much of the day as possible in as deep meditation as you can because the future is about to unfold, and we need to be sincere, clear, and divinely inspired.

The next day is the solstice itself, Mercury and the Sun will be conjunct in Capricorn. I believe it will be a day of darkness for many in high positions.

The vision I had in 1972 was that this would be the time of surrender. All those in very high positions who have misused their power will have to resign. I saw an alien influence overseeing a very peaceful transition.


Over the last months, I have seen the rise to prominence of a medical dictatorship. In truth, I harped on this because 194 countries cannot fall into lockstep without a tremendous amount of planning. As you know, I saw three rings: one with the alleged epidemic, another with 5G, and another with a scheme to track every single person on the Planet. Simultaneously, there has been an erosion of identity and clarity. Just about everyone I know has expressed similar concerns about the challenges of conversing with those whose views do not mirror our own beliefs. If the Truth shall set us free, I think we should prepare now for the Truth that has been hidden. It will be Biblical in scale.

For me personally, these issues have been a distraction, a side show. Yes, they pose serious challenges to our freedom and autonomy, but I see this aspect of the modern agenda as a conflict between Nature and what passes for Science. Because we are basically indoctrinated, most of us do not even know that there are details affecting our daily lives that are manipulated, i.e., not consistent with Nature.

Ironically, Nature has strengthened as industry, commuting, and human activity have slowed down; however, we are faced with the possibility that we will be microchipped with technology not just for tracking but also for redesigning us from our DNA upwards. Everyone should hesitate before jumping on board a reckless agenda. First, we are totally aware that everything Internet-related goes through a period of development, deployment, glitches, and obsolescence. This can all happen in six months because by the time version 2.0 is released, versions 2.1, 2.2, and even 3.0 are in development. If we live to be 70, 80, 90, or more than a hundred, the chips will have been obsolete for most of our time on Earth. They will also have been causing such unpredictable changes that most of us will not know which thoughts are our own and which have been implanted by technology and manipulators creating and deploying the technology.

What is most troubling about this particular schism is that the author of the idea that religion is the opiate of the masses was none other than Karl Marx. It was not a statement made by some prince whose ego was inflated with dreams of empire, but a very weird character whose influence far exceeded his relevance. I believe there should be a beautiful relationship between materialism and spirituality. Just because one’s higher chakras are malfunctioning does not mean that there is no Divine Source. The problem really is that the abuse of intellect has awarded science an influence over a realm that is actually outside its purview. It has created the power to exploit Nature as well as our fellow human beings. Intelligence is something to value, but it must not exceed the influence of the Creator itself.


The problems we face today did not arise overnight. Inequality, something abhorrent to Aquarius, seeded all kinds of aspirations and challenges to the status quo, including various schools of economic thought. There is nothing inherent in inequality that needs to be resolved by denying Source. However, the irony to someone such as myself is that the Big Bang theory arose practically out of nowhere and suddenly usurped our wits. Author of the Big Bang theory, Georges Lemaître, was a Belgian priest, educated by Jesuits. There is something in this story that ought to make us uncomfortable. Think for a moment how resistant the Vatican was to Galileo and his acceptance of Copernican theories of the celestial motion. Then, think of how many observatories the Vatican owns and what it knows that others do not. Next, think of how quickly the Big Bang theory supplanted all traditional views as well as controversies over the nature of the Universe. I see a problem. . . and it is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

This is a serious problem because we are first and foremost souls, not computer animations. I am not denying the possibility of some very complex influences that are beyond our ken at this time, but I am saying that when we are not in the third dimension, there is no time. Therefore, there is no process of becoming. Everything “is”; and that is a state of awareness, not an ongoing development of potentialities that are either used or ignored. In metaphysical literature, there are complex concepts that do not lend themselves to interpretation. Words like “nothingness” or “void” or “emptiness” do not mean exactly what the words would portend. I have preferred rather ungrammatical terms such as “Eternal Beingness” or “Isness” because if you see things as they actually are, there is no doubt about either the authenticity or immortality of the observed state. If the vision required to have these experiences is obscured, then one could become a skeptic and whatever else results from a lack of the experience to support faith.

Recovering Understanding

The keyword for Aquarius is “to know” and Aquarians absorb knowledge very readily and also spread it widely and this is another aspect of what it means to be egalitarian and to have true feelings for others, abstract feelings, feelings characterized by a sense of social responsibility and morality, not sensual passions. If we accept this, then it is clear that one of the social revolutions we will experience in the Age of Aquarius is a really powerful quest for honest information and a very wide dissemination of such knowledge. That handwriting is obviously already on the wall. Now, a child in a remote village has access to the same knowledge as a post-doctoral student at a prestigious university.

The question is not whether or not there will be such a leveling of the playing field but whether this can be achieved without damaging what is human about us, without destroying Nature, and without cluttering space with satellites.


There are many beings that some people see and some do not: ghosts, spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, and even aliens. In the visions I saw, the surrender of what some would call the elite and others perhaps the dark forces was to aliens. It was calm and organized and not at all threatening to the masses. There was no “defense” waged because it was clear the aliens were in a position to prevail. They were benevolent, serene, and clear.

If we study historic literature, going back perhaps to the Book of Enoch, but also to the Siddhars of India and ancient carvings in various pyramids and churches, we realize that the aliens have been among us for eons. One point that is worth mentioning is that while we have wrestled for the last few millennia with various questions about astronomy, the Mayans were aware of the Galactic Center thousands of years before our recorded history. I believe this says it all.

However, practically none of us were originally from Earth so we all have some ancestral memories that might reside below the level of normal consciousness, but they can be accessed by changes in frequency that unlock what is hidden.

Adding to my confidence in the benevolence of the aliens is the fact that so many incredible beings are incarnate at this time, not just the Indigo Children but countless other really wonderful people are just waiting for their opportunities to fulfill their missions. We should offer them our gratitude and support.


My Thanksgiving e-mail went out when we were changing servers. I love the new hosting. Only 5% of subscribers opened the last e-mail and only 10% received it. I am trying again today. Unless the response is much better, we will have to look for another solution. Obviously, I have tried many different strategies and we got to 50% a couple of times. Meanwhile, of course, the archives are on


This has been an unusual year. Many people correspond with me, and the pattern I am seeing is that many of us need to become more self-sufficient. I have started to lay the foundation for sharing a lot more do-it-yourself projects. We did not complete the groundwork in time for Christmas, but we can start the New Year with good resolutions . . . and solutions.


I try always to hold good intent for everything and everyone. Some people are trapped in dysfunctional situations. I think this is going to shift in the right direction, and we should cultivate some optimism. Those with power will not yield without a struggle, but when they accept that they cannot prevail, their survival instinct will kick in. I think good will prevail. Trust yourself and allow the change to occur smoothly.

God bless!


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